The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 26

Lucy's P.O.V

"There's is the whole dating story but that's a bit boring" He told me. I stared at him. He used to be so simple. A normal guy. A young boy with a dream. Not a murderer, gambler or cheater. "Your named after Dr Lucy Danlope. She died the day before you were born. Layla had become good friends with her. So she decided to name you after her. She wanted you to reach for the stars. I know it's cheesy but that's what she wanted" I couldn't believe it. I had a proper conversation with my dad. However what I said next, I wish I never.

"I don't mean to be rude, but, why did you change?" He sat back and looked at me with a grin on his face
"I simply changed for the better" For the better? was he serious?
"Again I'm sorry but, for the better?" He looked annoyed at what I said. He was about to get up but he stopped himself. "Anyway, that story wasn't the only reason I cam up here" For a moment I had hope. I thought he was going to say something which would let me begin to love him again. However, he didn't

"I came up here to, to ask if your dating Natsu Dragneel" I blushed slightly. I thought he would be right on about it but he seemed confused about the whole subject.
"we are, I mean, I am" He heavily sighed which worried me.
"You will have to break up with him then"

My head began to spin. why? Why would I? I'm so in love! does he not like Natsu? His family? An argument? So many questions ran through my head in a split second. "Why" I asked wanting to know the answer desperatly but at the same time worried about the answer.
"Because I'm going to have you engaged to a old co-workers son" I was waiting for him to say he was kidding, he was serious.
"Why would I agree to that?!" I shouted
"Because it's for our company. he said that if you agreed to be married to his son he would help fund the heartifilia train lines. We would be rich again, back home, our home, our house, you would go to school agai-"
"WHY THE FUCK WOULD I GO BACK THERE?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.
"I told you" He muttered at first, I knew what was going to happen. He screamed "I TOLD YOU! YOU DO NOT RAISE YOUR VOICE AT ME!" even though I knew I didn't give up.
"I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT A THING YOU SAY! I GIVE UP! YOU TELLING ME THAT STORY WAS JUST A FUCKING FILLER! WASN'T IT?! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOUR FUCKING STUPID- UHH!" I was extremely pissed off at him. so pissed off I was now standing up, pacing around my room.
"If Layla saw you right now she-"
"If mother saw me right now she would be siding with me! She'd agree with me! What a mess you are! It's your fault anyway! You killed my mother! You cheated on her thinking it wasn't hurting her, damaging yourself like it was nothing! Treating her like one of the maids!" I paused mid rant. I turned to him and got in his face. I screamed as loud as my voice could go "I WISH YOU HAD DIED IN STEAD OF HER!"

there was a silence.

He looked as if he could of killed me. killed me right there and then. "Lucy.." He slowly stood up making me stand back. I couldn't see his eyes.

He was serious.

I watched it. I watched his hand raise. It was as if it was in slow motion. I could of moved but I was scared stiff. I saw the spark in his eye as it reached the height he wanted it too. I just stood there like a dumb idiot, waiting.

"HOW DARE YOU LET THOSE WORDS COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!" He slapped me. He slapped me so hard I fell to the ground. "YOU WILL END IT WITH THAT BOY!" He had slapped me before, but this one was different. I felt as if he had taken my skin off of my face. Even though I was aching with pain I spoke up. I spoke up for my love. I hadn't experienced this kind of love before. I wasn't going to let it go.
"I-I shant" I argued back. He took his leg back and kicked me in the stomach.
"YOU SHALL!" I began to cry. I felt pathetic. "I-I-I lo-love hi-him" He lifted me by my shirt and screamed in my face
"YOU WILL ONLY EVER LOVE ME!" He took his fist back and slammed it into my face. I was unconscious.

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