The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 27

I woke up in the hospital. My nose was aching. I was facing a wall. I tried to get up to look around. I lay on my back and tried to sit up when I heard a familiar voice. "Stay down, It's okay" I turned the other way. It was Shiori. She sat next to me. Her haor was tied back in a pony tail. She was wearing a jumper and jeans. She didn't have much make-up on. She looked like she had been crying. She was holding my hand. She must care for me.

"Is she awake" another voice said.
"Yes" Shiori replied. A nurse stood in front of my bed.
"Hello Lucy, I'm Nurse Atsuko. Now I know you must be confused but you ran into a wall and broke your nose. You became unconscious so your father and Shiori brought you here. You will be able to leave tonight. We have bandaged your nose and you will be able to go to school tomorrow or the day after, it's your choice" She explained. She smiled at me. she was really pretty. she had long blonde hair and had a beauty mark above her lip on the right side. She had a perfect figure as well.
"Could I go tomorrow?" I asked.
"Of course, however you will have to take pain killers, just in case."
"It's fine" She nodded and said
"I will just confirm with the doctor but you should be able to leave soon" she bowed and left us. I looked back over at Shiori. She was shaking.

"Your, your father i-is having an-anger issues. W-we dec-decided to let, let him have ther-ther-therapy session to help him" She stuttered.
"Shiori" I placed my hand on hers "It's not anger-"
"IT IS!" She screamed "sorry" She appologised. She was on edge. "don-don't worry. it c-can be fix-fixed" Her cheek was slightly red and her eyes were blood shot. "It can be fixed, it can be fixed" she continuously mumbled to herself.
"It can" I said to make her stop. I didn't want to admit it but she reminded me of my mother. Obviously their traits were different but they both love my father dearly.

At school i was going to be able to make more friends, hopefully. I don't want to worry anyone if I was off. If I did stay off Natsu would come and who knows what my father would do to him. I will just tell them I fell down the stairs and some how landed on my nose. I also can't let Shiori worry any more. I don't want her to end like my mother under ground. In the morning i felt pain all over me. I had to get up however. I was slower when getting ready as well. The pain was so sore. I didn't even leave at my usual time but I wasn't going to be late.

I was getting closer. I could hear their conversation. "Say Natsu, do you think their really real?" Asked Wendy
"Of course! Dragons are real!"
"Will you ever grow up?"
"Are you starting a fight?!" I could see them all. Wendy spotted me and shouted
"It's Lucy!" With a big smile spread across her face. I smiled back waving at her. Natsu and Gajeel both stopped arguing and looked at me.

They could see me clearly. Wendy stopped smiling and looked shocked, Natsu and Gajeel did the same. "Lucy?" Wendy came towards me whilst I was still walking. "What happened?" I turned to Natsu who looked extreamly shocked.
"Oh this? well I, ehm, it is embarrassing." Natsu looked pissed off.
"Was it-"
"No" I lied to him.
"What happened then?" Asked Gajeel. I heavily sighed and in one breath explained it.
"Basically, me being clumsy, fell down the stairs and slammed my nose into the wall. It is broken but my doctor told me that it should be healed in no time" Wendy and Gajeel burst out laghing at me but Natsu remained staing at me The bus blew its horn as usual. Wendy and Gajeel went to the pavement. I went to join them but Natsu grabbed my hand pulling me back.
"Are you okay? Seriously?"
"I'm fine don't worry" I lied again. Whilst we were in the bus i got asked again but I told them the lie. Natsu still didn't seem to be convinced.

When we finally arrived at school I met Erza "What the? What happened Lucy?"
"She was being clumsy again" Levy joined us. I looked around I couldn't spot anyone new. Erza noticed me and explained
"They haven't arrived here yet"
"Oi Shrimp" Gajeel put his arm on Levy's head.
"what?" She turned around to face him.
"LEVY!" Two guys ran over to us.
"Jet! Droy! What are you two doing back?" She asked
"These are Levy's good friends" Erza whispered to me.
"It was cancelled!" Jet exclaimed
"it is great to have you guys back!" She hugged them both making them turn bright red. She let go and they looked at me.
"Whos this?" asked Jet.
"Oh this is Lucy, she has been here for a while now. A lot has happened actually whilst you two were off on your adventure. in fact she is dating Natsu" I blushed. "This is Jet and Droy, they were meant to be away for two years to study abroad" Gajeel rolled his eyes at the two. He tapped Levy on the shoulder again and she turned around.

"Anyway shrimp, you promised me you would help me study."
"Right now?"
"My test is second period"
"Oh sorry! see you guys later" They both left leaving Jet and Droy confused.
"They have been together a lot recently" Erza pointed out.
"Are they?"
"No" Jet and Droy sighed with relief.
"Thank god!" praised.
"These two are in love with Levy" Erza giggled.
"Yeah but at least mines isn't one sided!" Jet annoucned
"But Levy is in love with me?" Droy argued.
"No me!" They began arguing when Natsu came over.

"Hey Luce can I talk to you?" I nodded and he took my hand. We were alone. "Luce tell me now, what actually happened" I didn't say anything. "Lucy I'm Here for you just tell me"
"I can't" slipped out of my mouth. He had me up against the wall.
"Luce please"
"Let me protect you for once" I began crying, I couldn't help it. He ran his fingers through my hair to calm me down.
"Please I'm begging" I fell to the floor.
"Bu-bu-bu-" I couldn't speak I was so upset. The tears kept on flowing. "I can't" I cried.

"Do you not trust me?"
"No I-"
"Why doesn't anyone trust me" He had a sudden outburst.
"Why! What do I do" He fell to the floor as well and began crying. I was surprised. "I Try my best bt it doesn't seem to work! DAMMIT WHY?!" I leaned forward and whispered in his ear
"I trust you" I sat back again.
"If, if I tell you my story will you tell me what happened to you?" I nodded and he sat next to me. I wrapped my arms around my knees and looked at him.
"I used to have a older sister" He began telling me it. He wipped his tears away. "I don't like talking about it. it haunts me everyday."

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