The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 28

Flash back
"BYE LISANNA!" a young natsu shouted from his door. he was waving with his hand high in the air. he looked about 6. it was one year before his parents adopted Gajeel. Wendy was inside his mother. she was 5 months in.
"Natsu! Nashi is going to be here soon!" Gradaline shouted.
"Really mummy?! is her tea ready?!" he ran over to her
"Of course it is, is Lisanna gone now?"
"Yup! she said she is really excited for the baby! another one too our family!" Gardaline laughed at the pink haired boy
"Tell her she can come anytime" Natsu sighed

"Mum, the boys were teasing me at school for hanging out with a girl! I want to be friends with them" Gardaline looked at him. he was about to begin crying.
"It's alright, make one friend and more will come, like that Gray boy, your good friends right?"
"Gray?! he is but he is also my rival!"
"Try being more friendly then"

A girl with light blue hair burst through the doors. she looked about 16. "nashi, there you are". the girl kicked her shoes off and dumped her bag on the floor
"Sorry, the boys wanted to finish of the scene"
"How far are you with this project?"
"Hmm 63%" they both burst out laughing when Natsu stepped in front of his mother

"NASHI!" he squealed.
"Natsu! there's my big boy!" she picked him up and spun in a circle, she then put him back down. "was Lisanna here today?" she asked
"Yeah! she was!" natsu exclaimed
"Popular with the girls I see" she teased
"Oh, Derek wrote-"
"He did?!"

"Who is Derek?" I asked Natsu in the middle of his story.
"My sisters boyfriend, I hated him. he had moved away to America and was meant to be coming home soon, that's what the letter said at least"
Flash back

"FIVE WEEKS!" Nashi celebrated. she froze and then turned to Natsu. "don't tell anyone!" she shouted at him
"I-I won't!" he promised. she linked pinkies with him and stood back up.
"I should go out shopping tomorrow, shouldn't I, yes I should, maybe Lia, no she's too smart, Karin? Dakota? Gene? Joli?.." her voice drifted off as she headed up stairs.

"Mum why doesn't she want me to tell anyone?"
"You know her she is easily paranoid" she walked into the kitchen to begin dinner. Natsu remained in the hall. he looked up stairs
"Stupid Derek!" he muttered to himself. he went into the living room to play with his toy "he has to wreck everything"

"Why did you hate Derek?" I asked.
"When I was younger I caught him cheating on my sister. I tried to tell her but she didn't believe me. he laughed his way through it which made me hate him" he stayed silent for a moment
"So then what happened?" I asked.
"it was the day that Derek arrived."
Flash back

"How do I look?" Nashi asked Natsu. she wore a white and black polka-dot day dress with white bowed pumps. she had a summer hat on and a heart necklace which he gave make-up was done extremely well. she seamed skinnier, but Natsu just thought it was her dress.
"Amazing" natsu said.
"Alright I will drop you and Lisanna off on the way" her birthday was a week ago which meant she was able to drive. Lisanna came running through carrying a present
"Here your mum said to give this too you" she opened it and inside was a bangle. it was silver and looked expensive.
"Thank you mum!" she shouted as she clipped it on. "alright let's go you two!"

They arrived at the train station and Nashi was sorting her dress "alright, you two wait here at the park whilst I get Derek, don't move!" she ran off in her heels.
"Let's go" Natsu whispered to Lisanna. they tip toed to where Nashi had gone.

They hid behind a bin. Nashi was waiting. she seemed nervous but excited. the train began to come into view. she quickly fixed her dress again. the train stopped. there was quite a few people on board but only a few got off. then he came off. Derek. a tall brown haired man. he wore a open shirt with a tank top underneath and jeans. "Derek!" Nashi shouted. he turned to her and looked shocked
"N-Nashi?" she ran over to him and gave him a hug.
"I have missed you so much!"
"Why are you here?" she stepped back and looked confused
"You sent me a letter, oh did you plan to surprise me?"
"Well, ehm I-"
"Derek, babe it's this wa-" a girl with long black hair and a full fringe stood behind him. she wore a blue dress with no straps and simple black heels. She had a suitcase in her hand and her hand bag in the other. the train began to leave leaving the shock.
"Wh-who's this"
"Yeah who is this!" Natsu stormed over to his sisters side.

"Natsu!" Lisanna chased after him.
"Oh right, don't you remember me? I moved over town like a few months ago?"
"Yey you remembered, I died my hair and grew a fringe. aren't I cute, Derek and I have been dating for 10 months now, right babe" Nashi began to tear up. Natsu held her hand.
"Nashi..." he mumbled.
"It's okay Natsu, but Derek, why didn't you say anything?" Derek sighed heavily
"Eh, well at first I wasn't going to but she won me over, we were just having a fling at first but we ended up falling in love"
"Fl-fling? you mean, you-"
"Not in front of the kids Nashi. actually i didn't know about Derek coming until Leila told me" Nashi looked at Natsu.

She looked as if she was going to kill him. "he said he was going to surprise me but oh well, it's still great"
"No one!" natsu was telling the truth but Nashi couldn't think of anyone else who could have told.
"DONT LIE! GOD I WAS RIGHT NOT TO TRUST YOU! YOU- STUPID BRAT!" she shoved him to the ground. "AND YOU!" she walked over to Derek and slapped him. she turned to Jilo and slapped her "I HOPE YOUR HAPPY!" she began running away crying
"NASHI I DIDN'T TELL HONEST!" natsu said running after her
"Natsu watch out!" Lisanna shouted chasing after him.

Nashi stood on the side of the road "Nashi! I swear I-"
"Enough of this rubbish!" Derek and Jilo eventually caught up with us.
"Nashi don't!" Derek shouted
"What do you care? I'm clearly not good enough! I'm not good enough for anyone! I may as well just-" a horn blew. a lorry was speeding towards them. "Natsu..." Nashi huffed "I will never trust you" she stepped out on to the road "ev-" the lorry drove straight into her. Lisanna and Jilo were screaming and Derek was crying. Natsu just stood there. her words echoed in his head.
"never trust me?" he mumbled. he didn't cry he just stood their, emotionless.

Natsu began crying. I kissed his forehead. "Natsu I'm sorry" he smile and said
"What could have you done? you weren't even in our town, it's not your fault" I felt guilty for a reason
"that train didn't perhaps take place on 5pm?"
"Yes why?"
"I think I was there"

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