The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 29

"How could you of been there?" he asked with disbelief.
"If I'm right I was going to visit my mothers friend with her, I remember it quite well, it was the first time I ever saw my mother mortified"

"Mum? are we almost there?" I asked swinging my feet back and forth.
"Almost Luce" she smiled at me. her smile could cure anything, even if I was bored it made me happier.
"Ouch" I heard. a girl with long black hair rubbed her hair
"Say sorry dear, Luce- I mean Lucy..."
"Sorry miss" I apologized
"It's alright" she stood back up with a man helping her. the girl looked at me and smiled "so, Lucy is it?" I nodded my head "where are you going?"
"to my mums friends shop, it's the next stop" she stood back surprised
"We're going there too! well not the shop but that town"
"Really!" I said with amazement
"Yes, Derek here used to live there and, well I still do" I laughed at her when the man whispered in her ear. she turned back to me and said "we better get ready, see you Lucy!" she waved to me
"It's Jilo!" she yelled back"
"Bye Jilo!"

When we got there I had my little pink suit case, my mother had her channel medium one. I then heard someone shouting. so did mum. "..STUPID BRAT!" we heard someone shout.
"Let me just check this out Luce." she let go of my hand and we headed over in the direction of the shouting. When we got there they were gone. suddenly we heard a scream.
"NASHI!" I heard. we both ran to where it came from. I saw her, it was Jilo. The man she was with was moving some children away.
"Jilo?" I asked. she was in shock. the man was in front of the kids blocking my view, he was on the phone
" need to come down here now!" he shouted on the phone. he hung up and started talking to the kids. I couldn't see or hear them. my mother then screamed. I quickly spun in her direction. there was a body lying on the road. in the distance I heard sirens coming this way. I turned at my mum again. her eyes were almost popping out of her head.
"Mummy? what's wrong?" I asked going towards her. she faced me
"I-I-we sh-should go-o" she took my hand and directed me away. she was trembling. of course I knew that she was dead but I was too worried about my mum, I know what your thinking "talk about thinking about yourselves " but my mum was all I really had.
"Luce" she muttered to me
"Yes mum?" I asked
"Always make sure- make- make sure you can trust someone before you love them"
"Of course mummy"

"It must of been then." natsu grabbed me and held me. "I can't believe I was so close to you" I laughed at him
"I know" he then sat back like he was thinking "So since you love me... you trust me?"
"Of course I do, why wouldn't i?" I was nervous, I know realized I had to tell him about my nose. "look Natsu, it's, it's my father"
"He did this?" he pointed at my nose, I nodded.
"Basically he first of all softened me, telling me a story about how him and my mother met, ridiculous! he then told me to-" I remembered what he said about natsu
"To what"
"To- to break up with you"
"He wanted me to marry a boy so he could get his company back, I refused to."
"Why couldn't you tell me this?"
"I want to do the protecting for once! I want to not let you get hurt, these men are rich and powerful, I also want to protect..." I went silent
"Protect who?"
"Shiori" I said looking at him. he ran his hands through my hair
"I understand, but there is no harm in help" I nodded in agreement. the bell then rang. we had missed assembly. we both stood up wiping the dirt off of our clothing. "let's go" he took my had and we ran off. English first, with him as well.

When we got to class four people were standing at the front. "Natsu, Lucy, sit down" he instructed us. we took our seats. "alright everyone meet Sting from Saber Tooth high, Milliana from Mermaid Heel high and Lyon from Lamia Scale academy. Sting, Milliana, Lyon, this is your English class. now I don't expect you to know anyone bu-"
"Oh I do I do!" Milliana jumped up and down.
"You do?" mr Marco asked
"Yes! Lucy and Juvia are Erza's friends!"
"Alright then". then class wasn't anything interesting, just learning more English.

Lunch was extremely busy. "Erza!" Milliana squealed as she hugged erza. Milliana had told me that her and erza are childhood friends, Erza used to treat her like a little sister, well her and a few others, jellal included.
"Everyone meet my friend Jenny from Blue Pegasus academy" Mira introduced her
"Friend? more like rival"
"Oh come on jenny, we used to do pageants together, wasn't it fun!"
"Sure if you can call me losing every time 'fun'" she teased.

"Just hand her over!" I heard from behind me.
"Why Lyon? she isn't my property anyway, I can't just go around giving her to people"
"Juvia I love you!"
"Gray-sama, I'm scared" we ran over to the scene. A boy with white hair was arguing with gray, juvia was behind him. "Lucy!" she ran over to me "where's natsu, gray needs help this time!"
"What's going on?" I asked her
"That's Lyon, in your English class, he has loved me since gray introduced him to me. at the time gray and I weren't dating, oh Lyon is gray's cousin, please help!" she hugged me
"I don't know here natsu is but I will try" I stood next to gray "leave Juvia alone" I stood up for her. I want to be able to protect someone, anyone, I can do it, not matter what he throws at me, I will protect shiori! I mean uh...juvia! Lyon simply stared at me. I'm weak, I'm pathetic but I need to build up my strength for...future reasons.
"And who are you?"
"I'm Lucy Heartifilia, Juvia's friend." I felt as if I was shaking, but I wasn't.
"what are you going to do, Barbie"
"I wouldn't call her that" Gray said
"Why not?" Lyon argued.
"Remember natsu?" Gray asked lyon
"Your idiot friend who used to...scare- I mean yeah"
"Meet his girlfriend" Lyon looked me up and down.
"He did like Bimbos" I snapped. I walked over to him and punched him straight in the face. my fist hurt like hell, but I did it. I managed to land a hit. Lyon stood up faster than I liked. "is that all you got Blondie" I didn't want to fight but I wanted to protect her.
"Nope, you don't know me, how can you call me these things when you know nothing about me?" I kicked him in the shins and he punched me in the thighs. it didn't hurt, my father had done worse. "I have had worse done before" people were staring at me.
"I will get Natsu" I heard Freed say as he ran off.
"Like what? a cat fight?"
"No" I simply said. I took my fist and punched him in the shoulder then the other and I went back and forth until he was on the ground. he looked in pain.

At that moment I pictured him as my father. I suddenly got very angry. "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!" I yelled at him
"Do what?!" Lyon argued. I kicked him in the legs
"I WONT LET YOU HURT HER OR HIM!" I kicked him again
"I will hurt him not her!" he scrambled back.
"Afraid now are you?" I continued to kick him "I WONT LET YOU HURT SHIORI!" I screamed at the top of my voice.
"Shiori? who is that?" I kicked and kicked and kicked. until
"Lucy, are you crying?" I snapped out of it. I stood back and fell to the floor. my nose was aching from a hut from Lyon that I must I missed.
"MOVE MOVE" I heard Natsu shout. he saw us. I was on the floor holding my nose, Lyon was covered in bruises and people were whispering "Luce!" he bent down to me. I couldn't stop crying. his attention drew to Lyon
"Lyon? Who?"
"It was Lucy" A girl with pink hair stood forward.
"How?" he asked. I was in a state of shock I couldn't reply
"CLEAR OFF CLEAR OFF!" I heard the teachers. Natsu picked me up and took me off. I took my emotions out on that boy, I didn't even know him.

When I woke up in was in the nurse room. Natsu was next to me. he had fallen asleep on my bed. "Natsu?" I whispered. he woke up so fast it made me jump.
"Luce? are you okay?"
"I'm not important, is Lyon"
"Fine, you did less damage than you thought" I sighed with relief. "people said you shouted Shiori, is this about..."
"Yes I put myself under an illusion some how. I though Lyon was my father and Juvia was Shiori and Gray was you. I took my anger out on him, I feel like an idiot"
"It's fine okay, nothing happened to you."
"I will be kicked out though, right" natsu shook his head
"Mr Markov is going to speak with you now"

Natsu left me at his door. I knocked twice and he said "come in" I carefully opened the door to find Shiori sitting there.
"Shiori?" I said confused.
"Lucy please sit" Mr Markov said. I obeyed and sat down next to her. "now Lucy, this really isn't like you at all. picking fights? you came from a very high standard school, tell me what's wrong"
"I just got lost in it sir, I feel terrible for what I did to Lyon"
"I spoke with Lyon and he said if you apologize everything will be forgiven"
"I will sir" Shiori sat there silently.
"Just call me Shiori" she spoke up"
"Slright then Shiori, please make sure you contact me if anything seems different with Lucy's behavior"
"I shall sir" we both stood up and Shiori shook his hand "always a pleasure sir"
"No problem" we both walked out of his room. Shiori stood next to me by the door. she wasn't saying anything. she was simply looking out through the door at the grounds.
"You know I used to go here". I never got anything like that. my mum was obviously too poor to go to the posh school which I had to go to and my dad went to a all boys school so I never got any school childhood stories.
"You did?" I asked
"Ah, they're boring old stories."
"Come on, I never got any-" I then realized something. would this be how me and my mum would talk? having a laugh, sharing memories. I this were different, She could of been here with me. I shook my head. this wasn't the time. I'm sorry mum, shiori needs my help.
"Did you not?" Shiori asked "well there was this one time I nearly got expelled"
"Really?!" I said shocked
"I wasn't the best behaved, I will tell you when you get home"
"Alright Shiori, I'll see you later" she hugged me and left. to be honest it's nice to have her around. I feel more at home at hers, well home.

After I was being avoided by people. people I didn't know. when I reached my bus everyone was on it. I climbed the steps and found Wendy. I heavily sighed ad slumped down into the seat next to her. I plonked my head into my hands. "No one is ever going to forget this"
"Nope!" Jenny said. I looked up.
"You live this way?"
"Yeah, well my dads house is this way." she sat in front of us. she was very pretty like Mira.
"Where's Natsu?" asked Wendy.
"No idea" I replied. natsu had physics last.

Outside I heard wolf whistles and guys cheering. people began to leave the bus. "what's going on?" Wendy asked Jenny was checking her phone.
"Ugh! she's here"
"she?" we asked.
"be back soon" she said leaving. we both looked at each other and followed her. "excuse me" jenny said making her way through the crowd. we followed closely behind.
"JENNY!" she shouted.

I froze. she was here? her friend was jenny? Wendy tapped my shoulder "Lucy keep going" she said. I snapped out of it and continued. "kiss kiss jenny" they did the hole kiss kiss thing "so you go here now?" she asked
"Cute" se said pointing at her uniform."why are you here?" she asked
"I heard your old rival Mira-Jane was here so I came to help." Mira emerged from the crowd. I stood behind a bunch of people but I could see. "ahh so this is her"
"Yeah but-"
"Not all that pretty" jenny said
"What?" Mira asked confused.
"We are no longer rivals!" jenny shouted. "I mean sure I'm prettier and everything else but Mira is my friend"
"Awww!" Mira said.
"What ever, I'm prettier than both of you"
"You know I don't like people like you" Mira said.
"Huh?" she asked. jenny stared at Mira with her. Mira looked scary. it was as if a demon had taken over her.
"People who think everyone is lower than them" It looked as if Mira was ready to pounce. I had to do something. I ran towards her and stood in front of her. I grabbed her shoulders.
"Mira it's okay calm down" she shook her head and snapped out of it. ∞

"Lucy?" she said. I suddenly remembered she was their. I slowly turned around.
"h-hi Kani" jenny stared at me.
"FATTIE!" she smiled running over to me "so you know jenny and Mira, wow fattie that's cute" I couldn't say anything. I wanted to shrivel up and die."jenny you have no idea how far back we go! I went to high school with her, well before her mum killed herself and she had to move, oh speaking of death her friend also was shot because someone targeted her. you no chub chub I'm surprised you had friends, I wouldn't be surprised if someone died here" Mira stood with her mouth open. "oops did I say much, I guess they didn't know much about the sweet lady Lucy Heartifilia, daughter of Jude And Layla Heartifilia whom own the Heartifilia train lines. well owned" I could feel the tears begin to stream from my eyes. "she was always so fat, look at her now, YUCK!" she burst out laughing. everyone stared at us. Kani looked at my nose "oh and I almost forgot the best part. her darling father. I ran into him. so you live with one of his whores, the one he was with when your mum killed herself. Oh and your nose, I heard. I can't believe he beats you" i just took it all in. everyone knew now "you said you ran into the wall? my my you must love him" she walked over to me "you probably enjoy it right"
"No" I mumbled
"You probably get off on it"
"I mean you never say anything do you"
"SHUT UP!" I yelled. everyone could see I was crying now.
"Aww did I hit a button, cute fattie" I fell to the floor. I couldn't do anything.

"MOVE!" I heard him shout. he pushed people out of the way and ran towards me. "Luce?" he asked.
"Waah! it's natsu-kun" Kani said.
"Why are you here!" he shouted. I was shaking "what did you do to Lucy?"
"Just told people the truth"
"Yes, about her suicidal dead mother, he player beater father, her whore 'mother' and her dead friend"
"Do you have any idea what you done to her?"
"Nope" she proudly said.
"Lucy I'm sorry but she needs to know" I nodded slowly and stood up. He rolled my sleeve up. he carefully but hardly rubbed my arm. my scars began to show. I had no emotion. I was blinded by the stares. "you're killing her"

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