The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 3

I opened the door. No one was in. I ran up stars to my room. My boxes were unpacked. I don't remember unpacking them. There was a note on my bed that read "I hope we can get along Lu - Shiori" I crumpled it up as threw it into the bin. I went under my bed where my backpack was and grabbed it. I took a blow up neck pillow, a blanket, a change of clothes, my warmest pjs, my school clothes, tooth brush and toiletries, brush, make up, money and my doll. I ran down stairs carrying the heavy bag and ran into the kitchen. I made myself a sandwich and took some other things. I then left a note on the table that said "Call me when you want me back - Luce" I rubbed 'Luce' and put 'Lucy' I grabbed my phone and headed out.

I kept it close to me but didn't go on it to save battery. I began to walk and it began to rain. I realised I had my school bag and I had Natsu's umbrella in it. I ran back inside and grabbed mine.I decided I would take it to him. I didn't no where he lived but luckily there was still bike tracks from where the bike had crossed over the mud piles on the road.

About thirty minutes later, the tracks stopped. There was a puddle that's over the road which meant they were washed away. I was about to turn back when- "NATSU DRAGNEEL!" it came from the house right in front of me.
"WHAT?!" he answered the woman's voice
"GET YOUR UNDERWEAR OFF OF MY NEW CARPET" she shouted back. I walked up to the door and pressed the door bell
"I WILL, LET ME ANSWER THE DOOR" he said shouting back
"SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU" a younger girl said
"EXCUSE ME?!" the woman answered
"ANSWER THE DOOR!" another persons voice shouted
"I AM! NOW SHUT UP!" Natsu shouted at them all. the door opened and Natsu was standing there. He wore a v neck shirt and jeans "Oh hey Luce" he said. I was wearing a pair of black jeans and a pink flowery blouse and pumps with bow on them.

"Hi" I said nervously
"What's up?" he asked looking at my bags.
"I have your umbrella" I said searching for it in my bag
"Oh yeah thanks" he said waiting.
"One second" I put my bags on the floor and searched for it. I pulled out the umbrella and passed it to him. "thanks by the way" I said as I stood up piling all my bags onto my back. He looked at the umbrella and then looked at me
"can I ask about the ba-" he paused for a second like he was remembering something. "is it to do with what your dad said to you?" he asked
"You heard what he told me?" I asked him.
"Yes, I didn't mean to" he scratched his head and looked at me
"Well yup, I'm packed for the night" he looked at me and said
"Where are you going to stay?"
"Don't no yet" I answered.
"Wait here" he said he ran through the house.

I couldn't hear him though. a woman with long white hair came through. Natsu was behind her. she looked at me and smiled. "come in dear" I walked in confused . what did he say to her? he was smiling while looking at me. "now you can stay here as long as you need to" I didn't under stand a thing. "you two have fun" she ran up stairs and I turned to natsu with a confused expression on my face.
"What's happening?" I asked
"Well, I felt bad for you so I asked her if you could stay here for a while" I looked at the boy I didn't know at all
"Huh?!" he took my bag
"I won't take no as an answer"

As I entered their house the girl with blue hair from earlier walked through. She was the one who was riding the bike. "Who's this?" she asked. she looked like a fresh man I had seen at the school.
"This is lucy she's staying here tonight" Natsu answered.
"nice to meet you I'm Wendy" a boy came down the stairs. he looked about the same age as me.
"I'm Gajeel" he said.
"She's my little sister and this is my brother"
"It's nice to meet you" gajeel stared at me
"Are you new around here?" he asked. I nodded. He walked up the stairs not uttering another word.
"See you later natsu's girl friend!" Wendy ran into another room
"She's not my girl friend!" he shouted at her. "so want to come up stairs" he asked. I was still confused but I answered

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