The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 30

I fell back to the floor. I could hear people thoughts "was that?"
"Does she?" I wanted to scream but I couldn't make a sound. I wanted to start crying but i couldn't. I was numb. an emotionless creature, I wasn't even human. I wasn't even from this world. I was an untangled species which was a waste of space. being selfish taking the things the humans need to live; oxygen, water, food, light, shelter, you name it I took it. I was so selfish that I didn't want it, I just kept on taking it any way.

Natsu stood in front of me, being my shield. I was weak, worthless, pathetic! "What an attention whore" Kani commented. I never wanted the attention. I wanted to just deal with it myself.
"She isn't an attention whore Kani! she is hurt" Natsu was standing up for me. For some reason I felt like running. just running home. I wouldn't stop. I could just run. I slowly got to my feet "Lucy" he turned to me "it's okay let me handle it." I shook my head
"No, I need to do this" I stood forward. All eyes were on me. I was shaking. "Kani, Everyone, I--"

"WHATS GOING ON?!" I heard a teacher shout. I panicked. if they found out, I would be taken away. the pressure of being in a room with a stranger is too much. I saw my opening. at the entrance gate people were moving. I decided to do it. I ran.I could hear people yelling my name.
"WHERES SHE GOING?!" I didn't stop though.
"LUCY!" I finally heard. I knew he would be chasing me but I wouldn't stop. "LUCY!!" he yelled again. I glanced behind me whilst running. he was fast. I faced forward again and tried running faster. I couldn't run fast. I haven't been eating. which means I don't have a lot of energy. I saw an opening. it was Loke's short cut home. I belted across the road and headed down it.

There was lots of trees.I could still hear him though. "LUCY!" he yelled. he was getting closer.
"KYAA!" I screamed as I tripped and fell to the floor.
"LUCE!" I sat up and shuffled to the side. he kept on coming closer.

"I-I" he kneeled in front of me. he looked sad. I couldn't say anything.
"Luce..." he sighed. he put his forehead on mines and closed his eyes "I'm sorry" he said.I couldn't believe my eyes. I know Natsu loved me but, I thought he would of given up "attention seeking whore" something like that. but no. he believed it was his fault I ran.I kissed him on the lips. he was shocked at first but kissed me back.
"Natsu" I mumbled "I need help" I admitted it. He ran his fingers through my hair. my pony tail had same down. it was longer than I remember. the stands danced between his fingers like a flowing river. his eyes met mine again.

"I will help you" he smiled at me.
"Alright" I agreed.

I can't leave any more. I'm sorry mum. I have found a different kind of love. not the same love I had for you. it's magical, it's wonderful, it's the thing I need. I can't leave Natsu behind.

He had walked me home. we were outside the door. "Lucy, you will be okay?" he asked. I nodded and gave him a long hug. his heart was slowing down. he must of been stressed. "Shall we tell her together?" he asked looking at the door. I shook my head
"I need to do this on my own." he kissed me again. It was amazing again.
"Goodbye Luce" he left me to enter. to enter my next stage.

The end...or is it?

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