The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 4

"Meow?" I heard a cat noise
"meow meow meow?" I heard another one
"MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW!" I heard another. I woke up two find three cats sitting on top of me. one was blue, one was white ad the other was black. I stared at them for a while and then jumped up. they all tumbled off of the bed falling on to the bed

"CARLA?" I heard Wendy shout. the white cat ran out of the room and into the hall.
"LILY?" Gajeel shouted and the black cat ran out of the room
"HAPPY?!" Natsu shouted. the blue cat climbed onto my bed and stared at me. "WHERE ARE YOU?" he shouted louder
"SHH YOU WILL WAKE HER UP!" Gajeel shouted at Natsu. there was a knock at my door.
"Come in" I said looking at the cat. Natsu came in wearing his pj bottoms
"hey have you seen my cat he is blue and small called Hap-" he looked at the cat which was looking at me. he looked annoyed "happy! I told you before not to go and annoy guests!" he lifted happy in the air and put him on the floor.
"It's fine" I said covering my arm up. natsu noticed and said
"What's wrong?" he sat on the end of the bed.
"Oh nothing" I said trying not to make eye contact.
"Well get ready we will get the bus together" he picked the cat up and left. I looked at my arm. Those cuts were still there. I could feel my eyes begin to swell with tears so I quickly wiped them away and stood up.

I went over to my bag and got my uniform out. I took my top off then my trousers. in my bra and pants I reached over for my shirt. I put it on myself humming quietly the song my mum use to sing to me "we start at the bottom where marry lives" giggling at myself as I finished I pulled my skirt up. I tighten my tie up to the collar and pulled my socks on. I did the same hair style as I did yesterday. fixing my makeup and packing my bags while doing it. I was ready.I took my school bag and shoes down stairs where I found a man. "You must be Lucy" he said looking at me
"Yes sir" I said fixing my self.
"Nice to meet you I'm Mr Igneel Dragneel" he put his hand forward.
"I'm Lucy Heartifilia" I answered shaking his hand.
"You can come back here after school to get your things so you don't have to carry them around school" he explained.
"Thank you" I said. he walked into a room and I placed my things where Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel's were.

"FOOD!" I heard Natsu shout as he ran behind me. the cat followed him running like he had wings or something. I went into the kitchen where Mrs Dragneel had made pancakes for break fast. I don't usually eat much. since she died but I did to be polite.
"Lucy if its okay I made you this lunch" she handed me a brown bag which said 'Lucy' on it.
"You didn't have to but thank you." I took the bag and placed it next to me
"Natsu! I got a text from cherry saying she saw the bus go by her house early today" natsu spat his food out
"What?!" he said in shock. he took my hand and said
"We need to go." I was confused but agreed and grabbed the bag
"Thanks!" I shouted. we ran to the door where we quickly sorted our selfs then we ran outside shouting
"Goodbye!" at them. I thought Natsu had completely lost it.

We stood at the bus stop when I realised I hadn't checked my phone. I took it out of my school bag and switched it on. "What are you doing?" Natsu said observing me.
"I'm just checking my phone." I answered him.

8 new messages

17 missed calls

"Eh?!" I said looking at my phone. I went onto the calls and it was from a unknown number. I then went to the messages.

message 1 : "Lucy, this is shiori please answer your phone! I'm worried what happened? is it me? I'm so sorry! please pick up!"

message 2: "your father is home, he told me what happened, please can we talk?"

message 3: "where are you? me and my friends just searched the homeless centre in the town? are you outside? it's a thunder storm!"

message 4: "Lucy! please pick up!"

message 5: "your father agreed that you could come home! so please come back!"

message 6: "Lucy it's 2 am where are you?! I can't sleep!"

message 7: "I will call again in the morning just please come home!"

She had been looking for me? I don't care any more. I made it clear. I hate them for killing my mother! even if she was worried she probably was just saying that to become my friend "BEEP BEEP!" the horn went.
"Luce you okay?" he asked.
"Yeah I'm fine" is said putting it in my bag.
"Come on then" he said as he smiled at me. We got on the bus again. he stopped for a minute to look around the bus. "There!" he said taking my wrist
"Eh?!" I said confused. he sat down and sat me next to him
"There!" he said "Don't be sad now because I'm here" he seemed so happy, like I used to be. maybe he could help me.

I got off the bus with him. "Natsu!" a boy with dark blue hair shouted
"What do you want!" Natsu answered
"Eh! what's that meant to mean?!"
"Oi!" a girl with scarlet hair shouted at them both "I thought I told you both to stop fighting!" she waked them both on the head
"E-Erza-a" they both said in pain. she looked at me
"Ah you must be Lucy, sorry I couldn't meet you yesterday I had a meeting. My names Erza Scarlet. I'm the student council president"
"I-It's nice to meet you" she scares me.
"ERZA THERE'S A FIGHT AGAIN!" someone shouted
"Excuse me, WHAT IS IT NOW!" everyone is so cheery here.
"Eh thanks natsu" I said to him walking away.
"Wait" he said as he stood up. "where are you going?"
"To my locker" I answered him
"Okay bye!" he said waving. I walked away and entered the school.

"332, 333, 334, 335!" I opened my locker and put my books in it.
"Excuse me?" a voice said to me. I turned around and it was the blue haired girl that I met on the bus
"Oh sorry!" I said closing my locker. she opened hers which was under mine.
"I'm levy" she said putting books in it .
" I'm Lucy" I answered.
"can I call you Lu-chan?"

I was walking. it was my first day. "Ouch!" a voice said. a girl with long purple hair looked at me.
"Sorry!" I said.
"It's fine" she laughed. "my names Nina! what's yours?" I smiled
"My names Lucy!"
"Can I call you Lu-chan?"
"Sure" I replied

"Sure" I answered looking at her. I walked away leaving her smiling. The bell went and the first thing I had was home room I sighed and walked along the corridor. I miss that girl...Izumi

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