The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 5

It was lunch. I sat down on the wall and opened the lunch which Natsu's mother had made me that morning. It smelt really nice. inside was a cute home made boxed lunch. "Wow!" a voice said next to me. I looked to my left and it was that Erza girl. "That's very well made" she said "Did you make it?" I looked at the girl. she had long scarlet hair.
"Eh no" I said.
"Looks like the work of a mother!" she said smiling. "what's she like?!" erza said leaning into me.
"Eh?" I asked her confused
"Your mum! She made this right?" I suddenly remembered how mother used to say she really wanted me to take a lunch box that I could take to school but she never did as she didn't want me to waist the fancy free lunches I got there.

"My mum-" I began "she's not around any more" Erza suddenly sat back and looked at me.
"Oh" she said "right.." A silence flooded between us.

That's when i heard him "Hey Luce!"I looked up and he was waving me over. "you have to come and see this!" I stood up with Erza following me and headed over to the boys.
"How big is this thing?" one boy said
"It's not a mans! but men like it!" another said. Erza pushed through to the table where the boys were observing a bra. I suddenly panicked.
"So Luce is it yours?" he asked me. I blushed so hard my face was warm.
"Natsu!" Erza shouted at him. "Why do you have it?!"
"I guess it must of got put into my bag" Erza stared at him.
"Then why did you ask if it was Lucy's?!" she screamed.
"Cause she was at mines last night" there was a sudden silence. everyone who was eating stopped and stared at us. they completely misunderstood!

I stood there shocked. all those people I dint no had m-m-my. uh. I just wanted to live a normal quiet life but i guess that won't happen for me. they were all staring at me. waiting for me to answer. "eh, well, I" I hesitated. what was I meant to say? my dad and his whore kicked me out? I wanted to burry my head in to the ground."Her parents were out of town so my mum said for her to stay" natsu said looking at me. I looked back at him and mouthed thank you. a boy with ginger hair nudged him and said
"Get any then" Natsu stared at him, annoyed.
"Loke shut up!" he shouted at him
"So you did?!" another stood up next to him
"No Bickslow!" he began to look even more annoyed
"Your a man!" another said jumping up.
"No! okay nothing happened!" he looked at them all and they sat down. he picked up my bra and handed me it. I quickly took it and stuffed it in my bag. everyone was looking at me now.

"Lu-chan can you help me!" I heard coming from behind me. I turned around to see levy holding a pile of books waving at me. Erza grabbed my wrist and we ran to her.
"Lets go" she mouthed and we ran inside the building.

We were inside the library. "Are you okay Lu-chan?" levy asked sitting me down at one of the tables. I was still embarrassed.
"I never thought Natsu was such a gentleman" Erza said confused. she looked at Levy "Good thing you came when you did I didn't know what to do" she sat next to me. Levy sat across from us. they were both staring at me.
"W-What?" I asked.
"So?" levy said curiously.
"So?" I was totally confused.
"What happened last night"
"Levy!" erza shouted
"Shh!" the librarian hushed us.
"Nothing" I whispered. levy sat back in her chair
"Okay then" she opened one of her books and handed us one each. We both stared at the girl.
"Well I asked for help" I thought it was an excuse and I think erza did as well
"Romeo and Juliet" I read aloud.
"Luckly that ones easy!" levy said.
"I have a midsummer nights dream" erza sighed
"What do you have?" I asked Levy
"MacBeth" Did I actually just make friends?! we were studying together... I don't want to be mean so I guess I will stay with them... for a while...

I was sitting on the bus watching the rain fall, again. Levy was sitting next to me. Her nose was stuck in another book. I couldn't help but remember everything that had happened to me today. This morning, on the bus, meeting Erza, the bra incident and making two new friends. Mum, if you can hear me can you tell me what to do. Send me some sort of sign. Just... Just to make sure that these people are nice people and not ones that will stab me in the back. Like they did. "stop number 14!" the bus driver shouted. Natsu and I both stood up and left the bus. Levy waved at me through the window and I waved back. We ran to the tree to take shelter.

"So are you coming back?" Natsu said looking at me.
"I think so?" I looked at him. I guess I should go back home, but i shouldn't call father. Who knows what he would do this time. He was staring at me while I was thinking about father. What if he wasn't being serious? And it was just to threaten me. I panicked.
"If you want " Natsu started. "I can bring your stuff to your house so you can go and check things with your dad" I smiled at him
"Really?!" he nodded smiling back at me.
"Sure where do you live?" I gave him my number and put it in his phone. He did the same. I then texted my adress. I was still smiling for some reason. Like some sort of smiled and said "Wendy should be here soon so do you want my-" I put my arms around the pink haired Mage and whispered
"Thank you" he hugged me back. I let go of him and waved goodbye then ran up the hill.

That was the first time I smiled in a long time.

I ran down the pebbled path that led to the front door. It was still raining. I quickly unzipped my bag and took my keys out. I shoved them into the lock and twisted them. the door swung wide open revealing that woman's house. I ran inside slipping my shoes off.I put my bag on the hook and walked towards the living room. "LUCY?!" I heard shiori shout. I turned around to see the woman in panic. she was wearing a very see through vest top and extremely short shorts.
"Yes?" I asked wanting to go and sit by the fire. she jumped down the stairs and ran towards me.
"You're back!" she squealed. she wrapped her arms around me squeezing all my energy out. "I was worried sick!" she began. I pushed her off.
"That's nice" I opened the door. the room was a tip.
"Your father didn't mean what he said!" she wasn't finished.
"Mhmm" I said wanting to just relax. I plumped myself on the couch. she sat next to me.
"Where did you stay?" she asked. I rolled my eyes and replied
"At a friends." she sighed and then said
"Who? maybe I will know them." I stood up an answered
"I have home work to do" I walked out of the room closing the door behind me.

I lay in my bed, bored. I lied about the homework, if you didn't notice.I'm not sure if my father was home, I heard some noises earlier but I didn't bother checking. my phone buzzed. it was a text from Natsu. it read "ringing door bell now" I suddenly jumped from my bed. why hadn't he texted me before?! it went. I swung my door open running out of it.

I was a the top of the stairs when i saw Shiori open the door. i basically threw myself down the stairs. I was too late. the door swung open to reveal Natsu. She stared at natsu who was wet.
"Who are you?" she asked still staring.
"Uhm" he looked confused. "is, eh, Lucy Heartifillia here?" I ran over and stood next to Shiori.
"Hey natsu" I looked at him then at Shiori.
"Oh right" she said like she was understanding something "come in then." Natsu stared at me then walked in.
"Here?" he passed me my bags.
"Thanks" I took them and places them against the wall.
"So when did this happen?" asked shiori.
"Huh?" we both said confused.
"You know when did you two get together?"
"WHAT?!" we both shouted at the same time. he stormed through.
"WHAT IS THIS RACKET?!" he screamed at me.
"We aren't dating he is a friend from school" I stared at father.

Suddenly he hit me across the face. I fell to the floor. "Don't be sleeping around you whore!" he shouted at me. I sat up and looked at him.
"I-I'm n-not" I stuttered with my cheek in pain.
"DONT LIE TO YOUR FATHER" he kicked me in the stomach causing me to throw up blood. Shiori looked at Natsu who was staring at me in disbelief.
"Thanks for looking after Lucy, I think you should leave" she guided natsu out side and closed the door.

The next thing I knew I was in my bed. in pain. next to me was tissues with blood on them. "Ouch" I said trying to sit up. she was at the end of the bed.
"Don't worry" she put her hand on my leg. "your father is going through some anger issues, he completely regrets what he did to his precious daughter" she stood up. "I'm making soup for you for dinner. I will bring it up here" she left the room. i cried myself to sleep again that night, worrying about what tomorrow would bring.

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