The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 6

Another day. I was looking in the mirror trying to cover up the bruises and scars. they hurt like hell but if I stayed home who would know what father would do next. also I can't stand being with that woman. pretending to be my mother. I went down stairs to find no one there. there was a note on the table that read 'me and your father are 'sleeping' sorry we won't be able to see you this morning' I rolled my eyes and threw the note in the bin. I then made my self a lunch. it smelled delicious. it looked amazing as well. I guess expensive cooking classes pay off. I put it in my bag and headed out side.

At the bus stop he was there. he leaned against the tree listening to music. when I got to him i stood next to him in silence. he then looked at me noticing me. he quickly took his head phones out and turned my body too face him. I stared at him. i wanted to talk to him but I had know idea what to say. "L-Lucy" he said with a worried look. "I-I had know idea". he put his arms carefully around me. "I'm sorry" he whispered into my ear. I felt like crying.

"Lucy" mother called running to me. "are you okay?" she asked helping me up off of the ground. I had fell and cut my knee and was crying. she held my in her arms and whispered "I'm sorry" I began to stop crying and she continued. "I'm sorry I couldn't of helped you". I began to giggle
"Silly mummy" i rubbed my knee, if was rough. "It's not your fault, I'm just clumsy"

"I'm sorry I couldn't help you yesterday" he put his head on my shoulder. I stood stiff. what was I meant to say? I had no idea and replied with
"It's not your fault, you didn't have to help me" he let go of me and said
"But I could of sto--"
"If you did who knows what would of happened to you" I rubbed my arm I stared into his eyes. "I'm okay now so, so don't get too worried" we heard the bus coming up to is and we picked our stuff up.

Levy wasn't on the bus. The thing with Levy is sometimes she gets the bus and sometimes she doesn't. she lives with her gran as she as parent issues, like me but I'm not sure what they are, her gran is old and frail so levy sometimes walks her into town and leaves her at the day centre, but sometimes after school she will have to walk her home. her job also has weird shifts so they will text her around lunch if they need her to come in early, it's confusing i know. Natsu was in front of me. he sat in a seat of two. he singled me to sit next to him so I did. I noticed in the window my face was still pretty bad. I cupped where it was the worst to hide it and the bus drove off.

When we stopped Erza and that gray boy were there. I could see levy carrying books inside in the distance. we got off of the bug an Erza greeted me. "what happened?!" she exclaimed checking my face.
"I fell down steps" I made up. "I'm so clumsy" she smiled at me and said
"Well if that's fine then". Natsu was with that gray guy. I looked at him and he looked at me. I smiled at him and gave him the thumbs up. he smiled back.

"Erza?" a voice said coming from the other direction. I turned to find a boy with blue hair and red marks on his right eye in front of us. Erza looked at him. she was examining him?
"Yes Jellal" she answered looking up at him. The boy looked guilty and said
"I ehm accidentally may of lost all over our biology project..." Erza stiffened. She looked like someone had died.
"Y-Y-You what?!" she screamed. He noticed me and introduced himself
"Eh, hi I'm Jellal and you are?" Erza put her hand in front of me and replied
"This is Lucy, don't you remember? She's the girl your lot embarrassed yesterday" I blushed remembering the 'incident' of the bra. Jellal suddenly remember and said sorry. "back to our conversation!" Erza instructed. She lifted him by the collar. "what was that about the biology?!?!" she let jellal down so he could explain him self.
"Well, I, uh, it was at home and I was cooking, it was my night you see, and, uh, I sort of spilt water all over the sheets..." there was a silence. I stood there watching erzas face. She looked annoyed. From what I heard erza's parents are both people who are, how do you say i, high up? Her father is the owner of the hospital in the town and her mother is the a biologist. Her parents aren't strict but she feels that she needs to show them what she can do as their always busy. She crumbled to the floor. Jellal went down to her "I'm sorry" he said placing his hands are her. She was shaking like a murder hand happened. Suddenly she shot up bringing Jellal with her.
"Meet me at lunch. I'm sure we can fix it"he nodded and ran off towards natsu. Erza sighed and took my wrist. "let's go" we ran off towards a group of girls. They smiled and waved at us.

We got to them and Erza introduced me "this is Lucy" they all said hey to me. There was so friendly and they all knew each other. I sat next to a girl called Mirajane, she had long white hair and glistened with beauty.
"Shoot!" she said reading her phone.
"What's wrong?" Juvia asked.
"I have forgotten to bring a pencil for maths" the girls all stared at her then laughed. "it's not funny! I could get a detention" another girl called Lisanna who was Mira's sister got a pencil out of her bag and gave her it
"Here" she said laughing. I saw levy walk by the windows with a pile of books.
"what's levy doing?" I asked looking up at her. The girls looked at each over and then at Erza.
"You see levy, she, she is only here because she, uh" Erza blanked out for a moment an continued. "her parents are like mine but a bit different." she continued. "levy wanted a normal childhood so her parents said that her grades had to be spot on or she would become home schooled" Erza looked at levy who was balancing the books by her locker."Her parents live in another country. She lives her with her aunt and her grandmother" They all looked gloomy."Never mind that" Erza said standing up. "so how about we-" the bell rang which stopped me from, well, actually I had no idea what I was going to say. We got our stuff and headed indoors.

I passed levy who was stuffing books into her locker. I knelt next to her and asked "do you need some help?" she put her glasses up and said
"Sure thanks Lu-chan" her locker was full so I stood up and unlocked mine.
"Here" I opened the door and began to pile the books into the locker. She smiled at me. I closed it and shut it tight. "just text me if you need it open and I'm not around" she waved at me and walked off. Home room first. Then chemistry

It was lunch. I sat at the table with everyone. Apart from Erza. She was with jellal trying to fix their project. Levy was here. She had some books but at least she was with everyone. She sat next to me. Everyone opened their lunches and began. I opened mine which I had made this morning. Smelt yummy. Suddenly I felt some weight on my shoulder. "Ehh! That looks nice" I heard him say. I turned to my shoulder where he was drooling at the lunch. I pushed it to the side and said
"Can I help you?" he stood back and looked at everyone.
"I smelt it so I followed the smell" Cana laughed
"That's Natsu for you. Always food on his mind" all the girls laughed at him.
"Where did you get that?" he looked at it.
"I-I made it" everyone gasped.
"Your mum didn't make it?! It's made with such care!" Evergreen exclaimed. My smile suddenly fell from my face. I looked at the lunch. My mum taught me how to make it. A tear suddenly fell from my eye. Levy noticed and said
"Eh Lu-chan I forgot I needed my Shakespeare book. You know the blue one, it's in your locker. Mind getting me it?" I nodded and stood up.

I knew she was going to tell them so that they would know so I stood behind a tree listening. "Listen" levy said looking at everyone. Natsu sat down next to her and closed my lunch box for me. "Lucy lives with her father and her fathers partner." everyone nodded because they already knew. "do you guys remember that story in the news, the one about the woman that killed her self because of her husbands cheating and she left her daughter behind, her only regret. Well the daughter is Lucy"

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