The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 7

Everyone gasped, even natsu. Evergreen looked sad "Now I feel bad" levy smiled
"There's more too it than the news papers said" she continued. "her dad was also addicted to gambling which got them bankrupt so they had to sell their mansion. Don't you guys remember the heartifilia train lines?" they all sat back thinking and then leaned in again. Levy sighed and looked towards the building. "I feel sorry for her" everyone nodded in agreement.
"She didn't even tell us the rest" Natsu folded his arms. He knew a bit more.

I went inside the building and got her books. "psst Erza" I heard jellal whisper. I crept along to where I heard it. I peaked around the corner. Erza was asleep with her head on the table. Jellal was next to her playing with her hair. She suddenly moved and looked at him. He smiled and answered "Are we going to continue" she sat up and looked at the sheets. She shook her head and replied
"I will fix it tonight. She laid her head on jellals shoulder and fell asleep.

"Ehm Lucy?" I heard from behind me. I quickly turned around and saw natsu standing there. He looked sad.
"What's wrong?" I whispered pushing him away from jellal and Erza. He hugged me. I remembered levy telling them. He didn't know. I wrapped my hands around him and he whispered
"Let it out" suddenly tears began to flow down my cheeks. He hugged me tighter. "it's okay" he said rubbing my back "it's okay" He let go of me and looked at me. He could see through my make up. My bruises from my father. He took my arm. I pulled it away.

There are reasons to why I used to cut my self. It's simple but at the same time it's not. It's got nothing to do with my father or mother. Well a bit. But it was to do with my old school. Sure I loved it but only because my mums dream was to go there. Before she met my father and they fell 'in love' she lived in a poor family. My grandmother was a cleaner for the school so my mum helped out. She saw how big and fancy it was. She promised her self that one day if she had a daughter she would send her to the school. When the day came I asked to go. She wasn't going to send me but I owed her it. At first it was nice but then you got to know people. They said I was fat and ugly. The words were trapped in my head. They bullied me. I never told my mother though. If I did she would move me and it would break her heart. When my only friend die--

He took it back and pulled my sleeve up to reveal my cuts. I looked away. A tear fell from my cheek. They were fresh as well. I haven't stopped. I still aim to be the perfect girl. I no its not right but when I stop I feel like my whole body slows down. He pulled up my other sleeve and it was the exact same. He then took my jacket off and in was from my shoulders down to my hands. I held me whilst i was looking away. He pulled my face towards him. I began to cry again. He didn't hold me. He just stared at me. He gave me my blazer back and I quickly put it back on. He smiled at me and took my hand. "let's get out of here" I looked confused. We began to run. Out side. Out of the school. Onto the street. Into the public.

We were at a park. Sitting on the grass. I was still confused. "why are we here?" I asked. He sat next to me.
"Because" he said. "there's a train to the next town is 15 minutes." the park we were in was the one next to the train station. I looked confused at him. If I'm right in the next town over is Koon. In Koon today is the festival of peace.
"So?" I asked him again. He smiled at me and replied
"So we are going" I stared at him.
"W-What if my dad finds out I skipped school?" I panicked thinking of his rage. Natsu stood up and said
"If he tries to hurt you again." he paused for a moment "I won't just watch" I stood up next to him and smiled. Sure my friend was nice but she never said anything like that to me. I felt a warm sensation in my chest.
"Let's go then" I said taking his hand.

We walked down to the station and got our tickets. We sat down on the chairs at the side. 8 minutes until the train comes. 8 minutes. The train took 20 minutes to get to Koon. we were still in our uniform. natsu said that no one would care. I'm still worried if my dad finds out. we hopped off of the train and it went away. "this way" he said as he began to walk. I followed him.

There was stalls, lights and people were dressed in fancy clothes. "get your apples here!"
"3 for 2 on the games"
"Eating contest sign up!". The peace festival was from this towns past. it used to be two towns. they had fights over the land until someone stopped it. someone known as the towns god or something like that. it's said that he came from the land of gods and came down to stop the fights. a leader was chosen by this god. a leader to make sure the town can live in peace. ever since then they have had this peace festival to celebrate the two towns coming together.

"So what do you want to do first?"
"I don't mind" I replied. my stomach began to growl. I realised I hadn't eaten anything as I went away at lunch.
"How about some food" I nodded my head and we went to a cafe.

It was getting late. I had a lot of fun. we went around the stalls, played games, ate food, it was just fun. "The next train is in 45 minutes" he told me. we walked out of the festival place and began walking to the train station. we weren't talking.
"T-thanks" I said to him.
"No problem" he said smiling at me.
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about it all before" I rubbed my arms remembering what had happened. he stopped and looked at me.
"It's fine, you didn't have to" he told me.

He looked to the left. there was a hill. on top of the hill was a balloon tied to a bench. it was red. "that's odd" he said beginning to walk to it. I followed him. it was just a balloon. no one was there. "oh well" he said. we both turned to go when I suddenly slipped. I began to scream. he put his hand out to grab me but he fell as well. we fell down to the bottom.

I opened my eyes. he was on top of me. we both blushed. he leaned in towards me. I stared into his eyes. "I need to fart" he whispered. I suddenly burst out laughing at him and he stood up. he put his hand out and helped me up. I couldn't stop laughing at him. he took my hand and we began to walk again. what a fun day.

We were at the bottom of my street. it was dark now. it's getting darker earlier. "down here?" asked Natsu pointing down the street. I nodded and we continued. I was shaking. all I could think about was my father and what he would do. my hair was blowing in the wind. Natsu's scarf was as well. his hands were in his pockets. I had my arms crossed bellow my chest. we arrived in front of my house. I turned to face him.
"Stay here" I looked up to the window where there was a light "out of sight" he nodded and I headed for the door. I knocked three times and I heard foot steps running for the door. it swung open revealing Shiori. she was wearing a mini skirt with a matching crop top. her boobs were hanging out as always.
"LUCY!" she grabbed me and hugged me. "where have you been?!" I shoved her off of me and answered
"It doesn't matter." I walked into the house and there was not a noise.

"Your father is out" she sounded worried. she looked outside and shouted "you can come out of hiding!" natsu suddenly stood up and walked towards the door. "so where where you" I rubbed my head thinking when natsu blurted out
"In Koon" shiori stood in shock.
"You were where?"
"The town we took the train, it's the peace festival today or well was" shiori nodded and said
"Well her father shouldn't be home for another 4 hours or so, so why don't you come in" Natsu nodded and I stood there confused. He took his shoes off and shiori said "I'm going to go back to my soaps so you two can just hang out, Kay?" we nodded and she ran off. I rolled my eyes. every moment I talk with her makes me want to throw a brick at her. Attached to a knife. attached to a chain saw. attached to a lion. attached to a- you get the point.

"Want to go up stairs?" I asked. he nodded. I didn't no what to do. we were outside my door. I placed my hand on the old knob and twisted it. we walked in and I turned around to see natsu's expression. he looked around staring at the gaps in the floor boards, the old bed and things. he looked at me and smiled. we walked over to the bed and sat on it. I plugged my phone into the wall to charge it. natsu was still Looking around. "it's ni-"
"You don't have to compliment it" he smiled at me an rubbed his head. he looked behind me and saw my doll. he picked her up and asked
"Who's this then?" he started to make it dance and laughed at himself. I blushed
"Eh it's r-really embarrassing" I scratched my head "her names Michelle" I nervously said.

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