The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 8

I sat back on the bed and began to tell him the story.

When I was younger I had no brother or sister. I was an only child. When my mother had to go out I used to just read books. One day it was a sad day. My grandmother had passed away. My mother was devastated. In my grand mothers will she left me a letter. It said "Dear Lucy, I'm sorry I have left you. I know it must be lonely for you, being alone. I remember me and you used to play plenty of games together when you were a baby. Tell your mother to go into my attic and give you the box labeled my little sister. I love you". My mother did so.

The box was an old wooden box. The words had been carved into it. We carefully opened it. Inside lay a doll. It was all dressed up and looked new. It was holding an envelope. I took it out and carefully opened it. There was an old note inside. "If your reading this my dear it means my little sister has moved on to another only child. I hope you take good care of her. She loves tea parties" My mother burst into tears and said grand mother never gave her the doll and my mother had a brother and a sister.i held the doll. It was beautiful

"what are you going to name her?" my mother asked. I looked at the letter again.
"I don't no" I replied .
"What about after your younger sister?" she asked. My mother had a child after me but sadly the child died a few days after birth. Mother and father named her michelle. "sure!"

Natsu looked at the doll. "that's sweet" he said looking at it.
"It's embarrassing" I replied taking the doll from him. He stood up and faced me.
"I guess I should go, I'm sure I'm in trouble" he sighed. Suddenly a roar of thunder belted against the window. I looked out it. The streets were flooded.
"You can't go out in that!" I exclaimed. The phone went. I ran to get it when I heard shiori pick it up.

"hello?" I heard. "oh I have been wondering where you are?". She twirled the phone wire around her hand. "so you have to stay over night?" she sighed. "okay then" she said "love you my honey boo" she smiled then hung up. I got natsu and took him down stairs.

Shiori didn't see us at first. "Uhm....shiori?" I said tapping her on the shoulder. She jumped and looked at us.
"Y-Yes?" I swallow and replied really fast
"Could Natsu stay over night you see it's the worst of weather out there and it would be unfair on him since he let me stay at his when I was alone so I think if it's alright he could stay here, so could he?" she smiled and said
"Sure" Natsu stared at me.
"Are you sure?" he asked
"I do owe you one" he smiled then said
"I will have to call my mum can I-"
"Sure" shiori butted in. "you two have fun" she walked away into the living room. Natsu picked up the phone and began to dial the number. It rang.

"hello mum?" I could here his mothers voice.
"S-Sorry mum, you know Lucy, well, she wasn't feeling well, I don't feel like it's right to go into detail over the phone so I took her out of school to cheer her up, I'm at hers trapped as it's flooding outside so I was wondering I-if I could stay
here tonight?" there was a moment of silence. she sighed"Sure as long as Lucy is there, BUT when you come home your in a heap of trouble!" she hung up and he sighed with relief.

I got put a small bed and laid it on the floor. I turned around to find natsu in the middle of taking is shirt of. I quickly turned away and said "sorry". I blushed hard.
"It's fine" he replied. "I'm sleeping like this any way" I suddenly realised he had no pjs so I took the biggest pair of pj bottoms in my drawer and gave him there.
"H-ere" he thanked me and I turned while he put them on. I took my clothes and went into the bathroom and got changed.

I went back through to find Natsu looking out of my window. I sat on my bed and lay against the wall. his scarf sat next to me. I lifted it up. "please be careful with it" he said. I replied
"Sure" it was soft and warm. It smelled like him.
"I got it from my dad when I was little." he sighed and answered "Gajeel isn't my brother we share a mother. his father died. this scarf has been passed down in my family for generations. I don't know why but my dad gave it to me when I was about three." he smiled "not as interesting as your story but I like listening to him tell me about it" I smiled at him.
"I think it's a nice story" he turned an smiled at me
"We should get some sleep, tomorrow should be interesting" he told me. I got into my bed and he got into his. I switched my lamp of and closed my eyes.

All I could see was darkness. I could hear him breathing. "Luce" I heard. I pictured my mothers face.
"Mo-Mother?" I thought.

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