The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 9

I knew I was dreaming but she seemed so real. Everyone said we looked so alike. She wore her old jumper that she knitted and we favourite jeans. she smiled at me "hello Luce". I ran up to we and wrapped my arms around her waist.
"If I'm dreaming I never want to wake up!" I exclaimed. she laughed at me. I let go and stared at her. her hair suddenly turned black. "m-mother?" her eyes died red. her clothes disappeared and she was dripping in blood. "w-wha-what is going on?" I asked looking at her. she smiled scarly.
"What's wrong Luce" echoed in my head. "it's your mummy" suddenly my hands were covered in blood. I screamed. "come here Luce" she began walking towards me "give your mummy a kis-" I suddenly woke up screaming as loud as I could.

Natsu jumped out of bed and ran to me. "Luce?! Luce what's wrong?!" I stopped and stared at him. what was that? tears fell from my eyes.
"I had a night mare a-about my mother" I buried my head into my legs and couldn't stop crying.
"Luce..." he lifted my head up and I looked in his eyes. I was still crying. "it's okay Luce" he pulled me into his bare chest where I cried. It felt like i cried for days. I saw her but I'm not sure what happened. "Luce, it's 4:30am, it's been 30 minutes" I stopped and sat back.
"S-Sorry" I apologised. he thought for a moment the said
"Sit here" I shuffled the edge of the bed. he jumped to the side where I was sitting before and laid down in my bed. "there if there's any more nightmares just wake me up" I lay next to him and pulled the covers over us. he wrapped his arms around me in the bed and whispered "night". I closed my eyes and fell back asleep. that was the best sleep I have had in a long time.

The alarm went off. I opened my eyes to find myself face to face with Natsu. I blushed hard. I quickly sat up and switched it off. "5 more minutes" Natsu mumbled. I pinched his arm and he woke up. "what?!" he asked.
"Get up school is today" I got out of bed when I heard him.
"It was amazing I wish you could of came with me, the hotel was so nice". I suddenly panicked. natsu was in my room, shirtless, we shared a bed and now he was home.
"I know but I had to look after Lucy" shiori replied.
"I'm sure she can look after her self"
"I know but it's bonding time" I turned to face Natsu who was in a state of shock.

"Oh by the way why is there two school bags at the front door?" he asked.
"Ehm I found another one so Lucy can chose which one she likes better, there is a difference" Shiori made up an excuse.
"Luce, what do we do?" whispered Natsu.
"Speaking of her I should go say good morning" he began to walk up the stairs.
"Hide!" natsu ran into my closet and I closed the doors. I put his clothes under my bed and but his bed behind the wardrobe. the sore slowly opened. I ran over to the mirror and pretend to fix my hair.

"Lucy I'm home" I turned to face him
"Oh hello father". He stunk of alcohol. he hugged me
"I hope we are okay now" I awkwardly squirmed. he left go of me. I could tell that he was still drunk. "I have to say you have bigger breasts than your mum" I went red with embarrassment.
"Father! please get out I need to get ready!" I exclaimed. he staggered out of my room and I closed the door. Natsu fell out of the wardrobe. I was still red. "th-that doesn't normally happen". he stood up and smiled.

"Guess we should get ready." there was no way I could go out and get dressed in the bathroom father would think something was up. neither could natsu if father went to the toilet.
"You face that was and I will face this way" he nodded and we both turned. I took my top off and reached for my shirt. I buttoned it up and took my pj bottoms off. I pulled my drawer open and took out pants. I quickly took mine off and put another pair on.
"Eh Luce?" I froze. did he see. I looked over my shoulder. he was in his boxers. he held my pj bottoms up. "eh, where do you want these. I was still frozen. he only had his boxers on. I had my shirt half buttoned up and in my pants. "Uhhhhhhhh...."
"Ju-Just put them under my pillow." I folded my arms. he blushed hard.
"O-Okay". I turned back around and finished the buttons. I slipped my skirt on and pulled on my socks. I tied my tie and walked over to the mirror.

In the corner of the mirror I saw Natsu. He was tying his tie. he got dressed so fast. I'm surprised actually that father didn't see his shoes. I put on my make up bit by bit. I took my brush out and began to brush my hair. suddenly I looked in the mirror and Natsu was playing with my hair. "what are you doing?" I asked. he laughed and then let go. he went over to my bed and sat down. I put my hair up in a pony tail and the stood up and put my blazer on. "stay here" I whispered.

I ran down stairs and into the kitchen. shiori was eating a slice of toast. "Did he-"
"No" I replied. she sighed with relief. "I'm going to make us lunch" shiori nodded and walked off. I cooked two lunch boxes then ran to our bags. I stuck them in them and ran up stairs

"Quick I think shiori is distracting my father" he stood up and ran down stairs with me. we quickly put our socks on and grabbed out bags. I opened the door and natsu followed me. we ran as fast as we could until we couldn't see the house. we stopped and began to walk. The sun broke through the clouds and shone down on us. what are people going to think when we got to school.

We stood next to the bus stop. We weren't talking. I was panicking I'm sure many people saw us leave school we had to run past the table where I was eating. I'm sure natsu is wondering what they are going to say. I saw the bus make its way over to the bus stop. Natsu turned to me and said "if anyone asks, don't worry, I will tell them" I smiled at him. The bus stopped in front of us and the doors opened. I swallowed and step inside. Natsu followed me. I was looking at the floor.

"Morning" the bus driver said. I looked up and replied
"Morning" I turned to face the bus where people were pointing and whispering. There was two seats near the back with natsu's friends. He pushed me forward as if to sit there. I walked over and sat down. He sat next to me. Everyone turned around and faced us. I looked at my feet. I didn't look any where else until the boy with ginger hair hit me on the back

"I don't think I have ever introduced my self" I looked at him and nervously replied
"No". He sat backand replied
"I'm Loke, I'm much fitter, funnier, happier, and basically better than Natsu over here" he wrapped his arm around natsu's neck. "I suggest you leave this guy for me,every girl wants me any way" I just stared at him. Could a guy be that stupid?
"Uhm we aren't dating" I replied. He laughed
"Okay then" I faced the front again.

At the school we got off together. I looked out for Erza, since she has been waiting on me every morning. Suddenly I noticed the group of everyone. Natsu's friend and mine standing staring at us. Suddenly I noticed that the whole school was looking at us. Erza emerged out of the crowd and came up to us. She crossed her arms and said "so mind explaining what happened yesterday?". They must of told Erza. I felt like replying something back to do with her and jellal like

"Why don't you explain what happened at lunch" I don't know but I didn't I simply replied
"What?" mirajane and levy ran to her side.
"When you and Natsu ran out off the school holding hands" Mira explained. I looked at natsu he was looking at the floor.
"Well you see-"
"Well I felt sorry for Lucy so I decided to take her to that peace festival, it was fun but don't get the wrong idea, can't friends just go out and have fun?" I stared at him. He told the truth. I thought he would make a story up.
"But" I heard a familiar voice. Wendy, natsu's younger sister pushed past the others "last night you called mum saying you weren't coming home and that you were staying at Lucy's" gajeel stepped forward and added
"Yeah mum seems to think you two are getting married or something" I suddenly burst out laughing. I couldn't contain my self. All these people here, for us? Natsu stared at me, as did everyone else.

"Th-That's not it" I said calming my self. "the streets were flooded so my fathers slu- I mean girl friend said he could stay, I got him a bed and we simply slept." I smiled and added "like a sleep over" . Everyone nodded realising then split up and walked away. The girls stuck together. Erza took my hand and began dragging me away. "eh bye Natsu" he waved at me then walked off.

She took me into the group of girls where they formed a circle around me. Everyone was there- a part from one. Lisanna was missing. "okay spill it" Erza said letting go of me
"Spill what?" I asked confused.
"What happened at your house?" no way could I tell them natsu and I shared a bed as I had a night mare and he saw me in my bra and pants AND while sharing bed he was topless.
"We just talked then went to bed" cana sat next to me
"Come on what REALLY happened"
"That's it" they all stared at each other then all said
"SERIOUSLY?!" I nodded and stood up.
"Where's Lisanna?" I asked.
"When we were talking about you and natsu she ran off" mirajane explained
"She obviously would. I mean she has had a crush on that boy for years now" Cana added.
"I remember it was when we said, they are probably dating or they slept together she ran off crying" I felt guilty. There's nothing between Natsu and I.

"Hey Lu-chan" levy began. I turned to herald replied
"What would you do if another girl started dating Natsu, say Lisanna did" a pain hit my chest. Like someone stuck a pin in my heart. Natsu dating another girl? I had never thought of that before. But the more I think about it the more I begin to hurt. I don't want him to date anyone but me--
"I would be happy for him" I lied. Do I really want me and natsu to date?
"Really?!" levy replied
"What if they made out and kissed in front of you" mira asked
"Well obviously anyone getting off in front of you is a bit strange but I guess its normal for people who go out" they began to ask me things but I just lied my way through it.
"Fine we give up you clearly don't like that boy" Juvia said.

I looked at the girls toilets. Lisanna is probably in there. "I think I should go and see lisanna, I will see you guys later" I ran off waving at them. I think... I think I like natsu.

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