Viva la Holidays la Las Vegas

Operation Ho-Ho-Ho 3, Part 2

" it...sir," Les gasped, crawling along the floor towards the fans' switch, "!" he switched them off. The rest of the villains stumbled to their feet, sopping wet from the spraying they'd taken with the hose. "OK, half my loot to whoever rips his head off!" Harry bellowed in rage, "Which way'd he go!?"

"That way," Sam pointed, "But watch the temper, Harry; that's what did you in before..."

But Harry was already racing full tilt around the fans, muttering under his breath at the top of his lungs. Burke followed close behind, pulling out a walkie-talkie. "Attention all security personnel," he barked to his men, "Those brat kids are loose in the complex, and they have photos of the robbery. Shut down the elevators and seal off all entrances and exits immediately. And shoot to kill."

"Sir, please, remember what I said last night about dead kids...!" Les begged him to be rational.

"Murphy, they have photos of me at the scene of the crime; I'll get no less than fifty years if they leak out, not to mention I'll lose any chance of running Roy Walley Entertainment! Those kids have to be stopped at all costs!" Burke shot back at him.

"But can't we out least outsource the job to someone else!?" Les's protests fell on deaf ears as the entire group, now joined by hoards of arriving security guards who'd received Burke's message, charged into the resort's amusement park in the atrium. "OK kid, come out wherever ya are!" Harry shouted, looking around in all directions for Kevin, "And don't think of tryin' nothin' else, 'cause this time we gotcha outnumbered a million to one!"

"Wow, there's really a million of us?" Marv was impressed. Harry ignored him. "Show yerself, kid!" he continued yelling, waving his gun around wildly. Up in the control room, Kevin was in fact slipping on a motion control suit of his own. "A little big, but I think this should work, right?" he asked Martin at the security console, who nodded. "OK," he turned to his friends, wearing suits of their own, "What do you say we take this as far as we can and even the odds here a bit?"

"Let's do it," Nate was ready. Kevin pressed the activation button on the front of his suit and started walking forward in place. On the monitor attached to the suit, he could see the view the Marty Moose robot he was controlling was seeing. Soon, he was approaching where the villains were standing. "Hey look, here comes Marty Moose!" Marv took the bait and eagerly ran over to him, "Hey Marty, ya see some kids around here?"

"Nope," Kevin said into the microphone in front of his face, his voice magically coming out the other end as Marty's (part of the special technology Creative had drawn up, Sidney and Martin had told him), but I've seen you guys robbing this hotel's vault. And that makes Marty one mad moose!"

He used the control suit to make Marty grab Marv, pick him up, and toss him into a line of guards, bowling them over like tenpins. Other robotic characters controlled by his friends now appeared and the scene and started punching away at the crooks and guards. Kevin now directed Marty over towards Burke, who was screaming for the guards to keep calm and ignore the robots. "Hiya, Chuck," he said as Marty, grabbing Burke by the shoulders, "I heard you want to force the Walleys out of the company. Well, here's what I think of that!"

He reared back his foot and made Marty kick Burke hard in the balls. Burke let out a high-pitched shriek that would have gained him instant entry into any soprano choir in the world. Kevin used Marty to shove him into a popcorn machine, shattering it and sending popcorn cascading all over him. "OK, force them towards the roller coaster," he instructed his friends, "We can get rid of some of them on there."

Julian, Sarah, and Nate used their characters to chase a half dozen or so guards towards the looping steel Forest Screamer coaster. They grabbed hold of them at the loading area, hoisted them up, and threw them onto into the coaster's cars. "Ethan, lock it and launch it," Kevin directed the class brain, who pressed a button on the control panel that locked the coaster's lap bars into place, pinning the guards into the chairs, then hit the start button. The coaster started up the lift hill and soon was screaming along the tracks at warp speed despite the guards' terrified shrieks. "Brakes are disabled, so they'll keep going around and around like this," Ethan announced.

"Good," Kevin rushed over to the console, "Now let's zero in on the Bad Guys..."

Down by the carousel, Harry and Marv were staggering around after having been thrown around a bit by the robots. "It ain't fair, Harry; he shouldn't have an army like this to come after us!" the taller crook lamented.

"Don't worry about it, Marv; he's desperate," Harry rationalized, "He don't got the courage to come at us directly, so he's usin' these things to attack us. Well he's got somethin' coming now...what?" he noticed Marv's eyes widening.

"Drag...Drag...Drag...!" Marv was stammering in fear, noticing the dragon-form Queen of the Night from her climactic battle with Prince Tomino in The Magic Flute rising up from a compartment on the top of the atrium.

"Speak English, Marv, what!?" Harry demanded, not turning around to follow his partner's gaze.


"WHAT IS IT!?" Harry roared in his partner's face, still not turning around.

"This," Kevin pressed the dragon's control button inside the control room. A tremendous burst of flame shot out of the dragon's mouth and arced halfway across the amusement area. It took Harry perhaps five seconds to realize that, for the third straight Christmas, his head was on fire. Once he did, he let out a shrill scream and started running around in a panic. "Don't worry, Harry, I'll help ya! Hold still!" Marv reared back with his crowbar and brought it down hard on Harry's head. "Marv, what the hell're ya doin'!" Harry protested.

"Hold still!" Marv beat furiously at the flames with his crowbar despite Harry's yelps of protest, but the fire continued to burn hard. "OK, Plan B then!" the taller crook declared out loud. Plan B entailed him picking Harry up over his head and hurling him headfirst into the nearby lagoon, which did in fact extinguish the flames. "There, see, problem solved," Marv clapped his hands in triumph.

"And here comes another problem," Kevin chuckled, punching in several more instructions to the computer to reposition the dragon, then hit the control button again. Another burst of flames shot across the room and ignited the seat of Marv's pants. "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAA!" Marv shrieked in pain. He started running around in circles, screeching like Michael Jackson and doing nothing to put out the flames-until he noticed the lagoon he'd thrown Harry into and leaped into it, coming down hard on top of Harry. "Well, at least we got the fires out, Harry," he tried to rationalize to his partner.

Muttering furiously, Harry seized Marv's crowbar and started beating him over the head with it in frustration. Kevin high-fived Ethan in delight. "OK guys, we're going out there, so just be careful," he told the other children, "Have your walkie-talkies ready so we can keep each other informed," he held his up, as did they, "Sidney, Martin, keep them busy down here after we're done," he told the two adults in the room, "We'll let you know when we think we have them softened up enough; call the cops then."

"Just be careful, little guy. Hoooo, hooooo, hoooooo!" Sidney was controlling a Santa robot at the moment. He reared back with the sack the robot was holding and used it to smack a trio of guards hard over the head one at a time. Kevin exited the control room, everyone else right behind him. "Danielle, how's it coming on the first floor?" he activated his own walkie-talkie.

"Doing OK, but I'll still need some more time to get it set, Kevin; these TVs are really killers," she could be heard straining on the other end.

"OK, we'll buy you some time here. Julian, you and Nate lure some of them over to Rama's Flying Chariots and hit them with what we put in there. Ethan, see if you can trick some of them into the Splat Zone spheres on the race car track too. Sarah, come with me; we'll get them on the water slides."

The children split up. Kevin hustled with his head hung low behind several concession stands with Sarah in tow. "Bet you really feel like someone special now to be doing this, don't you?" he asked her with a smile.

"I do," she was smiling in turn, "This is the most fun I've had in my whole life."

"Well, let's have some more fun then," Kevin lifted her up onto the stairs above them leading up to the top of the water slides, then climbed up himself. Fortunately, they remained unnoticed by any of the villains as they climbed up. Kevin stopped by a landing that they'd greased up heavily and scanned the area for the Bad Guys. He spotted them fairly quickly by the Scrambler nearby, having a stern conversation with the safecracker and the enforcer. "Hey guys," he called down to them, holding the photos he'd taken of them committing the robbery, "Look what I've still got."

"YOU'RE DEAD MEAT, KID!" an enraged Harry roared up at him. All four villains rushed for the stairs up to where Kevin and Sarah were standing. "OK, hold it until they're just about here," Kevin whispered at her, "Hold it...hold!"

The two of them jumped backwards onto the stairs behind the greased landing right as Harry reached it. He started slipping and sliding like crazy but managed to hold his balance. Or at least did, until Marv, unable to stop, crashed into him from behind, sending Harry toppling over the railing and free falling towards the floor. He only managed to fall halfway, however, before the fall was rudely interrupted by him landing crotch-first on the air conditioner Kevin and his friends had jammed into place between several of the superstructure's struts. Harry's similarly soprano-level shriek echoed loudly throughout the atrium. "Don't move, Harry, I'll save ya!" Marv called down to them. "You guys get them; I'll help Harry," he told Lenny and Fingers, pushing past them down the stairs.

"Move, now-and duck!" Kevin pushed Sarah down as Lenny opened fire on them again, "You know what we do at the top, right? The old in and out trick."

"Got it," she whispered back. The two of them reached the top of the water slide platform and ducked into the nearest "bomb drop" chamber. "!" Kevin instructed her once Fingers and Lenny took flying leaps at them. He and Sarah slid under the crooks' grasp, rushed back outside, and closed and locked the chamber door. "Open up right now, kid!" Lenny bellowed, pounding hard on the door.

"Sorry, can't do that," Kevin taunted him, "But I'll share a riddle with you guys: what do you think's going to happen when we push this button?"

He pointed to the large red button by the door. Both Lenny and Fingers went pale. Their eyes shot downwards towards the floor, which had a visible divide in it. "Don't do it, kid!" Lenny screeched at him.

"We'll give ya a million bucks if you don't do it!" Fingers added.

"Sorry, but you guys couldn't steal a million in an entire year," Kevin lifted Sarah up. She jammed her palm down on the button, which opened the trapdoor under the chamber and sent both crooks rocketing down the water slide while screaming at the top of their lungs-at least until they crashed hard into the rudimentary brick wall the children had put together at the bottom of the slide.

Another shriek turned Kevin's head to the right. As Ethan had laid out for them, the air conditioner could not stay in place under Harry's weight any longer and was sliding out from its position. Frantic, Harry reached out and grabbed a cord hanging nearby as the air conditioner fell away from under him and he started falling again, but this only served to pull the broken klieg light it was attached to off the roof of the water slide launch chamber it had been left resting on. It was at this point Marv finally reached the bottom of the stairs. "Don't worry, Harry; I'll catch ya!" he shouted, raising his arms up to catch his partner. Instead, he caught the air conditioner-in the forehead. Marv crumpled to the concrete with a loud groan. Harry landed with a thud on top of him moments later. The shorter crook noticed the cord piling up next to him, glanced up, and had just enough time to let out a weak, "Oh no!" before the klieg light slammed down on top of him with a thud.

"YES!" Kevin exclaimed again, high fiving Sarah, "Two birds with one stone; I love it!"

"Looks like it's going to be three, actually," Sarah pointed to the ground. A shrieking Burke was now entrapped inside one of the metal Splat Zone spheres and being rolled towards the pool by Ethan in a go kart. With one final burst of gasoline, Ethan gave the sphere one last push that sent it sailing into the pool with a loud splash. "Great job, Ethan," Kevin flashed his friend a thumbs-up, "OK, let's get out of here; everyone, next floor, next, floor," he said into his walkie-talkie, "Martin, Sidney, give us some cover."

He hefted Sarah over the railing and fitted her around one of the supports to slide all the way to the floor, then followed after her. "We're coming up, Danielle; are you done yet?" he radioed her.

"Just about. If you want the whole effect, though..."

"Don't worry about it. That's why I set up the bit with the TVs-and it's a good thing you can get any movie on demand here. Hold the door for us," Kevin waved the rest of his group towards the exit door to the hotel's stairs, having seen them converging there. "Did you guys even the odds for us a bit?" he asked Julian and Nate.

"Yep, we've got about half a dozen guards out for the count on the chariot ride," Nate was grinning as if he'd won the lottery.

"There they are!" a very much unharmed guard leaped out from behind a Skee-Ball kiosk. "Everybody, they're heading for the stairs," he radioed his partners. It was then, though, that the giant water bucket atop the pool area, having been filled up in the control room, tipped over and doused the guard, and everyone else nearby, with a deluge of water. "That's our cover," Kevin pushed the door open, "Watch you don't get stuck," he told everyone, gesturing them to go around the tar they'd painted onto the steps, "Nate, go underneath and wait for them to be in position," he instructed his best friend, "We need someone down there to rig up the other parts of this."

"You got it," a beaming Nate clambered down underneath the stairs. Kevin led everyone else up along the railing to the first floor landing. They reached the top right as the door slammed open below and footsteps started up the stairs, then stopped. "Arrrgh, what's this now!?"Stone groaned in distaste from having stepped into the tar.

"OK, nobody panic," Marv's voice, dazed but still cogent, rang out, "Harry and me's been through this before; we know how to handle this."

"We're dead," another guard grumbled.

"Watch and learn, buddy," Marv could be heard slipping his foot out of his shoe. "Small price to give up to get through," he announced, "Just everyone watch out for nails."

"This is stupid, Marv," Sam grumbled, but nonetheless the men could be heard very slowly making their way up the tarred steps. Kevin opened the first floor landing's door and waved everyone inside, then slammed it shut hard; he wanted the villains to know where they were going at the moment. "Looks good," he commended Danielle, who had three large screen TVs, all cued up to the points Kevin had specified, set up in a semicircle by the door, "OK, you be Angels with Filthy Souls," he told her. She nodded and took her place at the TV on the left. "Julian, you take Angels with Even Filthier Souls," Kevin directed him to the middle set, "Ethan, you're Angels with the Filthiest Souls of All," he pointed him to the last set. He jammed a bulk of wood they'd found against the door to keep it shut. "OK Sarah, up again; we're Johnny," he gestured her onto his shoulders, where she draped a trench coat they'd found in the props department over them and hefted a BB gun. "Hat too. Get ready, get ready..." Kevin heard the footsteps getting closer to the door, "And...take two!"

Grabbing hold of Sarah's ankles to keep her steady on his shoulders, he stepped into position in front of the door's window right as Johnny from Angels with Even Filthier Souls demanded, "Hold it right there!" The villains came screeching to a halt in front of the door. Stone grabbed the knob and pulled it hard, but the door refused to budge. "Take three," Kevin told Ethan, who hit play for Angels with the Filthiest Souls of All, prompting that film's Johnny to remark, "I wouldn't do that if ya wanted to keep yer head on yer shoulders, pal!" Stone stepped away from the door. "Ronald Stone, Chief of Security for the Walley World Resort; I demand you open this door immediately!" he ordered at the figure he could see through the door's window with its hat slouched low over its face.

"Take one," Kevin told Danielle. "Is that a fact?" Johnny from Angels with Filthy Souls sneered.

"Yes, it's a fact; there's some kids who came this way we need to apprehend!" the security chief shouted, "And if you don't open up, you'll be under arrest too!"

"Yeah, ya heard the guy, pal!" Harry pushed his way to the front of the group, "We've been chasin' these kids all night, and there ain't nothin' that's gonna stop us, ya hear me!?"

"Take two," Kevin whispered to Julian. "Ya was here last night too, wasn't ya!?" Johnny #2 demanded.

"Well, yeah, we was..."

"And ya was smoochin' with my brother!"

"WHAT!?" Harry's jaw dropped in shock, "Look pal, yer makin' a mistake here! I don't even know yer brother!"

"Don't gimme that!" Johnny #2 continued growling, "You've been smoochin' with everybody! Snuffy, Al, Leo, little Moe with the gimpy leg, Cheeks, Bony Bob, Cliff; I could go on forever, baby!"

Harry's mouth hung wide open. An equally stunned Marv leaned towards him. Ya did it with all those guys!?" he asked his partner, incredulous, "But they're all locked up on a whole 'nother cell block across Joliet...!"

"He's lyin'!" Harry shouted at him. "Listen bub, nobody calls Harry Lyme a homo and gets away with it, and I mean nobody!" he barked at the figure in the door, "So ya'd better take that back if ya don't wanna be filled fulla lead!"

"All right, I believe ya," Johnny #2 grumbled. Kevin clicked his lips at Sarah, who aimed the BB gun at the window right as Johnny continued, "But my Tommy gun don't!"

"WHOA!" all the villains exclaimed, jumping backwards in shock. "Sir, sir, please, there's no need for that!" Burke rushed forward, pale, "I'm Chuck Burke, chairman of the board of Roy Walley Entertainment, and I believe we can cut a deal here, say, ten thousand dollars to make you put the gun down and let us pass," he pulled out the money, "What do you say, sir?"

"Take one," Kevin told Danielle. "Leave it on the doorstep and get the hell outta here," Johnny #1 growled.

"Sir, we told you, we need to follow those children that came through, and you're not being cooperative," Burke shouted, tugging hard on the still jammed door, "Now what else do we have to do for you to let us through!?"

"Take two," Kevin whispered to Julian, covering his mouth to keep from laughing out loud at what he knew was coming next. "Get down on yer knees and tell me ya love me!" Johnny #2 snapped. The villains all exchanged uncomfortable glances. "Uh sir, we'd rather not..." Burke tried to protest.

Sarah gestured hard with the BB gun. Sighing, Burke dropped to his knees and gestured for the others to do the same. "I love you," he told the figure in the window without any emotion.

"Ya gotta do better than that!" Johnny #2 snarled. Sarah cocked the BB gun for extra emphasis. Sighing, Burke turned to the others and gestured for them to say it with him. "I love you," they all told "Johnny" as loudly as they could.

"Keep it together, keep it together!" Kevin whispered to the others, who were fighting hard to keep from laughing themselves. "Take two," he told Julian, who hit play for Johnny #2 to say, "Maybe I'm off my hinges, but I believe ya." "OK, go get it," he instructed Julian, "Danielle, fireworks."

Danielle pulled out a wad of fireworks they'd found on the soundstages, stuck them in a pot, and pulled out a match. Kevin turned to see Julian rolling forward a cardboard tube attached to a dolly, with red Christmas tree lights taped to the "barrel." "Take three," he instructed Ethan, then stepped back out of sight as Johnny #3 announced, "You may have bigger numbers, but I got bigger firepower. So here's how it's gonna go: I'm gonna give ya to the count of five to all get yer filthy, worthless, no good stinkin' hides off my territory, before I introduces all of ya to my howitzer!"

"YIPE!" came the unanimous cry from the other side of the door at the appearance of the "howitzer" in the window. "OK, light them," Kevin told Danielle, "Get ready to plug it in, Julian...and...take three!"

"FIVE!" Johnny #3 bellowed. Julian jammed the plug to the Christmas lights into the nearest outlet right as the firecrackers started going off, giving the impression the "howitzer" was indeed firing. Loud cries of terror could be heard on the other side as the men stumbled and fell down the stairs in shock. "They're gone," Sarah declared.

"OK, clear the path, clear the path!" Kevin helped her down, then unjammed the door and thrust it open. He watched Julian and Ethan push the mock cannon and the middle TV set aside. "I hope Nate set that trip wire right," the latter remarked nervously.

He got his answer quickly, as the ropes that had snaked out from under the door, unnoticed by the villains, started pulling another dolly that had been set up further up the hall forward-a dolly that had a large heavy wooden dresser set up on it. The dolly was pulled up to the edge of the stairs, where the dresser toppled off and fell top over bottom down the stairs, triggering terrified cries below, and then loud bangs as it made repeated impacts. "YES!" Kevin exclaimed in delight, "Another successful phase!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Nate was running up the stairs himself now. "We are aces! We are kings of the world!" he shouted happily, high fiving everyone, "They're all out cold from that one."

"Well, that at least buys us some more time. Next floor, next floor," Kevin waved them towards the stairs on the other end of the hall, "We're doing good so far, but we haven't even begun to fight yet..."

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