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Ririrko Asahina....the youngest and only daughter (until Ema) of the Asahinas. After spending time with her friend, she comes home to find another girl in the house! Confused, she tries to stay away from Ema as to not get closer to her. Is it really the right decision though? Should she choose to do that? With her 13 brothers and 1 new sister, how is she going to handle all of the craziness?

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Bye Mai!

"Masa-chan? How long until okaa-san has her wedding?" I asked Masaomi as he carried me to the car. I looked back over his shoulder and waved to Mai. Maiko Yodogawa, is my favorite best friend, I've known her since the moment I could talk and walk. "Not much longer, a few weeks at most. Be patient okay?" He explained as he gently buckled me in my car seat. "Okay...but okaa-san will be happy to see me right?" I asked. He nodded and patted my head. I swung my legs back and forth as Masa-chan drove us home. Once we were here I began fussing with the belt. "Hang on, or you're going to get it stuck Ririko." He said, unbuckling it. I smiled as Masaomi carried me out. "Masa-chan. What's that? Why is there a big box there?" I pointed to a box looking car. He smiled gently, and placed me down. "Our new sister is here, she's moving in with us, come meet her. She should be here soon." He explained, grabbing my hand.

I stood next to him as he directed the men where to put the brown boxes they carried. "Masaomi!!" I heard my older brother, Wataru call. "Wataru-chan!" I cheered. He waved and walked up to us. "Ah, Wataru, hold your sister's hand while I explain what room to go in okay?" Masa-chan asked. Wataru nodded. We stood here as we looked at Masaomi explaining helping the men. After he was done, he came back up to us. "Okay, that was it, all we have to do now is wait." We waved the work men goodbye as rapid footsteps came up to us. "Excuse me, um..." She said. I squeaked and hid behind Masaomi's long legs. "Hello, I already had your luggage carried up to your room." He explained. I poked my head out slightly. "Ah, yes." She sighed in relief. I tugged on Masa-chan's pant leg. "I'm the eldest son, Masaomi. This is the thirteenth son, Wataru." He said. "Hello, big sister!" He chirped. She smiled at him.

"H-Hello. Ah, who's the little one?" She cooed at me. Masaomi chuckled and picked me up. "This is the youngest and first daughter, Ririko." He introduced, I hid my head in the crook of his neck. "She's a bit shy, sorry." Masa-chan apologized. "Oh, it's fine! Please take care of me from today on!" She bowed. "We'll be relying on you as well." Masa-chan smiled. Suddenly, a little grey squirrel popped out of nowhere, onto the girl's shoulder. My eyes lit up. 'Pretty! Look how cute!!' I thought, instantly regretting it as it spoke. "Hmm, looking at these three, they look harmless.” it said. My eyes widened. We walked inside after a few minutes. "Ririko, you have to walk, my arms are getting tired."

Masaomi told me. I nodded and he put me on the ground. I instantly ran towards the living room. I plopped down on the couch and played with the beads Kaname-chan left here.

'I know I shouldn't be touching these, but it's so fun!' I thought. "Hello." I heard the girl say. I looked up to her greeting Tsubaki. "It's a "Nice to meet you" hug~!" Tsubaki voiced as he wrapped his arms around her. I hopped off the couch and walked around them, until my back faced the television. Azusa came and punched Tsubaki on the head. I giggled, but stopped as soon as something landed on my head. I began whining. "Sorry about Tsubaki, I'm Azusa. Please take care of me." Azusa said calmly. I tugged Azusa's pant leg. "Azu-chan...get it off." I whined and pointed to my head. The girl gasped and grabbed the thing off of my head. "S-Sorry! Juli won't do it again." She quickly apologized. Sighing, I sat down directly where I stood. "That hurt you know, Azusa~!" Tsuba-chan whined. I smiled. "Don't we look similar?" Tsubaki asked. "We're identical twins." Azusa answered. I heard a cart rolling as Ukyo came in.

"You two, you're too loud." He scolded. I waved at him and he smiled back. "Pleased to meet you, my name is Ukyo. I work as a lawyer." He introduced. By then, I had gone back to playing with the beads. Juli began yelling again. "More and more guys with higher specs are appearing after another." He complained. 'I don't know whether I should say something about that or not.' She instantly smiled and bowed. "Please take care of me." Tsuba-chan wrapped an arm around her. "Yea, please do~!" He chanted, as Juli began to hiss. "Tsuba-nii! What are you doing in the house?" My other older brother Yusuke-nii called. "Ah, Yusuke, welcome home~!" Tsuba-chan teased. "It's not "Welcome home~!". Bringing home a girl in the living room is-wait!" He stopped himself. "Ah! Ah! W-wh-wh-! You!" He stuttered as he zoomed down the stairs and in front of her, kicking me in the process. "Ow! Ukyo-nii!" I cried.

He picked me up and placed me on the couch. "Tsubaki, I'm sure I told you to inform Yusuke of this..." Ukyo scolded. Tsuba-chan laughed. "Tsuba-nii, you didn't tell me on purpose!" Yusuke-nii argued. "On purpose? You make me sound like a bad person!" Tsubaki retaliate. I whined and covered my ears. 'Loud noises give me bad booboos on my head.' I told my self. "I won't accept it." Yusuke said. The girl looked confused. I tuned everything out, until Juli spoke up. "Chi, are you alright? Your face isn't looking too good." I sighed and lowered my hands. 'So her name is Chi? It's funny, but it suits her.' I thought. Kana-chan finally came downstairs. After everyone greeted her, we all sat on the sofa, me sitting in between Iori and Ukyo. Kaname was talking about how two of our brothers live separately and our other two brothers are at work. He turned the television to sho Fuu-chan. I huffed.

Fuuto wasn't the nicest person behind that Idol mask. I watched as Fuuto sung his most popular song, but I lost focus on the TV when Chi slammed her hand down on the coffee table. "Are you alright? You have a high fever." Masa-chan spoke as he bent down on one knee. 'Not even a couple hours and she's already sick. Poor Chi-chan!!' I frowned.

A Few Minutes Later

I sat on the floor outside Chi's room waiting for Masaomi to come out. I heard footsteps coming down the hall. I looked up and smiled. "Lou-chan!" I cheered. He smiled and picked me up. 'Don't get me wrong, I love all of my brothers, but I'm closer with Lou-chan because we can understand each other better.' I thought as we walked into Chi's room. I wiggled myself out of Louis’ arms and sprinted towards Chi. “Slow down, Ririko. Ema is still sick.” Masa-chan warned. I nodded and sat in front of her bed. “Is Chi-chan sick?” I asked him. He nodded. I frowned sadly. I turned towards Chi and smiled. “Get better soon Chi-chan.” I wished. Soon we were leaving her room, and out into the hall. I yawned. “Okay, let’s go give you a bath before Ema goes to take one.” Masaomi said, picking me up. After my bath, Masa-chan took me to my room. “It’s time for you to sleep Ririko.

I want you well rested for tomorrow okay?” He ordered. I nodded and yawned as he tucked me in. “Night night Masa-chan.” He smiled and left the room. Once he was gone, I quickly scrambled out of bed and sat on my knees. ‘I have to sing my song so the monsters don’t hurt me while I go night night.’ I thought as I took a deep breath.

(Credit to ponyphonic, but I had to alter the words a bit. She’s singing it as if she was Iori, because she used to be close to him before he pushed her away.)

“Fate has been cruel and order unkind

How can I have sent you away?

The blame was my own; the punishment, yours

The harmony's silent today

But into the stillness I'll bring you a song

And I will your company keep

Till your tired eyes and these lullabies

Have carried us softly to sleep...

Once did a boy who shone like the sun

Look out on his kingdom and sigh

He smiled and said, "Surely, there is no one

So great and so well beloved as I"

So great was his reign and so brilliant his glory

That long was the shadow he cast

Which fell dark upon the young sister he loved

And grew only darker as days and nights passed

Lullay moon princess, goodnight sister mine

And rest now in moonlight's embrace

Bear up my lullaby, winds of the earth

Through cloud, and through sky, and through space

Carry the peace and the coolness of night

And carry my sorrow in kind

Ririko, you're loved so much more than you know

forgive me for being so blind

Soon did that boy take notice that others

Did not give his sister her due

And neither had he loved her as she deserved

He watched as his sister's unhappiness grew

But such is the way of the limelight, it sweetly

Takes hold of the mind of its host

And that foolish boy did nothing to stop

The destruction of one who had needed him most

Lullay moon princess, goodnight sister mine

And rest now in moonlight's embrace

Bear up my lullaby, winds of the earth

Through cloud, and through sky, and through space

Carry the peace and the coolness of night

And carry my sorrow in kind

Ririko, you're loved so much more than you know

May troubles be far from your mind

And forgive me for being so blind

The years now before us

Fearful and unknown

I never imagined

I'd face them on my own

May these thousand winters

Swiftly pass, I pray

I love you; I miss you

All these miles away

May all your dreams be sweet tonight

Safe upon your bed of moonlight

And know not of sadness, pain, or care

And when I dream, I'll fly away and meet you there


I ended silently. I heard shuffling outside my door, so I scrambled into bed. “Ah, she’s asleep. I thought she was awake....” I heard Tsuba-chan say. After he left I began drifting into sleep.

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