The last Omega - Taekook


“Take him, Son... Take your brother and run”, the woman breathed out and stretched her arms weakly out to her six-years-old son who looked at her with wide eyes. “Mama... why are you giving him to me?“, the small boy asked scared, with tears in his eyes. He already knew the answer but he didn´t want to believe it. “Run, Soon, run. And never look back. Protect your brother at all costs... Protect him from the red-eyed Alphas...“, the woman hissed when she heard screams and footsteps coming closer. Her son took his brother out of her arms, looking at his dying mother. “I will, Mama. And I will make you and Papa proud”, the words broke the heart of his mother but she managed to smile weakly at her son. “You already did”, she whispered and knelt down in front of him, quickly pressing her lips onto his temple. “Now run, Baekhyun. Run and take care of Taehyung.” The boy looked sadly at his mother but did as told, shifting into a brown wolf and taking his sleeping one-years-old brother with him. “Please protect him”, the woman whispered as her eyelids dropped. “He’s the last... The last Omega”

Drama / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

It has always been different for Taehyung. Since he was an Omega, he was always weak and couldn’t protect himself properly. It never bothered him really, since he had his hyungs with him who loved him very much. And Taehyung loves them with his whole heart. But despite the twelve Werewolves around him who protect him, he felt lonely. Taehyung always thought that he wasn’t complete. And his hyungs would do everything to stop him from thinking this.

EXO Pack House

Third Person POV

Suho was currently running around to wake the pack members. Some of them, including Taehyung, still went to school and the others had work to do. It wasn’t really his Job, since he wasn’t the Luna of the Pack but he enjoyed caring for the members. “Yah! Wake up, lazy asses!“, he screamed through the whole mansion and run around, switching rooms to control if they were up or not.

“Yah, what’s with all that noise?“, Chen groaned, half sleeping and tried to get back to sleep. He received a slap from Suho on the arm. “Get up or I come back with a water can”, he threatened and Chen looked at him with wide eyes, growling. “You wouldn’t dare”, he said but Suho only raised an eyebrow.

“Oh? Wanna test me, Jongdae?“, he asked the other male. Chen quickly got up. “Yah, yah, I was joking”, he tried to calm the other down. “Get useful and start waking the others too”, Suho ordered and left Chen’s room.

“I’m the Beta, I’m the Beta”, Chen mumbled to himself while getting dressed. He then rushed to Kyungsoo’s room and half bumped into Kai. “Morning, hyung”, the male chirped and Chen nodded as greeting. “Since you’re awake, you can wake your lovely Mate. Good luck with that”, Chen said and walked away, heading to the next room, Lay’s room.

Suho also continued waking the other wolves and only the room of the youngest, Taehyung’s was left. He quietly opened the door to get greeted by a lovely sight. Taehyung was sleeping and wrapped in blankets in his bed, snorting peacefully. It hurt Suho to take the maknae out of this dreams but he had to.

“TaeTae? It’s morning, you need to go to school”, he said and gently caressed the younger’s fluffy hair. The small figure slowly began to move and Taehyung opened his eyes. Slowly catching his surroundings, he flashed his hyung his infamous box-smile.

“Morning, Suho hyung!“, he chirped happily and leaned forward to hug the other male. Suho took a deep breath to inhale the smaller’s alluring scent. It was totally addicting. Taehyung moved away from Suho, his beautiful face still caught Suho off guard, even so he should be used to it.

“Let’s get ready, hm? I’m gonna make breakfast”, he suggested and Taehyung smiled by that. “Oh yes! I love Hyung’s breakfast”, he got up from his bed and run to the bathroom.

“Be careful, Tae, you could fall!“, Suho shouted after him and furrowed his eyebrows worried. Since Tae was an Omega, he got easily injured and that worried Suho. They couldn’t be always there to protect him and it scared the older.

I need to protect this Fluffball at all costs. He doesn’t deserve to get hurt. Tae is too pure for the world.

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