Tales of the Legion: Secundus

Chapter 10 -Part 2

Once Alex exited she was blocked by a Krogan and her eyes narrowed. Lucky for him, he wasn’t wearing Blue Sun armor otherwise she might have taken him appart. Instead she stood there briefly before moving only to have the Krogan hold his hand up.

“Hold on human. I have a message for you from Aria,” the Krogan said which stopped Alex cold.

She whipped around, her hand on her pistol though that’s the only threatening gesture she made. “Yea, what is it then?”

The Krogan laughed at her in appreciation. “If you weren’t human,” he said with a grin. “Aria asks that you try and keep the mess centered to the warehouse and that she has information for you.” He sent a packet of data to Alex’s omni tool and it beeped. “Good hunting.”

That set Alex aback a little and she decided to give the info she was given a glance over. A soft laugh came from her after seeing the data and she jerked her head to the rest of the group. “Helm’s up.”

The group hired a few air cars and in a half hour they were within range of the warehouse. In a rundown building a block away Alex gathered them up and began to talk about their roles. “Well apparently Aria is not happy with the Suns at all. We have all the data we need though I won’t take it at face value so I am going to do a recon to verify things. Only worrying thing is that Aria said someone would be picking them up later today so we need to wait till then or do this before that happens. Any ideas?”

Narzun pondered the data a moment and frowned. “I don’t like it. Let’s get them out of their as soon as we can. If this data is correct it’s the Hegemony that is coming and I rather not tangle just yet with those Batarians.” The rest nodded in agreement when he looked at them and then tilted his head slightly towards Alex.

“I happen to agree. Slimy bastards that they maybe but I rather not be caught between them and the Suns right now. Not till I have more backup at least,” she said with a lop-sided grin. “So I am going to head out now, stay in place till I get back and stay hidden. I don’t have to tell you what to do if someone happens to find you. Kill them or capture, I don’t care.”

Alex put the helm on and felt it seal up tight and then she saluted before turning the cloak on and disappearing from everyone’s view. They had no idea how she managed to exit but it was to be expected from someone with her training. Alex kept to the shadows that were in abundance in the alley, making good time while avoiding all the trash. At least she was till she found the starting to decompose bodies.

She recognized the Asari one right away. Nosra had been wearing that shirt the night they had been kidnapped. Anger flared up in her head at the way the Asari had been dumped out here and the Blue Sun corpse only inflamed that into a rage. She set her jaw tight and turned the cloak back on, promising to come back once she was done with the Suns.

“Base, found one dead in ally behind warehouse. After clean up, retrieve,” she said shortly over the coms and went silent after.

With the help of the cloak, she found the guards and waited for the time when they should be changing. When that time came, they changed and she was satisfied that the information was correct in that regard. She crept up higher and counted 4 on the catwalk. Then she made sure there were 3 guards patrolling the rooms where the captives were.

She found one guard in front of a single room and that made her mind up where Liara was. There would be no reason otherwise for a single guard at that door if not for a singularly important prisoner. She counted about 20 in total and then managed to catch a glance at the leader of the Sun’s crew.

He was a huge man that the dark hadn’t been kind with. An ugly man use to others doing as he said. A scar crossed over his face from jaw, over his nose, and to his temple. It left his nose crooked from the break. Alex memorized his face so when it came time, she would repay him. As quietly as she entered, she left and headed back without giving a glance to Nosra’s corpse.

The rest waited for her to return and then when she tersely reported the corpse, they wondered who it was, whether it was Liara or the teachers or another student’s. None of them knew but they knew no matter what or who it was, Alex was going to be pissed. Kraz rechecked his shotgun and then he and Henry went over the explosives they would use as a wakeup call for the mercs.

Of all the crew, Caro was the most relaxed, watching the rest twitch through half lidded eyes. She was leaning against the wall, arms crossed over her chest and relaxing because later on none of them would be able to relax till it was all over. Sadness hit her that she couldn’t save one but she pulled her rifle out and rechecked it briefly, collapsing it back and over her shoulder when Alex arrived.

Alex wasted no time. “Ok, we are going to go in and hit them hard, cause confusion. The intel was correct. Guards just changed so it will be a few hours before they rotate again. There are 4 on the catwalk, which is new but that is why I wanted to do some recon beforehand. There are 3 patrolling the student’s rooms, I assume that’s where the students are at least. One guard is stationary in front of one room and we will assume Liara is there.”

They all nodded and Kraz pulled his shotgun out again. “Ok boss. We’ll go get ready to give the Sun’s a wake up. Just use the phrase when you are ready.” Selah, Henry and Caro nodded, each pulling out their favored weapon and following Kraz.

“We will go get into position as over watch. I think the best location is here across from the warehouse,” Narzun said and pointed to a good location. “It lets me locate and find anyone inside.”

“There is one merc, an ugly human male with a scar across his face. Leave him to me,” Alex said as she pulled her helm back on.

“Will do,” Narzun answered and he and Tad left for their position.

“Team one in position,” Kraz’s voice came over the coms.

Alex made her way back, this time taking to the roof of the warehouse and creeping over to one of the roof access doors. Infrared told her the guard was away, with their back turned so she carefully opened it up and ducked her head down to check. The guard was a Batarian, his back to her and not wearing his helmet. Smiling she grabbed ahold of the edge and rolled forwards, letting herself hang from the edge a moment before letting go and dropping silently behind the Batarian.

Her blade came out quietly as she came up behind him and then she struck, her arm wrapping around his forehead and her blade digging into his throat and jerking forwards, slicing open flesh as blood sprayed out. She held him a moment as his struggles ceased and then carefully lowered him to the floor as his body continued to expel blood lethargically.

She glanced around on the catwalk and saw one walking up and down the path and off in the darkness a second waited on one of the platforms and from where she stood, she was certain a third waited at the other end of the catwalk. Since the one guard was walking back towards her she slipped into the shadows and her cloak went active again as she waited.

The human male came walking up, his rifle pointed down. By the time he realized that his friend was down Alex acted, coming up behind, jerking his head back and plunging her blade into his throat before ripping it forwards in another spray of gore, this time deep red as the cut artery made itself known with the pulsing spray. She lowered him quietly down and then glanced around.

“Teams one and two, ready on my mark,” came Alex’s voice over the coms. They all got ready, Narzun following Alex’s path and watching with appreciation as she took down both guards with ease. He turned his sights on the guard that wasn’t across from Alex and gave a click over the coms.

“Do it,” came Alex’s voice and he pressed the trigger on his sniper rifle, watching as the bullet quietly took out the merc.

“Down,” was his reply.

“We are in the black,” came Alex’s response and then the Blue Sun’s world turned upside down.

The first they actually understood they were under attack was the moment the front door blew inwards with a whump of explosives. In the confusion Alex made her way across the catwalk and took out the last guard with a perfect shot to the head with the Karpov. It was a quiet wuff of sound as the guard’s head developed a hole in it.

Kraz and Henry set up the explosives at the door on the hinges and in a way that would send the door blown inwards and then scampered back and waited for the call. Selah and Caro waited behind them with Caro watching their backs. When they heard the call, Caro hunkered down and Kraz laughed as he set off the charges, watching as the door exploded inwards then leapt up and charged ahead.

Henry cursed as he scrambled to follow the Krogan, Kraz’s shotgun making short work of a stunned Sun and got the others startled enough that they started moving after the gleeful Krogan. Caro took up to the rear and glanced around the edge of the door to see Henry taking out another Sun. Selah threw her arm out and encased one of the Suns coming up behind Kraz in a biotic field. Caro lifted the rifle up and took careful aim, killing the Blue Sun in the stasis field with a pull of the trigger.

There was about 10 mercs on the ground floor of the warehouse. In the first minute and half, four of them were killed. In two more minutes half of the rest were down which left the guards on the second floor, the merc leader and two canny mercs keeping them pinned down and the one guarding Liara. All of them ducked behind various things as they were fired upon.

Alex made her way back over to the drop to the second floor, startling one merc who spun around only to get a blade in his chest thanks to Alex. She tugged it out smoothly and cloaked again before any of the other mercs could get a bead on her. From the second story Alex caused mayhem and chaos with her pistol and knife and took the pressure off the rest on the ground floor. Still she had the one guard that guarded Liara and then the two- no make that one as the other got his head splattered by Narzun.

The merc leader shouted in rage and that set fire to Alex as she strode to the edge, hopped over and down one story and startled the one guard that was before Liara’s room. Alex didn’t even look as she thrust her blade into the merc’s throat and twisted, letting the blood spray over her armor. She caught the merc leader’s eyes as she then tugged the blade out. At that moment Narzun took out the other merc pinning them and it was just the leader there alone.

Everyone left him alone, knowing Alex would take care of him. Kraz motioned for Selah and Caro to come up as he and Henry made for the captive’s rooms, going through them one at a time and finding more than just the students and Liara. Narzun stayed put, keeping his scope on the merc leader just in case he tried something.

Alex whipped the blade down and let the blood splatter to the floor before sheathing it. Then she pulled her helm off with a dark grin as she walked with purpose towards the merc. “Think you can kill me you touvlo? Think you can broker one of my best friends as a piece of flesh to the Batarians? Ai gamisou! I will take down your whole organization before I will allow that to happen.”

Trent watched as his entire team was taken out like they were children and useless. Who would dare to attack the Blue Suns? He would make sure that retribution was his. At least that was his thoughts till the human female removed her helm and he saw a dead woman walking. “Maybe they were right after all,” he mused and gave a dirty grin towards Alex. “Come on bitch, let’s see just how skilled you are!” And he motioned to her with his fingers.

Alex dropped her helm and continued to walk up to him till she was in range of his fist. Her eyes flashed icily towards Trent as he sent a haymaker at her head. Trent knew two things after that, one he might have broken his hand and two, he was in big trouble since the only thing that actually happened was the woman’s head turning to the side after the hit and then she whipped her head back around to him.

“Last chance to hit anyone,” she said with the fury of a snow storm in her voice.

Trent threw his fist at her again and she ducked under it, grabbing his wrist and then twisting it behind his back and pushing him away. “Not brave enough are you without a sniper as back up hmm?”

Everyone watched as Alex danced a deadly dance with the merc leader. There was no doubt in their minds how it would end and the only question was when it would end. Caro paid no attention to what was going on as she assessed every prisoner they had. One of them was actually a Blue Sun recruit it looked like and he was out like a light so Caro paid him no attention.

Eventually she was sure everyone was ok except for a few that had been beaten. They would need more attention but she couldn’t do that till they got back to the ship. Liara, when she got to her refused her attention as she made her way out of the room to watch and see a miracle standing before her. Alex was alive. She leaned heavily against Kraz as she watched, the Krogan not minding the added weight at all as he belittled the merc and cheered on Alex.

Liara huddled in the corner of her room when the explosion rocked the place and the gunfire told her someone was hitting the Blue Suns. It was then at that very moment hope blossomed once more for her. Still she huddled in the corner and waited till the gun fire had died down, one last shot being heard from a distance and then the grunt of a body falling outside of her door.

She heard a familiar voice speaking at that point and with a gasp she crawled over to the door just as it was opening and an armored human came in. “Think you can kill me you touvlo? Think you can broker one of my best friends as a piece of flesh to the Batarians? Ai gamisou! I will take down your whole organization before I will allow that to happen.”

“Liara T’soni?” The armored human asked and Liara nodded as she watched out the door as Alex’s figure approached the merc leader.

“I… I am ok,” she said and batted away the medic’s hand only to accept it as help up to her feet. She only had eyes for the fight that was going on, watching as Trent took a swing and hit Alex. Liara winced because she had glimpsed of the fury in Alex’s eyes at that. “Oh dear,” she said as with Caro’s help she made it over to Kraz and leaned on him. The Krogan chuckled as he watched the fight.

They all watched as Alex dished out punishment to the Blue Sun merc, watched as she effortlessly handled everything he gave to her, taking her hits but returning them twofold to Trent. Liara worried because she knew that Trent was likely to have some back up and her hand tightened around Caro’s.

Trent kicked the woman in the gut and managed to send her flying away from him as he pushed back, his back against the wall. He had enough and pulled out a blade of his own, holding it in reverse. It was time to end this charade with the woman he had killed before and put her down for good. He lunged for her as she got up, thrusting towards her throat with his knife.

What he got instead of his knife meeting flesh was Alex’s hand wrapping around his wrist and then her shifting to the side as she spun, controlling his arm and flipping him to his back, and then she shoved his fist into his own throat with both hands. Trent gargled as the blade pierced his throat and blood welled up and out of his mouth as he drowned in his own body fluid.

Alex watched as he died and then got up, pulling the blade from his throat and looking at it. It was a better knife than she had so she wiped it off on his hair and took it. Then she turned around, rage slowly dying as the rest clapped at her. Her head shook before she walked over to Liara who threw herself at Alex and hugged her, not caring at the human was covered in blood.

“Oh my… I thought you were dead,” Liara said and held Alex tightly, never so glad in her life till that moment.

“I… was out for a few days,” Alex said, not sure how to explain how she took a shot that should have killed her. When Liara hugged her tighter she winced, realizing she had taken some damage. “Ow,” she said as Caro gave her a look and came over to check on the wound.

“A through and through, it has already stopped bleeding so I will take another look when we get back to the ship,” Caro said. “But there is more than just the students here I think. And some children,” Caro’s voice turned livid at that and Alex straightened up.

“Ok I need two to retrieve Nosra’s body from the alley. Kraz and Henry?” Both nodded and left. “Gus, bring the Vengeance in and let Morlena know we have more than just the students coming along. Have her find a place to hold chidren and adults. We’ll have to figure out where they came from and who’s missing their kids.” Alex heard Moreau’s replied agreement and then turned to the rest.

“Great job guys, this is more than I hoped for. You all did well, followed orders and kept to your assigned tasks.” She heard the Vengeance powering down outside the building at the dock. “Let’s get everyone loaded and out of here.”

Narzun met them at the ship with Tad behind him, watching solemnly as the students and children were escorted on to the ship and into the hold where they had cots set up. “It’s a good thing we don’t have but a few hours to get back because it is going to be a tight squeeze in there.”

Selah and Caro came out after a few minutes with a duffle full of weapons and a grin. “Well they had better weapons than brains I’ll have to say,” Caro said and held the duffle up. “Some creds too and Oh, this datapad was on the leader. I think you might want to see it.” She tossed it to Alex and then headed on the ship with Selah.

Alex gave a bemused look to Caro and shook her head as she glanced down at the data pad. It was the most recent correspondences between Trent and one of the Blue Suns leaders, a guy named Vido Santiago. There were ordered to head out the Terminus main base and that there were plans in motion for the Blue Suns to be taken over by Vido. Alex didn’t care at this point, a dead merc leader was a dead merc to her.

The last bit of info she got from the datapad concerned Omega and its leader Aria. With a smirk she sent off the info to the Krogan whom had given her the intel and then got on the ship. A minute later her omni tool beeped just as Gus told her there was someone waiting on the coms for her. She headed up to the cockpit and then turned on the coms.

“This is Stefano.”

“Ah, Ms. Stefano. Thank you for the information you sent Tagar. The debt you’ve acquired from me had been repaid. Good luck,” the voice said and then cut off. Alex gave a look to Gus and he smirked back.

“You mean to tell me you didn’t recognize Aria’s voice? She sounded rather pissed to have her attempt at a debt backfire on her.” He said with a laugh.

“She should be glad I sent that info to her at all. It talked about the Blue Suns taking her out and taking over Omega. I think it was worth more than just the intel she gave me,” Alex said with a shrug.

“I think she will use your attack to her advantage and cower them into thinking that. Twist it to make them think she sent you in,” Gus pointed out.

Alex realized at that moment that perhaps there was more to Gus than she thought and gave him an appraising look a moment. “Hmm, when you put it that way…,” she said and trailed off as Caro told her to get her ass to her med bay. “Well, see you later,” Alex said as she got up.

It didn’t take Caro long to clean the wound and see it was healing rather quickly. Morlena told her that Alex was different and until that point she just hadn’t seen it. So she sent Alex off to get changed and cleaned up and went down to visit the cargo hold. Most of the worse off prisoners were lying on cots and she went to them one at a time. When she was done she went to the rest, checking them out and finding most in good if not undernourished condition.

From there she wrote up her report for ‘Lena and sent it off for the Asari to read before going back to keep an eye on the children. Most were confused and too young to understand what was going on. A few of the older children knew better and understood they were far better off where they were now. They were more talkative.

Caro learned some of them had been sold to the mercs and others had been snatched up. When Alex arrived, one of the youngest whimpered and scrambled towards her, locking his arms around her leg and she froze, her eyes wide in horror. At least that’s what happened at first before the child started to mumble in a language none of them knew except for Alex. She picked up the boy and started talking to him softly, her shoulders slumping briefly.

“What did he say Alex?” Caro’s voice was soft.

“His parents are dead, apparently one of the mercs we took out is his father. He’s really not clear on what happened to his mother. But he did tell me his name was Gavin Kallas. I think I will have to call Dad because this kid talks old school Greek and Dad would be able to tell me where he might be from.” Alex sighed as the little boy rested his head on her shoulder and murmured something else.

Caro chuckled as she offered a ration bar to one of the older children. “That might be for the best.”

Alex realized at that point that the little boy was not letting her go at all and rolled her eyes as Caro smirked at her. “Yea, yea. Laugh now. I’ll get you back later,” Alex promised.

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