Tales of the Legion: Secundus

Chapter 4

For the next few weeks Alex’s schedule was to go in to the Blue Land 3 times a week when an entertainment venue was going on. She arrived, helped Hinema set up the bar and stock drinks then she stood at the door, only letting those in that paid when the bar reopened for the bands. Slowly the rest of the staff there got to know Alex.

There was Gela, an Asari, who kept the books for Morlena. She was just as shy as Liara and Alex knew how to handle that. Incidentally it didn’t take long for the two to be friends. Selah tended to try and make trouble for Alex but Morlena knew better and knew her sister’s temperament enough to ignore it. There was a few times when she actually reprimanded Selah. Alex decided the best thing was to ignore the Asari. Selah was the type that would enjoy joining the Eclipse Sisters, she was certain.

Liara on the other hand, she hunkered down after the move and put her effort into the classes she was taking. It was no surprised after the semester that she got full credits. Alex dragged her out to the Blue Land after that to celebrate. Liara didn’t drink anything truly alcoholic but it got her out of the apartment and somewhere else for a change.

Eventually things ramped up at the Blue Land. Morlena booked a big name and she decided that Alex was now her head of security. To say the least, Alex was surprised at it but took it in stride and did her best to hire more help to watch the bar, the floor and stage. That meant adding at least 3 to 5 more bouncers.

The first one to respond to the help wanted was a Turian named Narzun Ventiso. He had an acidic wit and a sharp tongue, almost prone to making trouble as to solving it. Alex liked him right away and decided to give him a test run on one of the busier nights. He proved his worth, breaking up a fight between a Asari and human male that was getting out of hand and into more than just fists and tongues.

The next to get Alex’s notice was a quiet Salarian named Bour Taddic, a friend of Kirrahe. That was another surprise for Alex, Kirrahe made a attempt to show up at the Blue Land often when she was there and she got the impression it was because of her efforts to befriend him and accept him. That impression lead to her to realize that as a Salarian living on an Asari world it was hard being a minority. Either way Bour was quick to react and had a plethora of gadgets to help him including a few stun weapons that wreaked havoc on any race he brought them into focus on. Alex figured he was best left for the bar area.

After a few wannabe bouncers, a few dozen at least, Alex was almost fed up with the idiots. The latest one had started a fight with the customers over a drink of all things. She tossed that one out much to her own satisfaction. Right at the feet of her next hire. Henry Tsar was a merc dumped by his old merc group here and looking for a job to get him back off world. Alex took him in right away and learned he was a biotic which was perfect. He could switch from the stage to dance floor easily enough and handle himself in a place where most of the population was biotic.

The last one she found was a younger Krogan warrior named Kraz. He had fought his way through a small company of Suns and walked away from them in the city where they had set up a legal store front. If anything, Kraz loved a good fight and proceeded to prove his worth when a brawl started in the bar area one night. The two who had decided rolling around with broken glass a good thing found their selves out the door and on their asses in front of a crowd still waiting to get in and a Krogan dusting his hands off.

So now Alex felt comfortable with the small team she had acquired for the bar. It meant more work for her but also she didn’t have to stand in one spot since she was the bouncer’s boss. Morlena was happy to pay the wages if it meant less of her business was broken by idiots. It also meant that she was more often at the Blue Land since business had expanded in the last 6 months due to not only the bouncers but also the entertainment.

The only down side was that Selah was a bouncer too. She rarely listened to Alex though and that got her on the wrong side of some of the patrons. It came to a head eventually and left Selah with a broken jaw and brusied ego because Alex had happened to do her walk around out into the alley and came upon the mixed group of Asari and a Turian. Within two minutes the Asari and Turian were writhing on the ground in pain and Alex was calling the local Hy-Sec while pulling Selah to her feet. The Asari maiden leaned against the wall with her hands clenched.

“Selah, don’t touch your jaw,” Alex admonished gently while brandishing her Korpov at the miscreants. She had just called in Hy-Sec and was waiting.

Selah was quiet a few moments and then looked down. “Gyah,” she said, her voice telling Alex that she was upset and depressed.

Alex just reached out and rested her hand on Selah’s shoulder. “As soon as Hy-Sec gets here you are going to the hospital.” She lifted her arm up and her omni tool flashed gray. “Bour, let Morlena know Selah is going to the hospital but it’s not too urgent. Also get one of the others to tour the place while im gone. Waiting on Hy-Sec for a group of idiots.”

Selah didn’t know what to think of the human woman who had done nothing to her in a sense even after all she had done. It was a rather painful, life lesson to the maiden. And yet here the human had not only helped her but… she just didn’t know what to think.

Eventually Hy-Sec got there with a wagon and hauled off the group to the drunk tank and a record of assault. After that, Alex grabbed Selah’s arm and dragged her to the company aircar and drove her to the nearest hospital. She was waiting in the waiting room when Morlena waltzed in, glanced around and then sauntered over and sat down next to Alex.

“So what happened with my sister?” Morlena was not one to wait.

“I was doing my normal walk through, heading out to the alley and back around to the door when I came upon Selah and this group of Asari hazi. There was a touvlo Turian too,” Alex spat out. Morlena could tell this riled up the human enough that she was speaking a language she normally didn’t speak.

“Ah. I assume somehow my sister angered this group. It would be like her.” Morlena chuckled softly.

“Maybe? Doesn’t matter. Six on one is not a great thing. Anyways, I incap’d them all then helped her. Had to wait for Hy-Sec to get them before bring Selah here. Doc said she should be fine after the bone knitting. Jaw was clean broke.” Alex slouched down in her seat and pursed her lips.

“It’s not your fault. It is her’s but I think also she will learn from this. Pain is a great motivator after all,” Morlena said, her hand rising up and turning over to motion to the room in general.

“No but she is one of my bouncers even if I didn’t pick her and for the most part she’s done her job even if she won’t listen to me,” Alex offered, still not happy about the events.

Morlena glanced over at Alex and then signed softly. “Alexandra, you can only ask for so much and be listened to. My sister still has to grow up. She might be 143 years old but that doesn’t mean she’s matured yet from a maiden. Although… this might change that,” Morlena mused.

Alex was about to respond when the doctor came in, an Asari. “I am Dr. T’hurn. Your friend’s jaw should be ok but she needs to rest and let the healing process complete before using her face to stop a fist again.” Then the doctor noticed Morlena.

“This is Selah’s sister,” Alex supplied and the doctor nodded.

“Ah, yes. Your sister should be fine but I’d give her a few days. I’ve also prescribed some pain medication till the process has finished. She’s very lucky it was a clean break and not jagged, that would have torn things up. She’s ready to take home. Also for now I’ve secured her jaw so she doesn’t move it so the only thing she can do is drink at this point in time. I also suggest coming back in two days to remove the restraint. If you would now excuse me, I have other patients to see.” T’hurn bowed her head and turned away.

Morlena chuckled. “I’ll take my sister home in my car. With the way the Blue Land is doing I can certainly get a car for your use, personal or professional. That I will take care of tomorrow. We don’t have another venue for the next few days so I suggest you take a break.”

Alex arched a brow up. A car and a break? “Ok,” she said and rose up from her seat. “I suppose I can give Selah the easy job of door watching for a week.”

Morlena laughed. “Yes a boring job, maybe she’ll realize that it is as much a punishment as a break from the normal situation.”

Alex just gave a wry smile. “I’ll bring the car back in the afternoon when I’ve gotten up.” She yawned, hiding it behind her hand. “But I think I will call it a night. See you tomorrow ‘Lena,” she teased.

“I look forwards to it,” Morlena said with a smile. “Good evening.”

Alex nodded and walked out of the building. Morlena would take care of her sister. She got into the aircar and headed back to the apartment she shared with Laria. As late as it was, she wasn’t surprised that it was dark and Laria was asleep. She quietly made her way to her room, undressed and tucked her pistol under her pillow before collapsing into bed.

It wasn’t till after the new year that things changed again. It honestly surprised Alex just how much more easier it got with Selah after the incident in the alley. While the maiden was still cock sure, she also deferred to Alex more than she use to. Alex didn’t bring it up because she was certain the Asari would go back to being that grumpy bitch that she was before. Why rub her nose in it?

Also after the first of the year Morlena decided to expand the Blue Land into another location halfway across the city. That meant that Alex was busier than before. She oversaw the hiring of 6 other bouncers to take shifts for the other location also. And while Selah wanted to run the bouncers over at the other location she decided that Narzun was a better choice. He was cool under fire and the simple fact was, Selah needed to know more before she actually did start managing. That and the Asari maiden still didn’t have a clue how to really fight. The alley incident was a prime example of that.

It all came to head when once again Alex denied Selah the opportunity and she lashed out, fist glowing with biotic potential. Alex once again redirected the fist and arm in an outward direction before spinning the Asari around and twisting her arm behind her back just hard enough to cause pain.

“Really? You want to do something when you don’t have a clue how to fight?” Alex hissed in Selah’s ear.

“Get off me,’ Selah growled, fighting to push Alex off.

Alex swept her feet out from under her and had her face down on the floor with her weight over her lower back with a carefully placed knee. “Gamiasme tora,” she muttered, cursing. Then she put more weight on Selah’s back. “Feel that hazi? That pressure only needs a little more to break your back. Twist your arm a little more and just bare down and there goes your spine. This is why your ass got beat out in that alley, because you can’t take care of your fucking self. I won’t tell your sister you got yourself killed because you were too damn cock sure you could fight when you couldn’t even fight me!”

Alex snarled and jerked as she jumped up and glared down at Selah. The Asari rolled over and blanched at the furious look the human woman had on her face. Her head dropped down and her shoulder slumped. Alex was right, she had been easily bested by Alex twice now and that group. It left her with a broken jaw while Alex only gave her a little pain.

Selah sat up and sighed after a minute. “Your right,” she said softly as Alex gave her an incredulous look. She looked up to see Alex doing that and sighed again. “You are right. I know biotics but that hasn’t helped me at all. I got my ass handed to me twice by you, someone that has no biotics at all. I can only imagine how I would go up against a commando. I’d probably get killed quickly. I won’t go to those Eclipse mercs. I… they scare me.” She wrung her hands, not sure what to do.

Alex stared at the Asari a moment, blinking a few times. She had expected Selah to be angry and instead the maiden used more logic in the last 5 minutes than the first 6 months Alex had known her. She pondered that and then reached down. “Here,” she said and helped Selah up. “Do you really want to learn how to take care of yourself and defend yourself when you need to? I won’t teach anyone that will take those skills I’ve taught and go out there looking for a fight.”

Selah grimaced a little as Alex pulled her to her feet. She still had a hold of Alex’s hand when the woman spoke again. And blinked a few times at that, not sure how to take it. “Yes I would like to know how to defend myself. I can’t say I will go looking for a fight because every time I have, I’ve taken on more than I can.”

Alex released Selah’s hand and pondered the puzzle of the Asari before her. “Hmph. That is one thing you have right.” She sighed heavily and eyed Selah. “As much as I regret this, we will meet twice a week and I will start to train you. You won’t like it Selah but it will one day save your life. I will be hard on you but I will be fair to you also.”

Selah studied Alex a moment, considering the offer then bowed her head slightly. “I think I can take that considering you’ve accepted me during the time you’ve been employed by my sister. When should we meet?”

Alex gave a faint smile, praised indeed. “My days off, for about 3 hours a day. Wear clothing you can work out in. I need to figure out where you are fitness wise before we go further.”

Selah nodded and gave Alex the first genuine smile she had ever given to the human. “Then I will meet you at your apartment?”

“Yup. We’ll go for a jog first. Come about Oh six-hundred hours,” Alex said with a smirk.

Selah winced a little and then straightened up. “Ok.”

Alex was rather surprised and she told ‘Lena later how her sister had just accepted everything without an argument. ‘Lena laughed and agreed that maybe her sister was finally maturing. She also argued and won against Alex for paying the human credits for training her sister.

“No Alex. She is my only sister and you are a jewel of an employee. I will not take advantage of your good nature with training my sister. You will get an extra 200 credits a week to pay for that,” ‘Lena said and put her foot down.

Alex sighed. “Alright Morlena. I really didn’t need it because she’s made half the effort to try… but I can see arguing with you will not change your mind.”

Morlena smirked. “You are right, my human friend. I always win,” she teased and grinned.

That set off Alex to laugh and she pointed at the Asari Matron. “Was your father a volus?”

Morlena’s smile widened. “How did you know?”

Alex snorted. “The always winning a argument thing.” She practically giggled at that a moment.

Morlena could see Alex was amused by that revelation. “And honestly Sel’s father was a Krogan if you didn’t notice.”

That set off Alex even more and she was laughing hard enough for tears to roll. “I think I figured that out the first time we met,” she said after she got herself under control.

The first week was an eye opener for Selah. Alex had the Asari run with her around the University’s campus. Selah found out just how fit the human was when she had to stop about a quarter of the way around to puke out her breakfast. Alex handed her a bottle with electrolytes and water which she took a grateful drink from after washing her mouth out.

“Eat after you run Selah. This is the first lesson. Come on.” Alex wasn’t even sweating yet and she looked like she had just taken an easy stroll.

Selah just nodded while catching her breath and then followed after Alex. Alex explained to her about setting a pace and about moving freely to help the body withstand the stress of running. The next time Selah met Alex, she felt as if she at least did better, stopping half way around first. The Asari was a quick learner which Alex appreciated and the fact Selah didn’t complain said a lot to Alex.

Of course normal for Alex was not normal for every human living on an Asari world. She had forgotten about the attempt on her life and that came back to bite her on the ass rather hard. Since Jan Moller hadn’t contacted her about the attempt she had all but forgotten it. That and running the bouncers for the Blue Land and her sister venue Blue Isle.

Her bouncers were almost a small merc company to begin and the fact that most were ex-mercs didn’t really help. Alex was careful who she hired and of those she hired, she made sure that either they knew what to do and could take care of themselves or they were smart enough to know they needed to learn. That eventually got most of the bouncers joining Alex on her morning runs.

If any Asari were out at 6am they were treated to a large mixed group all running around the University. Some of the earlier students took notice easily, curious about the group and others pointed out from repeat visits to the Blue Land where they were from. It was very unusual to see the cohesion that Alex’s bouncers had with her and each other.

A few times they were stopped by Hy-Sec but after the third time Morlena came down on Hy-Sec for that by threatening to bring this up to the Matron’s Council. They were harassing her employees and she was offended by the laziness of Hy-Sec. It didn’t help that at one point or another each and every one of the bouncers had cause Hy-Sec’s attention by doing something wrong but the fact remained, the group was only running and doing no harm. In fact because they were there, the campus remained safer than your average back alley.

This fact because hugely apparent the one time some random wannabe Eclipse Sister tried to shake down a Salarian student for credits. She happened to do this right before Alex and her group passed and the Asari found herself on the ground, her head spinning and her arms restrained while Hy-Sec was called. The worst part was Kirrahe was startled by the robbery more than anything.

“You, yes. Thank you Alex. Strange that Asari go to mugging students who are known to not have credits on them.” His voice rapidly fired out and he shook his head. “Thank you all. See you tomorrow when Corruption plays, yes?”

Alex laughed. “Yup. Come early and I’ll get you a spot near the bar Kirr.”

He nodded. “Of course. You find the best spots for me all the time. Asari ‘tender never lets my drink go dry.”

“Well, I think she likes you Kirr. She never pays that much attention to any of us wrecks,” Alex said and waved to the group moving around and keeping warm. Except for Narzun and Henry. Both were watching the would-be mugger.

“See you Alex. Thank you again,” Kirrahe said and walked off.

Alex shook her head and then frowned at the Asari before looking up to find the Hy-Sec patrol car touching down. “About damn time,” she muttered and stalked over with fury in her face.

The Hy-Sec officer who slipped out of the aircar’s passenger seat held her hand up. “Alex, I know. I didn’t find out till 5 minutes ago,” the officer said with a scowl of her own.

“Damn it Trineh, it’s not like we have cried wolf about this,” Alex responded with and Trineh snorted in amusement.

“I have never known you to ‘cry wolf’ as it were. Believe me, some of Hy-Sec are going to be on bathroom duty for this and a few might be in need of a new job. I wouldn’t suggest hiring them,” she added after giving it a brief thought.

“Oh hell no, lazy idiots. They would quit before a week,” Alex said with a frown and then jerked her head at Nar and Henry. “Padok Kirrahe was almost mugged by this idiot. He’s a student in the Genetics labs here. A friend too so that makes her a double idiot but who’s counting?” Alex shrugged at that.

“Hmm, well we can get the vid from around this place so that should be all. I’ll take her.” Trineh pointed to the Asari and the officer that drove her there suddenly moved and took the mugger into custody, stuffing her into the back seat after putting biotic suppression cuffs on the Asari.

Alex nodded. “Well we have to go finish our run. You know where to find me if you need answers.”

“That I do. Have a good run,” Trineh said wryly and then walked back to the aircar, sliding into the seat.

The group turned as the aircar lifted off and started back down the road. They were passing the main buildings and waving to the early students when an aircar flew over their heads and continued down the same way they were going. The others had started to slow down to a job while Alex and Kraz continued to go at the same ground eating pace. They were yards ahead of the rest when they took the turn to head on the backside of the campus where some of the storage buildings where.

By the time the rest of the group had turned the corner Kraz and Alex were further ahead. Both ran side by side and talked, Kraz giving Alex a hard push and then sprinting ahead. Alex laughed out loud and put on a burst of speed to catch up to Kraz. About the time she caught up to him a loud pop was heard by everyone and both Alex and Kraz stumbled. The rest of the group was confused till Alex pulled out her Karpov, aiming it with her left arm while Kraz was down on one knee.

The group got close enough to see the orange blood on the ground and the red stain spreading on Alex’s shoulder before they realized what happened. And then it was like an angry hive of bees as the rest took out their pistols and aimed them in the same direction as Alex did. The sound of an aircar lifting off was all they heard in response.
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