a wolf for a friend

chapter 2

Iggy and Nudge sat in silence. It had been two hours since Max and Fang had been taken. Iggy crouched, slowly eating the stale bread that was his ‘lovingly prepared’ breakfast, staring at darkness in worry. Nudge held her knees to her chest and rested her head on them watching her food as if it was the cause of her horrible life as an experiment.

The metal door opened and an eraser shoved Max into the room. Letting his claws scratch her skin leaving shallow red lines just for the sheer joy of watching the blood sink into her scruffy, sky blue T-shirt. Max landed on the floor and gasped in pain before turning to shoot the Bird at the eraser only to have the door slammed in her face.

"Max! We were so worried about you. Where's Fang? Why is he not back yet? Oh dear, you are hurt, Iggy she's hurt!" Nudge said looking nervous. Max shook her head clearing it from the fuzzy pain and the expected Nudge drabbles.

"I don't know where Fang is." Max said trying to block out the pain, "how are you to doing?" Max said. Although she was very young she still acted very mature and motherly.

"We are fine, Jeb came and gave us some food, we saved some food for you as well. Jeb couldn't bring much because the kitchen was locked." Iggy stated staring a little to the left of Max's head.

"That's fine I'm not that hungry anyway. The white coats gave me some food after the tenth blood test." Max replied rubbing her arm where they had injected the needles. She wanted to know was where her best friend was and is he alright but that would be too much to ask in this dismal facility.

Fang felt his cage being lifted and put on the ground. He coiled his muscles as an eraser unlatched the cage door and tipped it resulting in Fang to falling out on his injured ankle; as it is always the injured part of your body that is hit more often as Fang had discovered in his early childhood. He looked up at the eraser startled to see it glancing at the corner of the dark room with a little bit of uneasiness. The eraser chuckled still watching the corner and heading out the room leaving Fang alone in the darkness...at least he hoped he was alone.

But Fang felt another presence in the room and he backed away from the shadow that was moving towards him. Fang's eyes adjusted to the darkness to see a night black wolf pup. He relaxed a bit to see it was a pup but tensed again when he saw its eyes. Golden irises filled with hatred and bloodlust watched the young boy from a few meters away. A low growl erupted from its throat and it bared teeth that made daggers look like a child's toy. Fang attempted to stand up until he put weight on his ankle. He sank to the ground and whimpered as pain shot up his leg. The sound of weakness was enough for the animal to know it would win this fight without too much of a struggle. It’s triangular ears flicked forwards then back again.

The black wolf leapt towards Fang. Snapping out of his pain induced daze Fang rolled away and got away with only a scratch on his shoulder. He felt himself start to hyperventilate as the animal buried its serrated teeth into his shoulder and moving its head in a sawing motion. Fang cried out and hit the creature on the head with his hand before scrambling away when the midnight coloured wolf let go to attack his hand. Fangs eyes widened in fear as the wolf snarled, Fangs blood dripping out of its mouth and little bits of flesh stuck onto its teeth. Its golden eyes flashed with rage and hatred and something else... something Fang could not quite identify but it looked similar to pain.

Fang felt himself being backed into a corner but there was nothing he could do to stop the advancing beast. Fang unfurled his still growing wings and wrapt them in an ebony coloured shield as his last defence. The dark eyed five-year-old braced himself for the pain that would be inflicted by the daggers of the young wolf. The pain never arrived. Whining and gnashing of teeth began to fill the air. Fang dared himself a look up to see what was going on.

The wolf backed up and roughly shook its head. It squeezed its eyes shut and clamped its jaw on to its leg whimpering as cherry ribbons mixed in with the black fur. Fang watched the strange sight, completely confused at what the hell was going on. His eyes widened as he caught a glimpse of a wing much like his own. What surprised him more was the wolf pup's eyes, they had gone from gold to blue back to gold and then a mixture of blue/gold then back to gold again. This scene carried on for another 15 seconds till the wolf jerked its head up and howled in a tone that was a cross between victory and immobilizing pain. After a long howl the black furred animal collapsed in a wheezing pile of blood, fur and feathers.

Fang stared at the wolf. He pulled in his wings and stood up. The world spun and everything became blurry causing Fang to collapse on the floor as soon as he realized he was still bleeding and had a great loss of blood. He lent against the wall and turned his head as someone came in and lifted him into a cage before carrying the cage out of the room with the slumbering devil.

"damn, I told you that she-wolf would not attack if she knew what he was!" a white coat yelled staring at the screen which showed into the dark room that holed up subject 7.

"Well, I thought she would attack him since the alterations where made." Another scientist said with a scowl on her face.

"Subject 7 has a lot of power inside her which is how she killed Dr Mallard even when he had two of the lupine-human hybrids at his side." The third scientist said looking worriedly at the half-conscious figure that was Fang on the screen.

"Jeb's, right you know that she-devil may only be two years old but she still is uncontrollable." The first scientist said.

"Thank you Dennis, now please get Subject 4 to my office so I can dress that wound?" Jeb asked.

The female nodded, "I'll send down Dr Anderson to get him."

Jeb smiled and walked out the door of the screening room.

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