a wolf for a friend

chapter 3

Fang woke up to a screaming pain in his ankle and shoulder. He slowly opened his eyes to see four worried faces. "Dude, you gave us a freaking heart attack." Iggy barked trying to ease the worried tension in the room and failing miserably.

"What happened to you!?" cried Max gesturing her limbs at Fangs heavily bandaged arm.

"The white coats took me to a lab and I was attacked." Fang said not wanting Max to worry him or about whatever that monster had been inside the lab. Getting up into a sitting position Fang glanced around just to make sure the winged devil was not hiding somewhere in the room waiting to slaughter him, you never knew in the school.

"Does it hurt?" Nudge asked worriedly looking at his bruised ankle and bloody bandages around his arm. Fang shook his head which, of course, was a lie but there was no reason to get Nudge all anxious when he would heal in a day tops.

Jeb looked at Nudge as she walked over to his desk and realised she must be very worried about Fang since her sentence only contained 3 words and that was almost unheard of when it came to Nudge and her word spew.

Max sat back on her heels and looked around only now taking in Jeb's office since she hadn't earlier when a white coat had come to get them saying Fang was injured but nothing about the extent that would be too much like common curtsey for the white coats.

Like most of the offices in the school there was a single large glass windows properly infused with transparent wire so experiments could not jump through them and escape. A large, brown, oak wood desk with a swivel chair, that Nudge was currently spinning on, was placed in front of the window. The walls were white like everything else in the pallid school. There was one navy blue couch in the corner of the room. A book case took up the whole of one of the sides of the room. It was piled high with books on DNA altering and other sciency books one would expect from a scientist. Nineteen of the books were story books that were placed on the edge of the bottom shelf. Jeb would usually read them to the bird kids on stormy nights when the thunder kept them awake.

"Hhmn, I don't think that wound will get infected," Jeb said looking at Fangs shoulder, "but just to be safe you need to take this anti-biotic tablet." He continued offering the large round pill to Fang. Fang glared at it accusingly. Most tablets the bird kids were given at the school caused them to faint so they could be easily transport or made them throw up for some random experiment the white coats thought of.

"No," Fang snapped, "I'm fine." Jeb sighed it was always a mission to get Fang to swallow tablets, oh well; Jeb knew how to get Fang to take them without using force since he would lose to the genetically modified child.

"Fang the only other way is for me to inject you with them." Jeb said smirking knowing that the Bird kids hated injections with every fibre of their being.

Fang's face paled and a small squeak came from Max, she hated even hearing the word inject. Fang glanced up at Jeb with wide eyes before reluctantly taking the pills and swallowing them dry.

"Good boy." Jeb cooed, grinning when he looked at Fangs disgusted face.

"Do we have to go back now or can we stay here just for a bit longer?" Iggy asked looking at Jeb with innocent, blind eyes. He hated being in his cage. He was really smart and got bored out of his mind when he was stuck in the medium sized dog crate.

Jeb smiled sadly, "I'm sorry Kiddo, but you guys need to go back. If my subordinates know I'm getting attached to you they might reassign you to a new scientist."

"Nooo, I don't wanna go back," Nudge cried hearing the word cages, "I like it here and the cages are scary and small. If we go back, then they might take us to the bad Labs. Oh my gosh, what if they do want to take us thenwewillhavetodotheexercisesanditwillhuurt." Nudge whined speeding up at the end so the words blended together. (translation: then we will have to do the exercises and it will hurt)

"Don't worry Nudge I pulled some strings and you won't have to do anymore experiments for today."

Max flung her hands in the air and whooped for joy. Iggy punched the air grinning and Nudge clapped her hands together, even Fang grinned, A whole day of no more pain.

"Right let's take you back." Jeb said clapping his hands when the kids finished celebrating. Opening the door so the Bird kids could lead out and head to their cages, Jeb felt his phone vibrate with a message, they moving it to your Lab, it said causing Jeb to glance towards Fang. Jeb sighed as he followed the bird kids to their Lab.

A whip cracked and an Eraser snarled happily. The black she-wolf backed up into a corner. Her crystal blue eyes wide with terror as the newly trained Eraser advanced towards her.

"Now." a deep voice said from the observation deck.

Subject 7 yelped in pain and swung her head side to side snarling at the sudden agony. The Eraser stopped a little confused for he had not yet harmed the animal so why was it in pain? The wolf stopped moving and snapped open her eyes. Blazing golden orbs sent fear racing down the Eraser's body. The she-wolf snarled forebodingly before tensing her muscles and launching at the Eraser. The Eraser cracked the whip while dodging to the side to avoid being assaulted. The She-wolf darted to the back of the Eraser forcing her opponent to turn around she then leapt over the stunned lupine-human hybrid and launched at him before he could even turn around. Her powerful jaws crushed all seven bones in the Erasers neck at once. Blood spattered the floor and a horrible cracking noise echoed in the room.

The she-wolf stayed latched on to the Erasers neck even after his last breath was long gone. She unclamped her jaws from the back of his neck and growled like an unhinged animal. She took a step back and blinked in confusion. She stared at the dead Eraser with eyes full of dread. She yelped suddenly before she collapsed on the floor when pain vibrated in every cell of her body. Before she closed her eyes and fell into a familiar black abyss she heard the one word that filled her with resentment.


"See I told you, you cannot lick your elbow." Max laughed from her dog crate as Iggy frowned in defeat.

"You look so silly when you do that it's like you are trying to eat your arm." Giggled Nudge from the cage next to Max's.

"you really do look ridiculous, Iggy." Fang said his eyes twinkling in amusement.

"Ok you try it and see how far you get." Iggy grinned looking in Fang's general direction.

The four bird kids laughed until Iggy whipped his head up and cocked his head, "someone's coming."

They all turned to watch the door to see who the intruder was that Iggy heard. The metal door opened and a burly man dropped a dog crate on the opposite side of the room he looked at the bird kids a chuckled like someone had told him a funny joke, he then stretched and walked out the door locking it behind him.

"What was that about? It sounded like a cage. What's in the cage?" Iggy asked a few seconds after the man had left.

"Doggy!" Nudged squealed in delight.

"Yeah, Nudge is right it looks like a young dog." Max said peering into the cage.

Fang stared at the sleeping figure in the cage and his breath hitched in his throat. No, why that one? Why does it have to be that one of all the blood-thirsty experiments it has to be that one, Fang thought as the night black she-wolf began to stir.

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