a wolf for a friend

chapter 4

Max leaned against the doors of her confinements to get a better look at the black wolf. Iggy cocked his head listening intently to learn as much as he could about the new experiment. Fang glared at the blue eyed wolf with a deadly look he had already perfected at the age of three. Nudge bounced up and down excited to have a new friend in the gloomy school.

The wolf pup looked at each one of the bird kids pausing when she looked at Fang. She vaguely remembered his face but could not place it till she got the whiff of blood that came from his shoulder. Everything clicked in place that when she smelt the distinctive smell of his blood. He was the dark winged boy she had attacked a few hours ago and the blood she smelt was from the wound her ghastly teeth had sawed into his flesh.

"Hi, I'm Nudge and that's Max, Iggy and Fang. This really nice scientist looks after us his name is Jeb and I bet he'll look after you and we can all be friends. If you here does that mean you have wings? Oh, I bet you have really nice wings..." Nudge said introducing the flock and giving a summary of...well... everything.

The she-wolf shook her head at Nudges sudden trust when she didn't even know anything about her. The blue eyed hybrid snapped out of her thoughts when she realized the little girl was still speaking, "...gives us hot chocolate when we are scared, Jeb is really nice like that and when it's stormy he reads us stories. Do you like stories? So, what is your name? I bet its really pretty and..."

"oh, please Nudge stop you're making my ears bleed." Iggy moaned covering his ears to add emphasis. Nudge went silent and started pouting.

Max looked over to Nudge and then back to the wolf, "what is your name?" she asked not expecting a response since most animals didn't talk.

"Aquila." She whispered softly.

Fang regained his composure the fastest, "what are you, Aquila?" Fang asked with his arms crossed. He had noticed she had had gold eyes back in the lab but here they were crystal blue.

Aquila hesitated at first thinking carefully about her reply, "I'm a chimera. 2% bird, 1% snake, 3% human and 94% wolf."

"I thought there was more than just bird and wolf in your DNA." Jeb said walking slowly into the room and kneeling down just outside her crate, "The bird explains the wings.

The snake explains the teeth and golden eyes.

The human explains your ability to speak and understand our language.

And all of that power wrapped up inside the body of a two-year-old wolf, right?"

"Study my DNA all you want; I couldn't care less. Your people are all the same, take in an experiment kill those precious to them and then place them through the limits of their physical, mental and emotional strength." Aquila snarled gold flecks starting to cover the blue.

Jeb took a step back completely confused in the change in her attitude it was almost unnatural. So when they said she hates humans what they really meant she despises them with all of her genetically modified soul and body, good to know, Jeb thought as she shed her timid attitude like a snake with all the anger of a wolf.

Jeb smiled nervously at the others before leaving the room worried his presence might bring out the murderous side of her even more than it already had.

Fang watched as the wolf he first met started to emerge from the coy wolf. Iggy cocked his head hearing the feral growl coming from the opposite side of the room. "Hey, calm down." Max said lifting her hands in surrender very worried about the sudden mood swing.

"Please, stop, you're scaring me." Nudge said her eyes widening as the young wolf gnashed her teeth together as if challenging them to a fight to the death and from the noises Iggy was hearing she must likely be.

"Stop it, Aquila." Fang said rather calmly. He hated seeing Nudge scared. He saw her as his baby sister and would do anything to protect her. Aquila swung round and glared at the calm dark-haired five-year-old. She continued to stare at Fang, till her eyes returned to their normal ice-blue colour. She shook her head to clear it of her blood-thirsty thoughts before turning away from the confused bird kids and collapsing onto her side distraught she had let that side of her take over so easily.

Aquila let her eyes drift over the sleeping forms of the four bird kids. She started with Max. The young girl with brown hair a scruffy blue top and jeans slept soundly her body jumping each time the wind made the trees hit the side of the building. Max, Aquila decided, was one of the people she would need to watch out for. Max had the makings of a good leader but the wolf-pup was not ready to sit idly as someone else became strong and full of authority.

Aquila stopped her thought of being top female and moved her empty eyes to Nudge. The dark complexion of the girl made her look like a night fairy with her hair strewed out around as she constantly shifted to from side to side. The jeans and white top didn't really suit her but then again the white coats didn't care about fashionable cloths so long as the experiment could run. Aquila wished she could protect the two-year-old but was terrified she would lose control and kill her just like she did a year ago. Aquila pinned her ears back at her thoughts before moving over to Iggy.

The blind kid was sharp when it came to listening and it wouldn't surprise Aquila if his hearing was as good as hers if not better. She wondered what had happened to his eyes but if she asked she would trust him and trust led to friendship, friendship lead to bloodshed and bloodshed led to Aquila being transferred yet again. The strawberry blond twisted in his cage his green t-shirt being too large for him and acting as a blanket.

Fang. Aquila couldn't shake off the feeling of how similar he was to her. It was starting to irritate Aquila knowing she would let herself obey all his commands if he gave her any. Aquila repeatedly reminded herself she had changed she could not let anyone near her because if she did the white coats would do their thing and force her to kill him just like they had made her do in her past.

I wish I could let them in, Aquila thought.

Let them in, come on I dare you see how long they'll stay when they learn what you did.

I didn't mean to kill.

Maybe that is true, but you know a part of you loves the taste of blood.

I like the taste of blood!

Then why do you savour the copper flavour each time.

Because if I don't love something, my life will truly be worthless.

You're not worthless you are the ultimate weapon.

Please...someone just kill me take me away from this world.

Please, someone just come I want to kill and send you away from this world.

Aquila clamped her serrated teeth onto her front leg. She wanted that other voice to leave her head. It was always there whispering sweet nothings into her ear telling her to kill, when she didn't want to. It had come into her head after the first kill she made and she knew it was the wild part of her, the part she could not control and was the reason she had taken so many lives of both the innocent and the white coats. Aquila grimaced as the copper taste filled her mouth and the stunning red liquid flowed on to the floor of her cage. She wanted to take back all she had done in the past but knew it was a pointless attempted and she had to shoulder the burdens of all the lives she had taken.

Aquila let go of her leg and lapped up the blood. Why did I have to kill her? She had the answers for me and now she is gone, Aquila thought gloomily before curling up in her own blood and falling into a dreamless sleep. The only escape she had from
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