a wolf for a friend

chapter 5

Jeb walked into the bird kid's room at five in the morning to check on the new hybrid. He stealthily walked into to the room and was immediately hit with the distinctive smell of blood. He walked quickly over to the cages of the four children examining each one trying to find the source of the blood hoping, praying it was not one of the kids. He moved over to Aquila's cage to find the young wolf fast asleep with her leg mangled and blood still seeping out of the fresh gash.

Jeb sighed and went to the other side of the room to fetch the first aid kit. He then opened the door and nervously touched the sleeping wolf, she may still be a pup but she was a ticking time bomb and Jeb knew it. When she didn't wake up he made the assumption she had passed out from blood loss and pulled her out of her cage and rested her head on his leg so he could get a better view of the bleeding leg.

Aquila opened her eyes slowly. Her vision was very blurry so she took the time to let her eyes adjust and for her throbbing head to stop spinning. She looked up to see Jeb standing over her wrapping bandages around her leg. She stared at him with frightened eyes for a bit before letting her head flop back down into his lap succumbing to her pounding headache.

"What happened to you?" Jeb asked his eyes still trained on his hands that carefully wrapped a thick bandage around Aquila's slim leg.

"Am I obligated to answer?" Aquila asked weakly. She may be timid when she was in control of her emotions but she still had little respect for scientists after what they did to her sister. Aquila shook her head, don't think about that, she told herself.

"You are under my jurisdiction now so I need to know what is going on with you." Jeb replied in a firm tone of voice that woke up Max and Fang.

"whaz happen'in." Max slurred, rubbing sleep out of her eyes as she looked around the room.

Fang watched the black wolf carefully. He still couldn't bring himself to trust Aquila after the fact she had attacked him for no reason what so ever and tried to murder him.

"Aquila got hurt in the night and starting bleeding badly." Jeb said replied blandly while securing the bandage. Aquila twitched her ear as Iggy joined the land of the living.

"I may have missed the first part of the conversation but... how the hell do you hurt yourself in a cage?" Iggy shouted as he stretched his wings out behind him as far as they could go in a cage.

Aquila ignored the question and continued to moan inside her head at how much anguish she was in. Nudge sat up gingerly and looked around the room, "Morning, What's there for food." It was so predictable that that would be Nudges first sentence of the day.

"I'll go find something for you Nudge, kay?" Jeb said gently stroking Aquila's head in a gesture of comfort when she whimpered in pain.

Aquila was wondering how Nudge had not noticed the blood yet but then again from what she had picked up over the last 24 hours Nudge took a while to wake up properly.

Jeb felt his phone vibrate in his pocket which just so happened to be right under Aquila's ear. The timid wolf used her remaining strength to launch herself towards Fangs cage since it was the furthest away from Jeb, startled at the sudden sound waves that were entering her ear.

Aquila whimpered. She truly hated the vibration of mechanical devices. It was so similar to the vibrating she felt on her shoulder just before she lost control, although, she did not know how that was or how it was linked to her emotions or even how it got inside her body but it still freaked her out.

"Wow, first you somehow hurt yourself in a cage and then freak out when a phone vibrates near you. You may be even more paranoid than us" Iggy said hearing the sounds and piecing together a visual image inside his head.

Aquila braced herself against the side of Fang's cage when Jeb moved towards her in an attempted to put her back in a cage. Aquila snarled letting her reserve energy take over. Jeb ignored the warning and quickly picked her up and placed her back in her cage.

"I'll be back with breakfast." He waved heading outside and locking the door behind him. He took his phone out his pocket and read the message, another one has been found. Jeb paled at the message and sighed. He really hoped his hunch was wrong about what was going on.

Fang watched Aquila. He still did not trust her after she had attacked him. A loud growl echoed through the room. Iggy blushed, "Sorry guys I'm really hungry and my stomach wants to break the silence, apparently." He said while chuckling at Max's groan of annoyance.

"Hello Jeb." a tall man with a brown moustache walked up to Jeb who was busy preparing breakfast for the bird kids.

"Hello Lucas, how are you doing with the rat and cat mutation that you were given doing?" Jeb answered. Jeb was good friends with Lucas. The middle aged man handled all rodent based experiments on the west side of the school.

"Oh, didn't you hear? It died two days ago. It couldn't digest meat or grain so it starved to death."

"Poor thing." Jeb muttered.

"But enough about the failed experiments I get how's subject 7? Has she entered the exousia state yet?" Lucas asked leaning in and finishing his sentence in a whisper.

Jeb looked up from the frying pan he was using to cook eggs in, "Yes, in my opinion the microchip is losing its hold on her power. I think she is entering the state on her own will when she gets too stressed but the avian hybrids I have in my care seem to be noticing her change in attitude."

"Well the golden eyes are a true give away. Remember Jeb there is still much we don't know about the exousia state and why she can enter it so watch your back," Lucas said getting a serious look in his eyes, "I still think it is her who is behind the murders of those scientists and Erasers but sadly no one has seen the killer so we can't be certain."

"I know." Jeb said picking up the trays of food and heading back to the bird kids.

"Where's Jeb I'm starving?" Nudge said while neatening up her flight feathers just as Jeb walked into the room, skilfully holding five metal trays piled high with food. "Wow, nice timing, Jeb." Max said leaning on the bars of her cage staring at the food. He placed the trays on the floor and turned to open Max's cage then Nudge, Fang, Iggy and finally Aquila's.

The bird kids dove into their food which was an interesting combination of salad, beef, fruit and eggs. Aquila looked at her food and sniffed it cautiously checking hers had not been poisoned with some unknown toxin that would knock her unconscious and when she was revived she would be attacked by some weirdo scientist who wanted to test if she was alive or dead, it had happened to her before, so don't judge.

When Aquila decided the food was safe to eat she slowly started eating savouring each bite encase it was her last and it very well might be. Jeb studied Aquila with well-trained eyes. Aquila must be the one, Jeb thought, but how would she have pulled it off the murder.

Two hours after breakfast Jeb left the hybrids to move freely around the room since their experiments were only scheduled to start that afternoon. In the meantime, Jeb would head over to the next victims body to investigate. He really wanted to know if it was Aquila killing them off or some unknown creature that had snuck into the school.

Iggy and Max played with Nudge, who was shouting happily as Max and Iggy chased her around the room. Fang reluctantly moved towards Aquila. Jeb had asked him to check on her leg wound since he knew more about her "condition" and signs that she was about to attack.

Aquila snapped open her eyes when Fang was a meter away from her sleeping form, "Supposed to check on your wound." Fang explained shortly when Aquila shifted away from him with ice cold eyes glaring at him. She moved her injured leg a little towards him. Fang took that as permission to come closer and check on her leg. He slowly unwrapped the bandages and looked at the shredded flesh underneath them. "You bit yourself." He said more to himself than to Aquila when he recognised the teeth marks that had bumps on one side of the injury where her serrated teeth had ripped the tissue, it was the same injury that was still healing on his shoulder where she had bitten him.

"Why would you bite yourself?" Fang asked starting to re-bandage the leg.

"I do not see a reason for me to answer you." Aquila said sitting up but being careful not to put pressure on her wounded front leg.

Fang nodded, he would probably have said the same thing if someone had asked him.

"Why hasn't my wound healed yet?" Fang asked placing a hand over his shoulder. It should have healed a while ago since all the bird kids healed quickly.

"There is a poison in my saliva which slows down the cell's regeneration process. It is an ability from the snake part DNA of me." Aquila answered looking at the floor sadly she hated having poison and causing pain.

Fang shrugged sensing she wanted to be left alone he stood up and walked over to the others to join in the game of tag. Aquila watched them from the dark corner of the room. She let a little bit of her hidden power flow through her veins as a result her eyes turned a luminescent gold but she stayed in control of her body even after the familiar wave of bloodlust came crashing over her as it always did when she allowed the power to take over.

I hope the white coats are ready to lose another Eraser tonight. I wonder if anyone knows what is truly going on in this corrupted facility. Aquila returned to watching the bird kids as they played happily as the pain ebbed away. She stretched her stiff wings and yawned. Things were about to get very interesting very soon.

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