Unstable Twins (OHSHC)


These two mischievous twins have been through a lot growing up. Since childhood these two have been inseparable, the only time they agreed to be separated was during private matters. The Ishihara family is one of the richest Eurasian families there is. The Ishihara Family reside in the UK, but because of certain situations, they moved to Japan. The twins are now headed to Ouran High School. A school for the rich. They are astonished to see that it wasn’t the school they expected it to be.

Drama / Humor
Age Rating:

Starting Today, You Are A Host!

Taji’s POV

I woke up to a phone blaring in my ear. I gently shook Tayo. “Tayo...hey...wake up you mutt.” I mumbled. He groaned and threw his arm around me, pulling me into his chest. “Tayo...your phone.” I began whining. He sighed and grabbed it. “Hello? This is Tayo Ishihara speaking.” He answered. “Ah, right. Yes sir. We’ll get ready now.” He replied and hung up. I sat up, my night shirt slipping down my shoulder. “Who was it Tayo?” He frowned. “We have to go to school today. It was Father.” He mumbled. I huffed. “Fine, I guess we have too.” I said and stood up. We had our uniforms delivered through mail the other day, so they were in our closet. When I first heard about Ouran I thought the uniforms would be fancy and prestigious, but no. They had a damn banana dress for the girls. I instantly said that if I didn’t get a custom uniform, I would enroll in a different school.

So they gave me a boys uniform, but custom made so that I still look like a female. Once our uniforms were on, we headed to the school. Let me tell you....it was horrifying. ‘Who the hell paints a school pink?!? Freaking pink?!?’ I thought as the limo pulled up to the gates. I grabbed Tayo’s hand. “Tayo, I’m nervous. There’s too many students standing there.” I confessed. Tayo squeezed my hand. “You’ll be fine. Just put on your facade like always. I’m right here.” He assured me. Being famous had it’s perks, but not when your extremely beautiful/handsome and all the girls/boys want you to be their soulmate. “I hate being good-looking.” I hissed, making Tayo chuckle. “Let’s go.” He said as a body guard opened the door.


We scrambled into the Music Room 3 after being chased by thousands of boys and girls. “Tayo! This always happens!! I just want one day of school to be calm!” I cried. “Welcome!” Seven different voices said. Tayo and I deadpanned and turned around. “Wah! You’re a female?! Why are you wearing a boys uniform?!” The blonde one cried, examining me. “Anyway. Only those with excellent social standings, and those from filthy rich families are lucky enough to spend their time here at the elite private school, Ouran Academy.” He said, completely ignoring our glares. “The Ouran Host Club is where the school’s handsomest boys, with too much time on their hands, entertain ladies who also have way too much time on their hands.” He continued, Tayo and I getting frustrated. “Just think of it as Ouran Academy’s elegant playground for the super-rich and beautiful.” He finished. My hands were balled up into fists at this point.

“Taji calm down, they have done nothing wrong....yet.” Tayo soothed. I sighed and relaxed a bit. “I believe you two are new here, yes?” The glasses one said. I furrowed my brows. Tayo shrugged and placed his hands in his pockets. “Well that wasn’t very polite. Welcome to the Ouran Host Club new students.” I straightened my back, just as Tayo when he said that. ‘Word around here spreads fast.’ I thought as the blond one stood up in our faces. “What? You two must be the Ishihara twins!!” He chirped. Everyone froze. “Aren’t they the richest family from the UK?” The brown haired girl said. ‘I wonder why she’s wearing a boys uniform.’ I thought as the ginger-haired twins were discussing something. My eyes widened. I coughed, gaining everyone’s attention. “Sue me if I’m wrong, but are you by chance Haruhi Fujioka?” I asked the girl. She smiled. “Yeah that’s me. Why?” I sighed in relief.

“Thank god, I was hoping we’d find you.” I yawned. “Taji and I were friends with you remember? Back when your mom helped us? I’m Tayo by the way.” My twin explained. Haruhi grinned and nodded. “I remember! Man, you guys have grown!” We smiled slightly at her comment. “Wait, you knew them already Haru-chan?!” The little blond boy asked. Haruhi nodded. I scoffed. “Haruhi, I know you’re not girly and all, but why are you wearing a full out boys uniform? It’s not hard to see that you’re a girl.” I questioned. The boys froze again. “Taji, what time does school end?” Tayo asked, I shrugged. “Whenever father calls for us.” I replied. “You know the secret!” The twins called. One of the twins took hold of Tayo and the other one took hold of me. Instincts kicking in, I flipped the one holding me over my back. Tayo did the same. I ran up to him and gave him a hug.

“We’re okay, we’re fine. It’s not them. Just two first-year students.” He quickly reassured. I took a deep breath and let go. “Oh! Oh! Tayo-chan and Taji-chan should become Host Club members!” The little one cheered. Tayo and I gave a blank stare before answering in unison. “No.” The blonde one agreed and immediately began introductions. “My name is Tamaki Suoh! This is Kyoya Ootori! That’s Takashi Morinozuka! This here is Mitsukuni Haninozuka! And these twins are Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin!” He motioned. I sighed. There was no way out of this. My phone began ringing. I stood straight and answered. “This is Taji Ishihara speaking.” I greeted. “Taji darling, how are you! Are you at the Academy?” I frowned. ‘Grandmother.’ I cleared my throat. “Yes Grandmother. I am at Ouran Academy. It’d be nice if you wouldn’t call me during lessons.” I hissed.

She quickly apologized and said she called me because my aunt, Yuuko, had just arrived to Japan to come visit. “Yes. I understand. We’ll greet her afterwards. Talk soon.” I responded and hung up. “Aunt Yuuko arrived not long ago Tayo.” He grimaced but nodded. ‘Aunt Yuuko isn’t the nicest person on the planet. Once she beat Tayo and I because of a spelling error.’ I sighed. “If you don’t mind, we need to set up. The host club opens in a bit.” Kyoya said. I nodded and walked to the sofa, Tayo following.

Tayo’s POV

It had been about fifteen minutes since the Host Club “opened”. We just got our first request. Whatever that means. I woke Taji up to tell her that the guests were here, but she only mumbled. “Follow my lead okay?” I whispered as she nodded. “Wake up sis. If you don’t...I’ll have to punish you.” Her eyes widened. “No...you were too harsh last time...I promise I’ll be good Master.” She quickly made up. The girls and boys gushed and squealed. “Wonderful!!!” Tamaki yelled. He tried to give us a hug. “You dimwit.” Taji and I spat as we stood up. He instantly went depressed. “I’ve figured out the type they should be.” Kyoya said. Tamaki and the other hosts instantly perked up. “The Unstable Twins.” I growled, as did Taji. “We aren’t insane! Sure we’re bipolar at times, but we aren’t crazy!” Taji and I retaliated. Immediately afterwards I facepalmed. “This Host Club is rubbish!”

I seethed, my British accent coming out. “What type of crisp-headed fools are they!” Taji argued, her accent coming out as well. I shrugged and laid back down. “I’m going to sleep.” I told her. “Tayo....you know not to sleep without me!” My twin whined, acting again. “Then come and join me...we’ll sleep together and cuddle.” I said wrapping my arms around her. The boys and girls gushed and squealed again. I sighed. ‘It’s going to be a loooonng day.’ I thought as I went back to class, after the Host Club closed. “Taji, we’re screwed.” She hummed in agreement.

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