Friendship Never Dies

January 25, 2012

Vincent could barely breathe; the air was so thick with despair. He loved it. The little brats could still be heard even after they were long gone. He wanted to savor every scream and cry. Keep them in his mind so he always remember. But, keeping such things stuck in his mind was too much work. So, most of the time, he just threw everything away. For example: what the five kids looked like before he slaughtered them one by one. Gumi's dad had a hand in that one little brat that wanted to get into the very first pizzeria after hours. That's where Vincent got his inspiration. It started as a small little thought. But, as time went by, it grew into something much bigger.

He looked down at the hatchet he still held in his trembling hands and smiled. It was weird thinking that he was the one who did this; such a horrific act. But it felt so good to do it. If Minnie was there…if she were still alive…Vincent would have felt guilty. He would have felt something along those lines. But, the world took her away from him in the cruelest of ways; through him. He had cared for her. He had wanted her to grow up and live a good, normal life. She had wanted to be a doctor and a writer. And he took that away from her.

In a rage, he threw the hatchet at the nearest wall and watched as it hit. It reminded him of how Minnie had hit Josh. She had been so angry. But she somehow didn't show it in her expression. As she was hitting him, taking his life, she was smiling. Her stomach had been bleeding. Vincent soon realized that her stitches had come undone. He ran a hand through his wild brown hair and sighed angrily. Ever sense her death, he hasn't felt right. It's been a year. Shouldn't he have moved on by now? It was like she was haunting him. Wanting revenge for what he's done to her and Gumi. He pulled at his hair and growled viciously. If it wasn't for her…if she had kept her mouth shut…Minnie would still be alive.

"That bitch got what she deserved," Vincent said with a laugh as he pulled the hatchet out of the wall. There was a nice hole in the wall from where it stuck, making Vincent smile even more. "Just like these brats deserved what they got."

His smile quickly faded when he heard heavy metal footsteps approaching the storage room. There was nowhere to hide and no possible way to escape. He knew who was coming; the one who knew what he wanted to do long before he did it.

Fredrick practically tore the door off its hinges when he charged into the dark room. "Vincent, what have you done?!"

"I did what I had to do," Vincent replied with a nonchalant shrug. Fredrick snarled and grabbed him roughly by his shoulders. "What are you so mad about, old timer?"

"There are five dead children in my restaurant, Vincent! They were children!" Fredrick looked at the five children lying lifeless on the tiled floor. Vincent followed his gaze and smiled at his work.

"Then get rid of them, Fredrick. It's as simple as that."

Fredrick shook his head and growled. "It's not that simple. Do you know the extent of what you've done? If he finds out about what you've done…"

"If I find out about what," a gruff voice echoed throughout the room as if it was a cave. "What are you trying to hide, Fredrick?"

Fredrick snarled and turned to look at the maker of that chilling voice. Vincent could only stare at the figure before them. The golden bear stood straight and tall in the storage room doorway. His eyes were black like the night with while dots glowing like stars.

"N-nothing, sir," Fredrick bowed his head and refused to look up at the larger bear as he spoke. "I just found this man hiding out back here."

Golden Freddy chuckled darkly. "Do you really think I'm that dumb, Fredrick? I was able to smell the death from the security office."

"Oh, crap," Vincent mumbled and looked behind him at the children.

Goldie smiled evilly. "That's right, Vincent Myers, I know what you've done. And, apparently, so did the security guard."

The golden bear stepped aside, letting in the Marionette. The puppet was dragging a man behind him, who was bloody and unconscious. Jeremy looked like he had been run over by a train. Goldie was watching Vincent's reaction, smiling when he saw his shock and horror.

"This is what happens to people like you, Vincent. You will only get death out of what you've done." The Marionette dropped Jeremy uncaringly in front of the frozen man. Vincent knelt down before him, checking his pulse and sighing in relief when he felt his heart beating.

Vincent watched warily as Goldie entered the room and walked towards one of the empty Freddy Fazbear suits. "You're all talk. You wouldn't kill someone in a family restaurant."

"Oh, am I? I never knew that, Vincent. You know, considering I've done it before countless of times." Goldie sauntered over with a Freddy head in hand and stood over the two men like a mountain. "Do you honestly think I care about what kind of place this is? This is my domain, Myers. And you've stayed your welcome."

With great force, the bear slammed the animatronic head onto his unconscious friend. There was no scream; only the sickening crunch of crushing bone and tearing flesh. Goldie made eye contact with Vincent for the first time in the storage closet that night. It sent chills down the man's spine. Goldie growled and grabbed him by his throat. The large hand squeezed ever so slightly, making Vincent gag and struggle against it.

"You people are disgusting," Goldie snarled as he lifted Vincent off of the ground by his neck.

"Go…t-to Hell," Vincent coughed and stared straight into the demons eyes. Goldie smiled at this and squeezed harder.

"Where do you think you are, Vincent?"

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