Friendship Never Dies

March 2, 2012

A feminine groan resounded from the storage room of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Freddy smiled proudly at their work, giving the small girl some room to breathe. His twin shared a similar expression as the girl began to move. Goldie and Freddy watched as she began to sit up. Her movements were a bit jerky, but they would improve over time.

"This has to be our finest work yet," Freddy said with pride as the girl tried to stand. "An animatronic and human mushed together."

Goldie smirked and gave his twin a sideways glance. "This isn't the first one I've done. But, the idea of not fully putting her into a suit was genius, Freddy."

"Well, I didn't want to ruin such a beauty." They both chuckled and watched the girl move on shaky, unstable legs. Her legs were now covered with bits of animatronic parts; metal, faux fur, and wires. Her left arm was the same way, but was almost completely covered. One of her eyes had been replaced with the one of an old Freddy model.

She looked up at the two leering animatronics and shrank back under their stares. "W-what did you d-do to m-m-me?"

"We helped you," Goldie gently grabbed her by the shoulder to steady her. "You were pretty banged up from your encounter with Foxy."

"Where's M-M-Mike?" She looked around for the security guard in a panic. Freddy walked over to a slumped over figure and motioned for her to follow.

There, lying in a heap of clothes and flesh, was Mike. The girl reached out for him, but stopped when she felt a heavy paw grab her shoulder. She looked up warily at Goldie, who smiled darkly at the man at her feet.

"We haven't had time to fix him up yet. But, if you would like to help us you could." Freddy considered what his twin had just said and nodded his head. It would only be fair if she helped with her friend's reconstruction.

"Would you like to tell us your name," Goldie asked as she moved aside for Freddy, who was carrying her unconscious friend. "We never really caught it when you came in to help Mike here."

The girl looked up at him, her new eye gleaming in the dark. "It's Minnie."

"Minnie, huh," Freddy asked while he situated Mike on the table. "I've never heard that name before."

Minnie smiled faintly. "It's a strange name, I know."

"I think it suits you, actually. Considering how small you are. How old are you, Minnie?" Goldie followed her lead to the table and stood beside his twin. They both looked at her expectantly, smirking at her uneasiness.

"I'm fifteen…are you guys going to rape me or something?" Minnie looked between the two bears suspiciously and frowned at their smiles.

"Well," Goldie said, "sense you asked…"

Freddy elbowed his twin, making Minnie giggle. "We are not going to do such a thing to her."

"I was just joking, grumpy. I like messing with the newbies every once and awhile." Goldie winked at the small girl, causing her to blush. "After all, she has to get used to my sense of humor sooner or later."

"I would rather it be later," Freddy grumbled. "Remember what happened with Springtrap?"

Goldie lowered his ears and chuckled nervously. "Y-yeah, Springy wasn't very happy with that one."

"Wait," Minnie interrupted, "What do you guys mean by newbie?"

Freddy smiled softly at her. "You're a new part of our family. We thought after what we've done to you and your friend, it was the least we could do."

"Foxy seemed to have welcomed you a bit pre-maturely," Goldie muttered. "But, it doesn't really matter. The others are going to be thrilled with this."

Minnie looked down at Mike and smiled. "It'll be nice to have a family again."

"What do you mean by that?" Goldie frowned and eyed the girl. Minnie shivered uncomfortably under his intense stare, shrinking back to try and avoid it.

"I," Minnie looked back down at Mike as if he would answer for her, "lost my family not too long ago."

Freddy stopped rummaging through the spare parts and stared at her in surprise. "Do you mean they're dead?"

Minnie nodded and closed her eyes. Tears began to fall slowly down her cheeks, making small trails like rivers. She hasn't thought of her family's demise for a long time. She wanted to forget all about it; just like she wanted to forget about a lot of things. But, it seems you can't forget about such things.

"How did it happen?" Freddy glared at his twin angrily at his question. Goldie ignored him, waiting for the small girl to answer.

Minnie hesitated. "My mom was…was a bought prostitute for this man my dad sold drugs to. The man came almost every day to see my mom. It was truly the most disgusting thing I've seen.

"But, one day, the man didn't pay my mom for her 'services'. My dad was furious with this and went after the man. He never came back…." Minnie stopped and stared down at the floor to conceal her emotions. Goldie waited patiently for her to continue, watching how she spoke carefully.

"The man came back for my mom after he…after he was done with my dad. He killed her too to keep her quiet. I was able to get away just in time. I ran to Mike's house and told him about what happened. He called the cops, they caught the guy, and I was left with Mike." Minnie swallowed the lump in her throat and refused to look up at the two bears. Freddy and Goldie exchanged glances. They've never seen a human in so much emotional pain before. It disturbed them.

"Well," Goldie cleared his throat uncomfortably, "I'm sorry for your loss, Minnie. But, at least you'll still have Mike with you."

"As soon as we can find the right spare parts for him," Freddy grumbled as he rummaged through the spare parts. "It's not as easy as fixing an oven."

Goldie rolled his eyes and looked back over at the other bear. "Only you would know that, Freddy."

"Hey," Freddy turned around from the box he was rummaging through to glare at his counterpart, "Chica didn't know how to fix it."

"How does she not know how to fix it? She's the one that makes all the pizzas!" Goldie threw his hands up in exasperation. Minnie watched the two in amusement, loving the sibling tension between the two of them.

"That's one thing that I didn't teach her, Goldie."

Minnie smiled and decided to ask the question she always asks siblings. "Which one of you is older? I mean, between time periods."

"I am," Goldie sighed with a roll of his eyes. "I was 'born' two hours before grumpy here."

"Oh, I'm the grumpy one am I?" Freddy pulled out an old animatronic foot and placed it on the table next to Mike. Goldie smiled mischievously and picked up the foot, never looking away from his brother. He threw the foot, laughing when it hit Freddy's head with a thud.

Freddy turned and growled dangerously at his golden twin. "How old are you, Goldie?"

"Older than you," Goldie retorted. "Don't you have spare parts to rummage through?"

Minnie laughed softly, but stopped when Goldie turned his attention back to her. "You don't have to be afraid of us, Minnie."

"Really," Minnie looked down at herself, "because this is what happened when I wasn't."

Goldie rubbed the back of his head uncomfortably. "It's a game we like to play. It's truly the player's feelings, not ours. Foxy…he gets carried away sometimes."

"Sometimes," Minnie asked incredulously. "What about last night? I heard he didn't come out of Pirates Cove until the third night."

"Foxy comes out when he pleases. What you heard was probably from some idiot who's never worked here before." Freddy examined a few wires and placed them on the table alongside all the other parts they were going to use. Minnie gave him a sharp glare.

"Well," Goldie watched his twin pick out some more wires with creased brows, "Foxy doesn't come out every nightshift."

"He sounds like a very interesting character," Minnie grumbled under her breath. "Why did he attack us like that, though?"

Freddy looked at all the spare parts he has collected and considered her question. "He probably didn't mean too. But, did any of you have a weapon with you?"

"Oh," Minnie bit her finger, "I had a gun with me. But I wasn't going to use it here."

"What were you going to use it for?" Goldie took a step towards her, making her back up with her hands raised.

"It's for my own safety. The guy that killed my parents was escaped from jail a couple of days ago. I didn't know if he was going to find me or if he already had and was just waiting to strike."

Freddy rolled his eyes and began to arrange all the parts. "Humans don't seem to know how to keep prisoners in line, do they?"

"No, I don't think they do," Goldie agreed. "We understand why you would want to protect yourself. But, did you really have to bring it here?"

"Why wouldn't I?" Minnie moved closer to the table, watching as Freddy began. "I have to have it with me at all times."

"Well," Freddy began with a grunt as he placed the foot forcefully onto Mike, "considering you were with murderous robotic animals for the night, I don't think you really needed it."

"Fair enough," Minnie said with a shrug. "Is there anything I can help with?"

Goldie handed her the wires and smiled. "Could you put these in his arm?"

"How am I going to do that?" Minnie was handed a small knife. She gulped and looked down at Mike. She couldn't wait until he woke up.

Mike awoke with a soft groan, sitting up and rubbing his head to ease the migraine he had. Minnie hovered over him, smiling with gleaming eyes that were filled with tears. He smiled back and tried to sit up. Pain flared up his spine and he stopped all movement. Looking down at himself, he nearly screamed. His legs were completely covered with animatronic parts, both of his arms were wrapped with wires which ended at his shoulder blades. He noticed that his eye was a little fuzzy too, but couldn't pinpoint why.

Minnie hugged him tightly. "I didn't think you were going to wake up."

"Where are we?" Mike looked around as he held Minnie in his arms. The room was littered with spare parts and animatronic heads.

"Welcome to our new home, Mike."

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