Friendship Never Dies

June 18, 2011

"You better not kill me." Minnie seethed as she furiously pressed buttons on her controller. Vincent gave an evil cackle as he worked effortlessly to dominate over Minnie's chosen character.

The day was dreadfully hot and muggy; too much so for Vincent. He preferred cooler weather and nice clear skies. Rain pounded on the windows of Minnie's home furiously. It was as if the rain was trying to break into the house.

"Would you just look at Vincent's character? He's just too damn hot for words." Gumi looked at her nails in slight disgust. Some of them were chipped from her latest activities and the pink nail polish was slowly peeling off.

Minnie snorted and looked down at her for a split second. Vincent glanced at them both with wary eyes. He could almost feel Minnie's anger as she leaned against him on the small couch they sat on. Gumi was with an older man in another run down motel when Vincent and Minnie found her. Though Minnie was her normal sweet and considerate self, Vincent noticed that her patience with Gumi was running dangerously thin. After everything was said and done, he took the two girls to Minnie's house so they could relax. They all just needed to relax.

"Shao Kahn's an a-hole," Minnie growled through clenched teeth. "But I guess what you say is true."

Vincent smiled as he won the second round. "You're just mad because you suck at Mortal Kombat."

"Dammit! I hate you so much."

These moments always filled Vincent with joy. He kept them in a special place in his heart and remembered every little detail. Whenever he ventured into a dark, unholy place he escaped through his memories; all the joy and the stars. Minnie loved looking up at the sky as the stars blinked down on the mortals below. She referred to them as gods. They lived in a world full of nothing but all the wonderful things in the universe. These ever so brilliant gods were Minnie's solace when times were hard. She would sneak out of her house and escape through the woods to a small creek. There was where she could watch the stars and dream without being disturbed by the darkness that lingered in her home. And that darkness was there above them; taunting them with its sinister laugh and deep voice.

Vincent put down his controller and reached into his pocket for a cigarette. He needed to drown in the deadly vapor as the noises from above became too overcoming. As it grew louder, Minnie shrank further into herself. He lit the cigarette with a match before wrapping an arm around her quaking form. She closed her eyes and began to count from one to ten in a wispy whisper. Gumi watched with a solemn expression. She knew part of this was her fault. Her friend was becoming a frail fragment of her former self in mere seconds. Vincent combed his hand through her soft brown hair.

"Minnie? Look at me, Minnie." Minnie looked up slowly. Vincent gave her a small, reassuring smile as the house grew silent. Gumi sighed and looked back at the television screen. Shao Kahn still stood in his victory pose with gleaming eyes of pure evil.

"You killed me again."

Vincent laughed and put the cigarette between his teeth. Minnie gave him a disapproving look. She hated it when he smoked. She'd been trying to get him to stop ever sense they've met. He could remember their first conversation on the dangers of smoking.

The day they met, Minnie was on a business run with her dad. That business was a risky drug run that could've ended tragically if her dad messed up an order. Vincent was the last customer on their list of local druggies. The drugs weren't for him, though. They were for his roommate who was dead broke and needed him to buy his drugs for him. On that day, Minnie had crinkled her nose at the smell of smoke in the apartment. That's when she gave him his first lesson on keeping his lungs from shriveling up and dying. It makes him laugh whenever he thinks about it.

Minnie just shakes her head at him. "When you end up buried with no lungs just remember I tried to stop you."

Vincent was about to say something in turn if it wasn't for the sound of heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. The darkness was about to show its ugly face. The minute they spotted the ugly face of that scraggly business man the light inside the room seemed to vanish. Vincent blew out a puff of smoke as if he were a dragon and snarled in his direction.

"Scumbag," Minnie yelled as the man exited the home without a word. "I can't believe her. I just can't believe her!"

Vincent shook his head angrily. "Does your dad know about this?"

"Of course he does. But he doesn't care as long as that bastard is paying her for her 'services'."

"So, did this all start out as an affair or something?" Gumi asked with a bit of apprehension. With herself on a thin line, she didn't want to make it any thinner by asking such a question.

Minnie gritted her teeth. "Yeah, awhile back. My dad found out about it last year."

"And he did nothing about it," Vincent said in disgust.

"Well, he bargained with the guy. The bargain was that disgusting weasel can use my mom whenever he feels like it as long as he pays at least $150 an hour."

"At least $150 an hour," Gumi asked with wide eyes.

"The price goes up when my dad says it goes up. Right now the price is $200 for three hours."

Vincent took a long drawl from his cigarette and contemplated on whether or not he should punch her dad in the face when he returns from his errands for being such a dick.

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