Friendship Never Dies

June 21, 2011

Minnie filled in the picture before her with as many bright colors as she could. Gumi sat beside her with a wide grin spread across her bruised face. She had drawn a picture of a beautiful forest beneath the night sky just for Minnie to color. The picture turned into something magical as her friend filled in the blank spaces with all her own magic. It was as if Minnie was God. Creating a world with so much beauty it hurt to imagine it wasn't real. Gumi cringed as a wave of pain erupted from her ribs and spread down her spine. Her previous lover had been unnecessarily rough on her already sore body. Minnie looked at her with her sweet chocolate eyes and gave a small smile.

Gumi looked down at the picture so she wouldn't have to see the pity in her friend's eyes. The trees were all dressed in erotic colors just like the sky. But, the stars stayed their usual shade. Of course Minnie would do that. Gumi sometimes envied her. She was so pure and untouched by the spoils of the world beyond that picture. It hurt to feel that way towards her, but she couldn't help it. Minnie was like a flower. No, she was a star waiting for the day she could go back up to the sky.

"Where did you learn to draw like that?" Gumi looked over at Mrs. O'Lil and smiled faintly. Minnie's mom was currently putting a tray of cake batter in the oven and looking over at the two girls.

Gumi shifted uncomfortably in her seat. "I…uh…my dad taught me."

"Your dad must be very artistic?"

Gumi swallowed and tightly closed her eyes as another wave of pain hit. Minnie stopped coloring and looked over at her worriedly. But it was plainly seen that Gumi didn't want her pity. So, without saying anything, Minnie looked back down at the picture and concentrated on finishing her coloring.

"I know how you feel, Gumi," Mrs. O'Lil sighed. "It'll hurt for a couple of days."

Gumi felt tears forming in her tired eyes. "I'm sorry for coming here like this, Mrs. O'Lil."

Her dad would have punished her and caused her more pain than she needed if she went home. So, she went to the only place she knew she would be safe until she was confident enough to return home. But with how her father has been acting lately, she didn't know if she would ever feel entirely safe in her own home. He's been drinking more than usual as of late, and has become extremely violent towards Gumi. The drawing lessons he gave her weren't free either. She had to do things she never thought she would have to do with her own flesh and blood. The mere thought of it made her skin crawl in disgust.

Minnie slammed down one of her pastels in triumph. "I have finished!"

Mrs. O'Lil hurried over, wiping her hands on her pants as she walked. Gumi looked at the picture and couldn't help but smile despite the pain. The trees looked like they were pulled out of Alice in Wonderland with their leaves striped or spotted and the trunks decorated with different colors. The ground swirled and looked as if you could walk on it. And the sky…the sky was what lured Gumi in. Minnie had colored the sky a dark purple and the stars a mixture of gold and white. It brought tears to Gumi's eyes. To think that Minnie could create such a world by filling in Gumi's drawing filled her with joy.

"This is so beautiful, Minnie." Mrs. O'Lil wrapped an arm around her daughter's shoulders and squeezed tightly. Minnie smiled happily and snuggled closer to her mother.

Gumi's heart ached at the sight in front of her. She didn't have a mom to run to for help or comfort. Her mom left when she was very young. The only memory she has of her was her sweet voice as she sang to her. If her mom was still with her, what would she think? How would she feel about her daughters actions?

She grabbed the picture and held it close to her chest. "You're amazing, Minnie. You know that?"

"Of course I do," Minnie said with a wink. "I'm here to make everyone smile."

Gumi laughed and nodded. Minnie was here to make everyone smile. That was her best quality. And, yes, people loved her innocence. But Gumi hated it. Her friend's sweetness and happiness haunted her because she knew she would never be like that again. Not after what her father did to her all those years ago. She didn't wish for anything such as that to happen to her sweet little dearest. Gumi just wanted Minnie's purity to disappear.

"After the cake is done baking, I was wondering if you two would like to go out."

Minnie looked over at Gumi and smiled. "What do you feel like doing?"

"That depends," Gumi yawned. "Where would we go in this unbearable heat?"

Mrs. O'Lil gave a cheeky smile and leaned against a kitchen counter. "Would you two like to go to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria for lunch?"

Minnie nodded eagerly and stood. Gumi lingered in her chair with great uncertainty. Her father was the manager of said pizzeria, and if he saw her she would be in deep shit. But, maybe if she stayed near Minnie and her mom she would be fine. She just needed to stay out of his way.

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