Friendship Never Dies

June 26, 2011

She felt like she was run over by a truck. Every part of her body ached and burned with astonishing fervor. Minnie lost track of time when she last heard Fredrick's voice. Now, as she laid still in the darkness, she just waited for the moment when she could move again. She wasn't numb like she was before, so she could feel bed sheets beneath her fingertips. But she knew it wasn't her bed she was lying in. Why would it be? She was stabbed after all.

"Listen to her cry!" That voice was new. She hasn't heard that one among all the other ones. That didn't mean she didn't know it.

"It's intoxicating, yet so pathetic." Her father liked to bother her whenever she was relaxed. That's just how he's always been.

"Hit her again. See how she cries out for her mommy."

Gaby was a special one.

Indeed she was. She was her dad's favorite pet when her mom was out of the picture. Minnie learned that her mother was like Gaby before she got pregnant. You can imagine how that settled between the playboy and the street girl. She was a mistake; something that was never supposed to happen. Just like Vincent. His parents didn't intend to have a child together either. The only difference was that Vincent's parents were still in high school. His mom wanted to be a radiologist once she finished school and get married to the perfect man. And that man wasn't Vincent's father. They just got drunk one night, got frisky, and then came Vincent.

It's hard being a mistake. It's especially hard when none of your parents want you. There are some lucky children out there who were mistakes and have loving parents. Minnie and Vincent were just one of those unfortunate kids out there who were left with nothing. But, fortunately, Minnie was taken away from her father and given to her new parents. She was adopted after three months of being fostered by them.

"I'm so sorry, Min. I didn't want any of this to happen." Why did Gumi sound so sad? Minnie was just helping her friend out of a tough situation. There was nothing for her to apologize for.

She felt a hand gently grasp onto her own. It was soft and warm. Gumi always put lotion on in the mornings to keep her skin nice and soft; for the men mostly. Something pressed carefully on her stomach. The pain that flared she ignored. Just for the sake of the moment. She'll just have to tell Gumi about it later.

"You'll have a scar. But, it will always be reminder of what you did." It will also remind her of what she has to do to Josh when she gets out of the hospital. Gumi wasn't safe if he wasn't in jail.

Minnie felt a pang in her chest when she realized the extent of the situation. She was able to beat the living hell out of that guy and give him a subtle warning within her final words to him. Would he listen though? Would he stay away from Gumi? It wasn't likely. And that was what scared Minnie the most. With her in the hospital, Vincent was the only one that could protect their fragile friend. Even though he was tough, he was still one man. If Josh was adamant about getting to Gumi again, he would most likely do anything to get to her. Even kill if he had to. Minnie knew that first hand.

"Do really think you'll be able to protect her?" She felt her body tense when she heard that rough voice speak.

When Gumi left to get Vincent like she was told to, Minnie stayed behind to watch the broken man at her feet. But he wasn't so broken after all, huh? He had grabbed her by her ankle and pulled her down onto her back. The air had been knocked out of her, making her vulnerable. That's what he wanted it seemed. He placed a foot on her stab wound and pressed with unbearable force. Minnie had refused to scream. She didn't want to give a man such as him the satisfaction. This made him laugh.

"You're weak," he had growled. "Do you really think you'll be able to protect her?"

That's when he began to stab her again and again and again with that small pocketknife of his. Of course Minnie fought with all the strength she had left. But the pain became too hard to handle. And that is when she screamed.

That was such a shame. You shouldn't have given into him.

"I pray for you every night. But I doubt God hears a single thing I say. Why would he?" Minnie wanted more than anything to be able to speak. To tell her broken friend that God heard every word she whispered to Him in the dark.

Sadly, that's not how this works.

Gumi stared at the wall bleakly as her father rubbed her shoulders. Even at seventeen, she still couldn't understand why the world was so cruel to the sweetest people like Minnie. It has been five days after the incident. Minnie was still unconscious at the ER with tubes snaking out of her arms and a mask over her nose to keep her breathing. When Gumi held her hand the last time she visited, her hand was so cold.

Josh smiled at her cruelly from where he sat on a worn armchair. Thanks to her father, he had gotten away. He had told Fredrick and Vincent that he was going to call the cops while they got the ambulance, but he didn't. Instead, he took Josh home with them. As it turns out, Josh is one of her fathers most trusted friends.

She covered her chest with her arms and crossed her legs in an attempt to hide herself. "Why are you acting so shy today, beautiful?"

"You almost killed her," Gumi whispered.

"She won't last long," her father sighed. "It's only a matter of time before she just stops breathing."

She whimpered when he dug hard into her bare shoulders. Gumi wanted Minnie. She wanted to hug her, stroke her soft brown hair, and see her light brown eyes sparkle as she looked up at the stars. Thinking of her actually dying was the most awful feeling she's ever experienced. She flinched when Josh ran a hand up her leg and stopped at her hip. She needed Minnie. So did Vincent and Fredrick. Minnie had to live. She had no choice in the matter. And Gumi had no choice but to sit and be obedient for the two men.

"I don't know why you're so upset. She's a fucking lunatic." Josh ran a hand down her stomach, enjoying how she trembled in fear.

Gumi could just imagine what Minnie would say to that. "And this fucking lunatic is going to crack your head open."

"It doesn't matter. That crazy bitch will die soon." Gumi forced down the vomit that threatened to come out when her father grabbed her arms. She wanted to struggle. She just couldn't muster the will to do it.

"Scumbag," Minnie would yell. Minnie would do anything to protect her. She knew that.

Vincent stroked Minnie's hair tenderly. It was hard to see her in such a state of fragility. Fredrick and his gang looked at her sadly through his phone screen. He knew they wanted to be there with her, but it wasn't possible.

"Is she going to be okay?" BB looked up at Fredrick worriedly. The animatronic bear took his eyes off of the frail girl and looked down at the small robotic boy.

"You have to think positively. Minnie will pull through."

"It's been five days," Chica sniffled. "She isn't even able to breathe on her own!"

Bon hugged his companion tightly. "I agree with Fredrick. She'll wake up soon and be back to normal in no time."

Vincent rubbed his eyes in irritation. It has been five long, excruciating days. He didn't even know how Gumi was doing. He hasn't heard from her ever sense what happened at the pizzeria. It was causing him great amounts of stress. Minnie's struggled breaths haunted him in his dreams. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw her lying on the floor. Bleeding and helpless with that man on top of her. He wanted very much to kill that man. And he almost did if it wasn't for Fredrick being there to stop him.

"She's going to make it," Vincent reassured. "She has to."

Minnie struggled for breath. The sound of yelling and panic filled the growing darkness as she forced more air into her lungs. Every breath caused more pain. And the more pain there was, the more she didn't want to breathe. She could feel someone pumping her chest as she continued to lay there. Was she going to die? No, she wouldn't let that happen. So she kept breathing. Kept listening to the yells so she could focus on something other than the pain.

"What's happening to her?!" BB sounded so distraught. She wanted to see them so badly. But as the pain grew, she ignored her wishes and kept struggling for breath.

"I can't watch this anymore!"

"Bon, take Chica back to the stage. BB, you go with them."

"B-but…is…is she going to d-die?"

"Vincent won't let that happen. Now go with Bon and Chica."

Minnie needed to move. She felt her limbs ache as she tried to move them. Her muscles burned in protest, but she didn't listen. And, with great effort, she was able to open her eyes. Her surroundings were fuzzy, but she could see Vincent hovering over her with his hands still pressed against her chest. Minnie breathed in slowly and blinked so she could see more clearly. Vincent sighed in relief and kissed the top of her forehead. A nurse and a doctor rushed in, not even bothering to close the door. Vincent moved out of the way, grabbing his phone in the process.

"I want you to take a deep breath." The doctor kneeled down and placed his stethoscope between her breasts so he could listen to her lungs. She did as he told; taking a long, slow breath.

"You're doing great," the male doctor praised. "Jackie, can you grab me my flashlight?"

The nurse handed the doctor the flashlight while keeping her eyes trained on Minnie. "It's truly a miracle. We didn't expect you to wake up."

"Jackie's right," the doctor said as he flashed the light in Minnie's eyes. "You were stabbed pretty violently. The blade missed your vital organs thankfully. But, you did lose a lot of blood."

Vincent moved to the other side of her with a smile. "She's a fighter."

"Damn right," Fredrick chuckled through the phone. "You almost gave me a heart attack, sweet pea."

"Is that another friend of yours?" The doctor checked her oxygen levels and smiled down at the blushing girl.

"That was her boyfriend," Vincent said with a mischievous smile.

Fredrick growled lowly through the speaker, making Vincent laugh. Minnie closed her eyes contently. If only Gumi was there with them….

Her eyes shot open and her heart began to race. Where was she? Was she with her father? The thought made her heart pound. She just knew something was wrong.

You don't even know, Min.

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