Friendship Never Dies

July 6, 2011

"I look like a mummy and I still have tubes taped to my arms like tentacles. So if that doctor finds that attractive than he is one messed up person and a pedophile." Minnie rested her head on her arm as she talked to Vincent and the Fazbear crew.

Fredrick smiled and winked at her. "I wouldn't blame the doctor if he has an attraction for you."

"Well, this is taking a very sexual turn." Bon crossed his arms and shook his head in amusement. Chica punched him in the arm at his statement, making everyone laugh as he rubbed his arm with a smile.

"This is going nowhere," Minnie insisted with a cheeky smile. "But, that depends on all of you."

Vincent laughed and rubbed his forehead. "I would rather have this conversation stay inside the safe zone."

"What's the safe zone?" Chica crossed her arms and looked over at Fredrick for the answer. Fredrick shrugged loosely and adjusted his bow tie.

"The safe zone is where everything innocent resides," Minnie explained with one of her innocent smiles for emphasis.

Minnie felt intense pain flare in her stomach. She whimpered and curled in on herself to try and relieve it. Vincent reached over and stroked her hair comfortingly while he held his phone in his other hand. The Fazbear crew looked on sadly as their friend convulsed in agony. It's been ten days. She was able to breathe on her own, move, and talk. But, she wasn't able to be rid of the pain. Both the emotional and physical pain was almost too much to bear. Gumi didn't answer any of Vincent's calls or text messages over the past ten days. It was starting to tear Minnie slowly apart.

She didn't understand why Gumi wouldn't want to talk or see either of them after all they've done for her. Vincent could see the light in Minnie's eyes slowly dissipate with each passing day. He didn't want to see it extinguish. He tried his best to reassure her that Gumi would come around and talk to them again. But each time he did, Minnie would turn away. It angered him that Gumi was doing this. Minnie almost died for her and she didn't even have the decency to show gratitude.

"I'm okay guys," Minnie tried to reassure everyone. "I just need to relax."

Fredrick looked everything but convinced. "Minnie, you're not okay. May I remind you that you were stabbed?"

"I know, Fredrick. But…I just try to forget about it." Vincent and the Fazbear crew looked at her in confusion. "I don't like to think about what happened. So, I try to forget everything."

"Minnie," Chica sighed. "I love you to death. But what you're saying is impossible."

"I have to agree with Chica," Bon stated with a small shake of his head. "You can't just forget about what happened."

Minnie looked down sadly. "I almost died. That's not something I want to remember."

"Minnie, listen to what I'm about to say. You protected Gumi, you got stabbed, and you almost died. Those are the things you need to remember. Now, when you get out of the hospital I want you to come straight to the pizzeria so I can hug the hell out of you. Do you understand?" Minnie smiled and nodded at Fredrick through the small phone screen.

"It's almost time for the show to start, Fredrick." Chica regretfully noted the Fazbear crew as she checked the time on a nearby clock. Fredrick sighed loudly and nodded for the others to go to the stage.

"We'll see you later, sweet pea." And with that, the animatronics left to perform for all the children in the pizzeria.

Minnie rubbed her eyes tiredly and turned her attention back to Vincent. "How's my mom doing?"

"She's alright," Vincent said as he rubbed the back of his head. "That scum has been visiting her more often though."

"Of course he would. My mom is nothing but a play thing for him to enjoy. I would really like to know what he does to her other than having sex."

"Why would you want to know that?" Vincent put his phone in his back pocket, disliking its warmth. Minnie looked over at him with an evil smile spread across her pale face.

"So I have an even better excuse to kill him."

Vincent was about to reply when the door to her room opened with a loud screech. The person that walked in was dressed in black from the toe to the top. A hood covered the intruders face, making it hard for them to see who it was. But when he pulled the hood back….

"Mike the druggie," Minnie exclaimed with a throw of her tube covered arms. Mike smiled at her and gave a nod at Vincent.

"I'm no longer doing drugs, Min. Vincent made sure of that." Minnie smiled warmly at him and beckoned him to join them.

Vincent eyed their newest companion with a disapproving look in his brown eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"A roommate can't be worried about his companion? I came to check on you, you ungrateful dick. You've been here sense I left for work last night."

"Well, unlike you, I have friends I need to look after." Vincent sent his roommate a scowl as he spoke. There was venom in every word he spoke, making Mike frown.

"And I don't," Mike asked sourly.

"Guys," Minnie looked between the two men in amusement.

"All of your so called friends are drug abusers or suicidal maniacs. I'm surprised you haven't gotten shot by one of them."

Minnie sighed dramatically and shook her head. "Can you guys chill?"

Mike growled and balled his hands into fists by his sides. "Look where Minnie is now. She was almost killed trying to protect one of your friends."

"Shut your mouth," Vincent seethed.

"Where is this friend anyhow? Out there looking for another man to screw?"

Minnie covered her ears and closed her eyes tightly. "Please…please stop."

"Like you know what she's doing." Vincent stood from his chair threateningly and glared at Mike. Mike returned the stare without flinching.

Minnie couldn't take it anymore. "You guys are acting like children! Who cares what type of friends you have? As long as they make you happy it doesn't matter."

"I'm sorry," Mike said softly. "I probably shouldn't have said those things about your friend."

"Probably," Vincent asked with squinted eyes.

Minnie giggled and looked at the two fuming men. "You guys are like brothers. Which one of you is older?"

"Well, I'm twenty and Vincent's twenty-one. So, he beats me by one year."

Vincent grinned mischievously at his roommate. "That means I can beat your ass twice as hard."

"How's work going for you, Mikey?"

Mike crossed his arms and looked down at the floor. "Other than almost getting murdered by killer robots every night it's going good."

"I'm surprised you've made it this far. You're going on your third week this week right?" Vincent smirked at how uncomfortable Mike looked.

"Yeah," Mike grumbled. "Those animatronics aren't letting up anytime soon."

"You work at the older location, right?" Minnie toyed with a piece of her short hair in boredom. Vincent smiled at her before looking back at Mike.

"Indeed I do," Mike said with a slight flinch. "But, I'm hoping I'll be able to survive until I find a new job."

Gumi looked up at the ceiling, awaiting her fate. The three men eyed her like a piece of meat; they were the hungry wolves and she was the elk. Josh ran a hand down her bare stomach, making her shiver uncomfortably. Her dad chuckled and stroked her tear stained cheek.

"I'm sure our new guest would like to have you all to himself?" Her father looked over at the third member with a sneer. The man stepped forward, revealing a slim figure and messy black hair. Josh stepped aside to let him near her quivering form.

"She's squirmy," he stated with a dark laugh. "I bet she's even better screaming."

Her father smiled at his statement. "She is indeed, Jeremy. Would you like to have something to drink before we get started?"

Jeremy FitzGerald looked down at Gumi and nodded. "I think a drink will make things a lot more interesting."

Gumi whimpered and closed her eyes. "She'll find me. She'll come and get me."

"Who is she talking about?" Jeremy looked at the two other men, expecting an answer.

"A dead girl," Josh sneered. "You need to let her go, Gumi. She's probably dead by now."

Gumi shook her head defiantly. "You're wrong, Josh. She's strong."

"So, you feel the need to talk back do you? Well, you'll just have to punished for that." Her father hauled her off of the bed and bent her down over it. "Can one of you grab my belt?"

She prepared herself for the stinging pain she would endure for defending her friend. Jeremy and Josh watched as they sipped on their alcoholic beverages. Minnie would find her and take her away from all of this. But, what would her friend do to these three men?

Minnie tried to block her dad's raging fists as they came down on her like meteors. Every bruise that covered her small arms and face came from him. The man she was supposed to rely on and trust was now the one she was to fear and hate. He had killed her mother. He had almost killed her countless of times if it wasn't for his latest lover Gaby. She just had to survive until she was able to leave. She would be saved sooner or later.

"Why haven't you come for me, Minnie? Why haven't you saved me?" Gumi's voice rang through her head as her dad swung one last time.

Minnie watched as he left her in that dark attic all alone with nothing but a hateful glare. "I haven't been able to leave, Gumi."

"You need to hurry, Min."

Minnie awoke with a start. She was breathing heavily, making the heart monitor go crazy. Vincent was holding her tightly to him as she tried to calm her breathing. He whispered sweet things to her in the dark, reminding her that she was okay. That she was saved from that horrible nightmare. That she needed to save her friend before it was too late.

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