Friendship Never Dies

Love You Not (July 7, 2011)

Looking at her phone Gumi realized that she hasn't touched for two weeks. Hasn't made contact with anyone ever sense her father took her home. She's only seen Minnie once in the ER after persuading her father to take her there. She wanted to reach for it; take it and tell the world she was sorry. Sorry for letting this happen to her closest friend, sorry for being taken advantage of, and sorry for being so weak. If she was anything like Minnie, she would've fought back and escaped. But she could never be like her. Minnie was a natural fighter; trained by her own mind and will. Gumi was naturally weak. She depended on other people to help her whenever she was in trouble. That's why it was probably best for her to just go through hell alone.

She twisted her wrists in a feeble attempt to get free from the rope binding her to the bed. The mattress was filthy from a week of nothing but the worst of torture. Ever sense that man Jeremy arrived, it's been non-stop for her. Her body ached, especially her thighs, and her mind was in a constant state of shock. Amidst all the physical pain was the emotional agony she felt. The three men called her names, whispered vile things into her ear. But, none of it was as bad as them telling her Minnie was dead. Josh told her he saw it in the newspaper. How would she know if it was a lie? She isn't allowed to leave the bedroom.

Minnie would have escaped already. She's escaped hell before, right? Now it was Gumi's turn.

Gumi twisted her wrists some more, feeling for any weakness. There was. She smiled wickedly as she began to twist and pull. That's when she realized it. She was acting like Minnie. The gleam in her own green eyes was the same gleam that Minnie had in hers during that awful incident. That realization made her stop. She wasn't Minnie. She wasn't insane. Gumi relaxed into the mattress in defeat. To get out she would have to be that way. And she didn't want that.

"I love you, Minnie, but I can't ever be like you." Gumi closed her eyes as she listened to the sound of heavy footsteps. She got herself ready, wanting to empress the three men that night. She also got herself mentally prepared; she was ready for whatever they wanted to do.

But she was expecting to see a certain friend enter with them….

Vincent smiled at the sight before him. Gumi lay out on the bed, fully naked and willing…until she saw him of course. Oh well. She'd enjoy his company soon enough. Jeremy clapped him on the back with his own smile.

"Welcome," he whispered darkly. "There is where it all happens."

"I can see that," Vincent replied slyly.

Jeremy chuckled when he saw Gumi's horror. "Surprised, Gumi? Well, Vincent my old friend, why don't you get settled?"

Vincent smirked at Gumi before giving a single nod. This was going to be fun….

Gumi felt dirty. Broken beyond repair after what they've done. She thought she was ready for anything. But, she wasn't prepared for the pain. They were too rough with her. She had bruises littering her once flawless skin, bite marks, and even scratches from Jeremy's sharp ass nails. Vincent hurt her the most, however. There was so much anger around him. What did she do to deserve this?

Vincent drew in a long breath beside her. "That was amazing."

"You said it," Jeremy replied while wrapping an arm around Gumi's bare shoulders. "She's the best whore I've ever had."

Gumi tried to blink the tears away, but they came anyway. "Minnie's going to kill you, Vincent."

"Who do you think sent me here to see you? She told me to do whatever I wanted with you. Kill you or rape you. You think Minnie actually cares for you? If you do, I feel sorry for you. She's done with you, sweetie." Vincent stroked her cheek, making her whimper in disgust. He was lying; he had to be.

"Kill, huh," Jeremy asked with a quirked brow.

"That's what she told me, Jer. That girl's crazy as hell."

Gumi shook her head violently and struggled to get away from the two men. "You're lying! Minnie would never say that."

Vincent growled and grabbed her roughly by the arm. "You think I'm a liar? Why don't you call Minnie and ask yourself?"

Gumi was handed her phone, and with shaky fingers she dialed Minnie's number.


"Minnie? Is-is that you?" Gumi's voice rang like a broken bell when she spoke. Minnie stared up at the hospital room ceiling in shock.

She took a deep breath to try and steady herself. "I-it is, Gumi."

"Why," Gumi spoke softly. "Why would you want me dead, Minnie?"

"What are talking about? Gumi, I would never want you dead." Minnie unconsciously ran a hand over her stiches, barely feeling the pain. "I would never."

"You told Vincent he could kill me if he so pleased. You told him he could rape me!"

Minnie shook her head in disbelief. "Is he there with you, Gumi? If he is put the phone on speaker so I can talk to him, too."

"No," Gumi screamed angrily. "I never want to see you again, Minnie."

"Gumi, please listen." But she had already hung up.

Minnie threw her phone across the room and cried out in agony. This wasn't the plan. Vincent was supposed to get her out of there. But, instead, he took advantage of her; of both of them.

Go after them, Minnie. You could make them all pay for your pain.

Minnie turned to look at the sleeping man beside her bed. Mike snored softly, oblivious to the passing events. Minnie looked at his black hoodie and smiled wickedly. She ripped off the tapes with needles, ignoring the stinging pain, and moved slowly off of the hospital bed. With great stealth, she removed Mike's hoodie from his sleeping body. She'd have to thank him later when she got back.

She spotted her jeans on a chair, folded neatly and waiting for her to put them on. Leaving the hospital gown on the floor, she dressed in her clothes and put the hoodie overtop her shirt. Her hair would be a problem, however. She didn't want any of them to recognize her. Spotting a pair of surgical scissors, she cut her hair in uneven layers up to her ears.

She pocketed the scissors and left the room. No doctors paid her any mind, surprisingly, and she was able to leave without being asked any questions.

Time to have some fun with my friends, Minnie thought darkly as she walked down the dark streets of her city.

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