Warm Hugs

Recovery (II)

Hans was running through the castle halls of the Southern Isles, not knowing from who or what or where he was running to. Everything was dark, he couldn't see anything until he spotted a single door off in the distance and headed straight towards it. Once through the door he realized that he was in the library back home. He was comforted by the familiar room and walked over to his favorite place by the fireplace. He noticed that there was something lying in his seat, a single green ribbon. He didn't have a chance to give it much thought because all of a sudden he heard menacing laughter behind him. He quickly turned around to find that nobody was there, then he heard it again from behind, louder, closer than before. All of a sudden, the room started shrinking and he sprinted towards the library door. Once he made it though, he realized that he had entered the castle gardens. He looked around and saw a familiar figure standing in their usual spot. "Annaliese!" he called out to her, feeling a sense of relief wash over him. Annaliese turned around and a look of horror spread across her face upon seeing Hans. She ran away with Hans following after, and when Hans turned the corner he abruptly stop. He saw Annaliese run into Kendrick's open arms, and as Kendrick leaned down to kiss her, he stopped short of her lips. "Oh Anna..." Kendrick's face morphed into Hans' and Annaliese morphed into Anna, "...if only there was someone out there who loved you." A blur of white snow surrounded Hans, temporarily blinding him, until he spotted a single clearing through which he saw a devastated Elsa lying on the ice. Behind her, Hans saw himself take out his sword and slice the weapon through the air towards Elsa.

"NOOOO!" Hans woke up sweating and breathing very hard, very fast. Elsa was already beside him, placing a cool wet cloth on his forehead, "It's okay, Hans. Everything is fine. It was just a dream."

Hans looked down and noticed that he had several blankets covering him, "What's with all the blankets?"

"You were shivering in your sleep," Elsa started removing a few, "so I ran and got you some blankets."

"Oh...thank you." His breathing returned to normal while he looked around the room, "What time is it anyways?"

"About five thirty in the morning," Elsa was dabbing the cloth around Hans' face, avoiding eye contact with him, "So...did you want to talk about it?"

"Umm..." There was no way he was going to tell Elsa that he had been reliving the horrid things he did to her and her sister, "...it was just some bad family memories."

Elsa looked up at him sympathetically, "Okay..." she said slowly, then stepped away to hang up the cloth by the window.

He noticed that she was still wearing the same black and teal dress from yesterday and her hair was still perfectly wrapped in a complicated bun, "Did you want to change?"

Elsa turned around and looked at Hans, "What?" She turned around fast enough that a small strand of hair fell out and perfectly placed itself in front of her face. As she gracefully tucked the hair behind her ear, the sun rose over the mountain, casting a delicate glow onto her face and body.

For a moment, Hans was speechless, "Uhh..." He cleared his throat, "I noticed you haven't changed at all since yesterday, so I thought that you would like to go change into something else."

She looked down, "Oh!" She looked slightly embarrassed, "You're right, I didn't even notice."

Hans started talking quickly, "I mean it's fine, it's not like you stink or anything. I just thought you would like a fresh set of clothing-" he abruptly stopped talking when he noticed that he was blabbering.

Elsa giggled, "Thank you, I understand what you meant."

Hans' faced turned slightly red as Elsa walked to the door and stuck her head out into the hall. He could hear her talking to someone, but he couldn't understand what they were saying. She stuck her head back in, "Okay, I sent for Kai and a guard to come watch you." She walked over to where she had been sitting all night and picked up her book, "Kai is one of my most trusted servants and closest friends," She gave Hans a hard look, which kind of caught him off guard, "if something should happen to him-"

"Elsa look at me, I'm practically a vegetable. If I can't even put on a shirt by myself, then I definitely won't be able to try anything..." He quickly added, "not that I was planning to anyways."

The Queen briefly looked him up and down then walked to the door, "Just crossing my t's and dotting my i's..." Then she just strode out the door, without even one more glance at Hans. As soon as she left the room, he closed his eyes, deeply sighed, and fell back asleep to avoid anymore pain, physically and now emotionally.

After Elsa had her bath, she put on her light blue silk robe and was going through the dresses in her closest as she heard a familiar knock on her door. "Come in, Anna!"

Anna slowly walked in and yawned, "How did you know it was me?"

"You've been knocking on my door for the past thirteen years, I know what your knock sounds like." Elsa looked at her sister's wild bedhead and noticed a bit of dried drool on her cheek, she laughed, "You look terrible!"

Anna sleepily shuffled across the room and fell onto Elsa's bed, "Hmm...your bed is nice and cold, how long ago did you get up?. Must have been a while since your sheets are no longer warm."

Elsa turned back to her closet, "Actually I haven't been in my bed all night."

Her sister closed her eyes, "Huh? Where did you sleep then?"

The Queen mindlessly stated, "In Hans' room."

Anna quickly sat up straight and looked at her sister with wide eyes, "Elsa?"

Elsa turned around, "What?" She thought about what she just said then her eyes widened, "Oh! No! Anna, I didn't mean it like that! I spent the night in Hans's room, but we actually didn't get a whole lot of sleep-"

Anna screamed even louder, "ELSA!?"

Elsa started blushing and held up her hands, "No! Wait! I mean, Hans was asleep but I was sitting in a chair across the room reading a book because the doctor ordered that someone had to stay up and change his bandages every hour throughout the night until the bleeding stopped. So I didn't actually spend the night with Hans, I just spent it in his room, hence, the cold sheets."

Anna let out a long loud sigh of relief, "Phew! For a moment there, I thought something was going on between the two of you." She laughed, "Isn't that just ridiculous?!"

Elsa faked a laugh, "Yeah...completely ludicrous."

Anna noticed Elsa's phony laugh, "Wait, you're not seriously developing any feelings for the guy, right?"

Elsa picked out a dress, place it on her bed, sat beside Anna cross-legged, and sincerely looked her sister in the eye, "No, Anna, I do not. After everything that man has done to you, I would find it almost repulsive to even think about having any romantic feelings towards him."

Anna thoughtfully placed her hands on her sister's, "Elsa, I know first hand what Hans' charms are capable of. But for once, let me be the one to protect you when I say that you should keep your heart off-limits around him." She stopped and thought for a moment, "Well, at least until we know that we can trust him again, but even then I would remain cautious."

Elsa warmly smiled, "Thanks, sis. But there's really no need to worry about my feelings..." She looked down at her hands, "...I do a pretty fair job when it comes to controlling my emotions." Most of the time...

They heard another knock at the door, then Gerda's voice, "Princess Anna are you in there? Kristoff is waiting for you in the courtyard."

Anna perked up, "Coming!" She noticed Elsa's questioning look, "Kristoff and I are headed up into the mountains to go harvest some ice. Well he's going to harvest ice, I'm just gonna watch and provide lunch."

Elsa smiled, "Well it sounds like you have a full day planned, so you better get going!"

Her sister giggled and hugged Elsa, then jumped off the bed, "I'm going, I'm going!"

Elsa laughed, "Have fun!"

Her sister gave her a silly salute, "Yes Ma'am!"

"And remember to stay safe and warm!"

Anna dramatically turned towards her sister, "The cold never bothered me anyway!"

Elsa gave her an unimpressed look, "I knew I would regret telling you about that."

Anna laughed, "I always knew you could dance!"

Elsa threw a pillow at her, "Just go already! You're keeping poor Kristoff waiting!"

Anna swung open the door and looked back at her sister, "Love you, Elsa."

Elsa smiled warmly, "I love you too, Anna."

And with that she was gone, running down the halls to go get ready for her 'date'. Elsa closed the door and started to get dressed, I love the way Anna's face completely lights up whenever someone even mentions Kristoff's name. And I have definitely noticed that the same goes for Kristoff, vice versa. She sighed and started working on her hair. Now if only I could find someone to love and have them love me back as much as Anna and Kristoff love each other. She put her crown on and looked at herself in the mirror, But probably not.

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