Warm Hugs

Change-Past, Present, & Future

Anna's eyes widened at the sight of the approaching ship, "I have to warn Elsa..." she said at a barely audible whisper, and promptly ran towards her shoes and socks.

Kristoff looked around, "What? Did you say something?"

By that point Anna had already grabbed her shoes and socks and put them on. Before Kristoff and Olaf could register what was going on, Anna had already taken off at a fast sprint towards the castle.

Kristoff clumsily shuffled through the sand, "Come on, Olaf! Let's go!"

The snowman jumped up, slid on his belly, and followed the iceman, "I'm right behind you!"

"Queen Elsa, I am so glad to see things between you and Anna returning back to normal again. It's been a long hard 13 years on you and your sister." Kai and Elsa were walking down the castle corridors towards, yet, another meeting with the queen's council regarding the rebuilding of Arendelle after the Great Thaw. Although it technically was her fault, Elsa couldn't wait until the council was satisfied with the reconstruction plans for her kingdom. She wanted things to return back to normal for her people. Well as normal as a kingdom being ruled by a queen with snow and ice powers could be I suppose, she thought.

"Your Majesty?"

Elsa was snapped out of her thoughts, "Oh yes! We have been apart from each other for far too long. It is wonderful to finally spend time with the sister I longed to know. Life is too short to miss out on a sister like Anna."

This brought a smile upon Kai's face, "It is so nice to hear you say that, Your Majesty. Your father had concerns that after being separated for so long, if you and Anna were to be reunited things would not be the same as it was when you were little."

Elsa and Kai had reached the doors to the meeting room and turned to face each other. Elsa had a look of remorse in her eyes, "I, too, shared the same concerns as my father before me had. At one point, Anna stopped knocking on my door and I thought that she had finally given up on me. But when my parents died, Anna came back and started knocking on my door again. Through all the tragedy and despair, Anna's daily knocking gave me the hope and strength that I needed when I prepared myself to take the throne."

Kai's eyes filled with tears, "Your Majesty, that's what family is for. Your sister has and will forever be there for you. You both have grown up to be such beautiful, strong women...your parents would be so proud of you both."

A single tear slide down Elsa's cheek, "Thank you, Kai..." She turned towards the door and as Kai opened the door she quietly added, "...for everything."

"So if we collapse the wall here and here, that will create a bigger, more open feel to the ballroom..."

"Why are we focusing on the ballroom, when the dining hall is in far worse shape!?"

Elsa sighed as she stole a glance out of the window, wishing she could be anywhere but the one place she was. She grew tired of the councilmen's constant debating and pointless arguing. This was their fourth meeting this week and no progress has been made. The only reason she had not rid of these men was because these were men from her father's council and although she had three years to configure her own council, she had originally thought that these men would help her and bring an essence of experience to her reign. Boy was I mistaken! Why are they still talking about fixing the castle? What we should be focusing on are the docks, they received most of the damage. I know I'm supposed to be patient with these guys, but this is starting to get ridiculous!

The queen authoritatively stood, "We will start reconstruction on the docks tomorrow morning, bright and early...no exceptions."

The councilmen stopped talking and just quietly stared at their queen, until one brave man spoke up, "Excuse us, Your Majesty, what did you just say?"

Elsa confidently eyed every man in the room, "You heard me. And if someone has a problem with what I just said then they can just- "

At that moment, Anna burst through the doors with a look of panic on her face, "Elsa!" She quickly walked across the room and curtsied to her sister, "Ahem...Queen Elsa. I need to talk to you now...like right now!"

The Queen kept composure despite her sister's sudden outburst, "What is it, Anna?"

"Okay, well, there are actually two things...first, Kristoff and I are not getting married. Despite what a certain snowman might have told you, we are not, I repeat NOT, getting married. We haven't even discussed the option of marriage and honestly after everything that just happened, Kristoff and I think that we should take things really very slow. Okay, and the second thing is probably more important, and now that I think about I should have started off with this-"


"Oh sorry, I'm sorry...But the second thing is that there's a ship, a big ship, approaching the ports of Arendelle as we speak!"

Elsa wore a slight look of annoyance on her face, "Yes, Anna. Ships come and go from Arendelle's ports every day. I know you have not been outside the gates in a while but surely you must have known that-"

"Elsa, that's not the problem! The problem is that the ship headed this way is from the Southern Isles!"

Elsa's annoyed face turned into a look of both shock and confusing, "Wait, what?"

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