Warm Hugs


Before the doctor came into Elsa and Hans's bedroom, Elsa thawed the ice that was previously covering the wound, "I think it would be best if they didn't know about my powers at this time."

Hans looked at her skeptically, "I thought you overcame your fear. "

Elsa slightly shook her head, "It's not about fear; I believe I only need to expose my powers when the situation calls for it."

Hans wasn't able to respond because the doctor knocked on the door, then came into the room. Elsa politely nodded when the doctor acknowledged her and silently stood in the back of the room.

After the doctor cleansed Hans's wound and wrapped him up, he looked at Elsa, "Once his wound closes up, he will need someone to rub this ointment over it three to four times a day until the scarring disappears."

Elsa gratefully smiled, "Of course, thank you, doctor."

The doctor quickly left the room saying how he needed to check on the King. Once Elsa and Hans were alone, Elsa sat at the edge of the bed, "So now what? I don't want to just sit around in a room…I've been doing that all my life."

Hans slowly got to his feet and walked over to one of the large wardrobes, "Well, first I'm going to find a shirt that's not stained in blood." He picked out a pastel green shirt and once he put it on, he rolled up the sleeves to his elbows, "Now, I don't know about you Elsa, but I am definitely hungry so I will be using my keen sense of smell to hunt down the kitchen."

As if on cue, Elsa's stomach growled, "I think I may be joining you on your quest to find the kitchen."

Hans raised his eyebrows when Elsa started for the door, "Aren't you going to change?"

Elsa abruptly stopped and looked down, "Perhaps you're right…I wouldn't want to run into anyone important dressed like this." She crossed the room towards the second large wardrobe, one filled with beautiful dresses, "Please step out of the room while I change, Hans."

Hans feigned shock, "But I let you see me change, so I think that it would only be fair that-"

Elsa looked at Hans and rolled her eyes, "You only changed your shirt and I've already seen you shirtless numerous times."

Hans wiggled his eyebrows, "Did you see anything you liked?"

Elsa began to blush and started to push Hans towards the door, "I didn't even pay much attention, most of the time you were bleeding all over the place so I was distracted."

Hans teasingly grinned, "True…except when we were on the ship. Don't think I didn't notice you checking out my butt when I walked by."

Now Elsa turned bright red, "I did no such thing!" She pushed Hans out of the room and slammed the door in his face.

Hans laughed and yelled through the door, "Busted!"

Elsa decided to give up this losing battle, she knew she was caught. The one time I ever did something like that, I get busted…lesson learned. In five minutes, Elsa opened the door and spotted Hans coming down the corridors towards her, "Took you long enough…I already found the kitchen and it smells heavenly!"

Elsa couldn't help but smile at the goofy grin he wore on his face every time she changed into a new outfit that he liked, "Does this look okay?"

Hans eyed her pastel sky blue dress noticing the silk fabric in the design of a strapless gown while the rest of her chest, shoulders and arms were covered with a see-through, whitish-blue lace material. In response, he gave her a low whistle, "You look beautiful, that dress looks absolutely stunning on you…" He frowned when he noticed her hair, "But you put your hair back in a bun."

Elsa and Hans started walking down the hallway, "I'm a queen again, remember? And as a queen, you should put on the best version of yourself when you go out into the world because that is a show of respect to the other people around you."

As Hans saw William stride down the hallway, charmingly smiled and acknowledged Elsa, he muttered, "Or you just wanted to dress up for your new beau…"

It was about two in the afternoon when Elsa and Hans were summoned into the throne room to meet with King Kendrick and Queen Annaliese. William had walked them to the throne room doors, but asked them to wait outside so he could make sure that the King was presentable. Hans hadn't spoken to Elsa since she invited William to join them for lunch, an invitation he happily accepted, so the two foreigners were silently staring at the large wooden doors. Elsa could sense something was up with Hans, so she took a quick side-glance at him, "Is everything okay? You were very quiet at lunch."

Hans barely nodded, "Everything's fine."

As the throne room doors opened, Elsa stepped in before Hans, "If you say so."

Elsa and Hans walked through the large doors, and slowly made their way to a pair of thrones beside each other. In the center, was King Kendrick who shared almost the same visual features as Hans, red hair, green eyes, unique sideburns, but the difference between Kendrick and Hans was that Kendrick modeled a straggly beard, blood-shot eyes, and was definitely several pounds heavier than Hans. On his left sat Queen Annaliese, and as much as Elsa hated to admit it, she was absolutely stunning. Her light brown/ blonde mixed hair was pulled back into a half-up braid that wrapped around the crown of her head, her dazzling blue eyes glistened as bright as the crown on her head, and her overall appearance overflowed of beauty and elegance. As soon as Elsa and Hans were getting close to them, Hans stopped walking and remained a few feet behind Elsa, since it was customary for a servant to do such things. King Kendrick stood up once Elsa stood before him, "Queen Elsa of Arendelle, I welcome you to my kingdom."

Elsa politely bowed her head, "Thank you, King Kendrick."

A creepy smile grew on his face as he looked her up and down, "Now, I was told that you wish to establish some sort of trade-alliance with my kingdom?"

Elsa assertively eyed him, "In some ways, yes…But that was not the main reasoning behind my visit to your castle."

Kendrick raised a sleazy eyebrow, "What was the real reason?"

Elsa looked back at Hans, who had been keeping his head low since he entered the room, "My servant wishes to speak to you."

Kendrick laughed, "Why on earth would I waste my precious time with a lowly servant?"

"Because," Hans stepped forward and raised his head, "I'm not just a servant, Kendrick. I am also your brother…"

Annaliese gasped, "Hans?! I-is that really you?"

Kendrick sneered, "Hansey! Where have you been hiding?! Last I heard, father sent you back to Arendelle so you could properly be disposed of. And after everything you did to them, they let you live? Why do I have a hard time believing that?"

Hans held a forceful look, "Queen Elsa and Princess Anna showed me great mercy and sparred my life. In exchange, I am indebted to work as the Queen's personal servant for the rest of my life."

Kendrick grinned, stepped down the stairs towards Hans, and threw a slimy arm around his shoulder, "No really, Hansey…who did you have to sleep with to get out of this one?"

Hans curtly removed Kendrick's arm, "I did no such thing! I'm not you, remember?"

Kendrick eyed Elsa then whispered to Hans, "She is a fine specimen to marvel at, eh Hansey? I hear you and her are sharing a room…how's that going to play out?"

Hans hesitated, "We've spent the night in the same room before without anything happening…"

Kendrick's laughed boomed within the throne room walls, "Oh Hansey! You were always such a ladies-man! But you always played cautious when it came to other activities…perhaps if you weren't so shy, you might have been the one married to Annaliese."

Annaliese sternly stood up, "Kendrick! That is enough!"

Both Hans and Kendrick shockingly looked at Annaliese as she gestured her hand towards Elsa, "We do have royal company here! If Queen Elsa is willing to help our kingdom with supplies, the least you could do is show her and her servant some respect!"

Kendrick grinned at Elsa, "Of course…my apologies, Queen Elsa, let me make it up to you. Tonight, you and Hansey shall dine with me and my wife at dinner, and then afterwards we can discuss the situation of our trade with drinks and festivities."

Elsa's face showed no emotion, she just curtly nodded, "I will see you and your wife at dinner." She turned to leave the throne room with Hans following closely behind her.

As they approached the door, Kendrick let out one final laugh, "Since when were you so submissive to a woman, Hans?"

As soon as the doors shut behind them, Hans let out an irritated breath and pinched the bridge of his nose, "I was wrong…we shouldn't have come here."

Elsa's face still remained stoic, "Nonsense…that was quite the interesting learning experience."

Hans cautiously looked over at her, "It was?"

Elsa nodded, "I never knew you were such a fan of the ladies."

Hans vigorously shook his head, "I'm not…he made that all up. Sure, I was one of the better looking sons and I had my ways of sweet talking myself out of situations, but I was never any sort of play-boy, by any means."

Elsa and Hans stepped inside their bedroom and closed the door. Hans laid down on the bed, "I'm sorry you had to hear all of that, Elsa. I don't know what I was thinking…I thought that I could reach an understanding with him and help him regain the trust and loyalty of his people…but I guess it was a bad idea."

Elsa sat beside Hans, on the other side of the bed, and leaned back against the headboard, "No…your intentions were good, but it seems like your brother just doesn't respect you. He won't listen to you unless you can prove yourself 'worthy' of his respect."

Hans mischievously grinned, "I can always beat the snot out of him again."

Elsa smirked, "Without physically harming your brother."

Hans playfully rolled his eyes, "You're no fun sometimes."

Elsa looked over at Hans, "How's your wound?"

He shrugged, "It hurts, but I sort of expected that when a chunk of my skin got torn off."

Elsa jumped off the bed, "Well, you better relax and get some rest. We have a dinner party to attend tonight."

Hans suspiciously eyed her drifting towards the door, "And where will you be?"

Elsa nonchalantly shrugged, "Oh…out and about…maybe the library, maybe back to the kitchen, who knows?"

Hans began to sit up, "Nope, you're not going anywhere without me. You saw the way my brother was leering at you. I need to be by your side at all times."

Elsa smirked, "Now, where have I heard that before?" She walked over to Hans and gently nudged him to lie back down on the bed, "Besides, I won't be alone…William will be keeping me company and watching out for me." Elsa hustled to the door and before she closed it, she looked back at Hans, "I'll be back before dinner, feel better Hans."

Once Elsa shut the door, Hans closed his eyes and spat out to no one in particular, "Spending the whole afternoon with William…Why doesn't that necessarily make me feel a whole lot better?"

Elsa diligently walked towards the library, and inconspicuously tried to find William. During all the drama in the throne room, William and Elsa managed to have a small conversation; "Your Majesty, I would like to apologize in advance for anything inappropriate that my King has said and will say during this hearing."

Elsa nodded slightly, "Thank you William, I had no idea that Hans's brother was such a…"

He leaned towards her and whispered, "Creep?"

They both quietly laughed, "So how did you get stuck being the King's advisor?"

William sighed, "It's a long story, Your Majesty."

Elsa looked over at him, "Well, I would like to hear it."

William smiled, "Meet me in the library afterwards?"

Elsa looked away embarrassed, "I don't know where the library is…"

William politely chuckled, "It's okay, just start walking down the hall to the left of your bedroom and I'll catch up with you."

Elsa tried not to look relieved when she saw William walking towards her, "Queen Elsa, this way to the library…" William opened the door to the library, "Your Majesty…"

Elsa stepped inside, "Thank you, William."

As William closed the door behind them, he lead Elsa to a large fireplace, "Let me get a fire started, it's already getting pretty cold for this time of year."

Once the fire was roaring and the warmth and light engulfed the dark room, Elsa sat on the carpet by the fireplace. William brought over some refreshments for them, "How is Hans doing with his injury?"

Elsa nodded, "I can tell he is in a lot of pain, more than what he is letting on."

William looked down at his drink, "Captain Roberts told me what happened in the forest…I'm so sorry about everything that has happened to you and Hans during your visit here. Sperca used to be a beautiful kingdom, but now…it's more like an eye-sore compared to surrounding kingdoms, like Corona."

Elsa looked iout the window, "The landscape of Sperca is still gorgeous…it's just the people that need a little fixing-up." When William incredulously looked at Elsa she quickly added, "But not you! You seem to be nice and normal -"

William burst out laughing, "I'm just teasing, Your Majesty! I know that the people here are the source of our problems."

Elsa chuckled, "Isn't that usually the case?"

William scooted a little closer to Elsa, "Your Majesty, I must apologize for lying to you, earlier. My story really isn't that long…I just said that so I can could see you and talk to you again."

Elsa kindly looked at William, "Well, it worked…I'm here."

William cleared his throat, "I heard King Kendrick say something about how after everything Hans did to you and your sister, you let him live…what happened?"

Elsa looked down at her hands, "He let my sister to freeze to death and attempted to kill me, all just to gain the throne of Arendelle."

Williams jaw dropped, "What? But he seems like such a nice guy!"

Elsa nodded, "People are not always what they seem…he's had a hard life, like me."

William tilted his head so he could meet Elsa's eyes, "Let me guess…it's a long story?"

Elsa looked up and held his gaze, "Twenty-one years worth…"

William refilled his and Elsa's glass, "Well, I would like to hear it."

Annaliese stood outside Hans and Elsa's bedroom; knock…just knock… Annaliese gently knocked on the door, "Queen Elsa? It's Queen Annaliese, are you in there?" When she heard no answer, Annaliese quietly opened the door and stepped inside, but there was no sign of Arendelle's Queen, just Hans napping on the bed shirtless while his shirt hung by the wardrobe. Annaliese looked around the room and noticed a white shirt soaking in a bucket full of red water; blood? She reached into the bucket and gasped when she saw the red blood stain and a huge cut in the shirt. She put the shirt back in the water and tip-toed up to Hans, she noticed that he had a protective hand laying on the wrap around his lower left ribcage; Oh Hans…what did you get into this time?

She sat on the bed and reached her hand towards his injury, but in that instant Hans woke up and grabbed her wrist, "What are you doing?"

Annaliese jumped and pulled her hand away, "I just came to talk to Queen Elsa, but apparently she's not in here."

Hans rubbed his eyes and sat up, "Yeah no, she went off exploring with William…"

Annaliese raised her eyebrows, "And you didn't go with her?"

Hans let out an irritated breath, "Why would she want me to join her on her date with pretty boy?"

Annaliese laughed, "William is a good man, probably one of the few left in this God forsaken kingdom…"

Hans sneered, "Of course he is…"

Annaliese looked down at his injury, "What happened?"

Hans sarcastically laughed, "Well thanks to your husband, some of your guards tried to kill us while we were in the forest. Lucky for us, this wound was the only casualty in the attack."

Annaliese looked Hans in the eye, "I'm sorry…"

Hans kindly smiled and put a gentle hand on her shoulder, "It's not your fault…" Annaliese gave Hans a curious look, "What?"

She leaned closer to him, "There's something different about you."

Hans roguishly grinned, "Taller? Hotter?"

Annaliese put a delicate hand along his jaw line, "Older."

Hans looked deeply into her kind blue eyes, "…It's been a long five years."

William was fully absorbed in Elsa's story; by this point Elsa was up to the part when she was eight and had to shut Anna out of her life. But what William didn't know was that Elsa had left out the part of her having ice powers, "Wait, so why did you shut out your sister?"

Elsa began to wring her hands, "I keep my distance from a lot of people; not that I think I'm better, it's just we're going in two different directions."

William shook his head, "But she's your sister…"

Elsa's heart began to beat faster, "Everything I did was to protect her-"

William furrowed his brows, "From what?"

Elsa looked into the fire, "From me!"

William was silent for a moment, then he gently put a hand on hers, "Your Majesty, I have a feeling that you're not telling me everything."

Elsa looked down at his warm hand on hers, "I have ice powers that sometimes I can't control when I'm overcome with emotions…fear is my worst enemy."

William looked down at her hands, "Ice powers? Can you show me?"

Elsa sighed; she raised her hand and rubbed her fingers together then flicked her fingers upward, releasing a few small snowflakes. She smirked when William's eyes light up with amazement, "See?"

He admiringly looked at her, "Now I understand…you sacrificed your way of life for your sister's safety. That was very honorable…"

Elsa solemnly smiled, and then she continued her story…

"So you and Queen Elsa met a witch doctor here in Sperca that can create an all-healing antidote?"

Hans nodded, "Yes, we need the antidote because Princess Anna's possible future husband is dying from some plague as we speak."

Annaliese nodded, "When will you be leaving?"

Hans shrugged, "I'm not sure…Elsa hasn't told me the latest news regarding Eir."

Annaliese intertwined her fingers with Hans', "I'm proud of you, Hans…volunteering to risk your life in order to protect Elsa. You are definitely reverting back to the same man that I grew up with, the one that followed in the footsteps of his mother."

Hans smiled, "I sure hope so…Elsa has made me become a better person, she's helped me overcome my past and the fears that once controlled me. She's taught me to feel again."

Annaliese ran a finger down his jaw line and leaned in, "Oh yeah?"

Hans's eyes looked back and forth between Annaliese's eyes and her soft lips that were slowly approaching his, "…Yeah…"

When Annaliese was only a breath away from Hans, she whispered, "Can I just say something crazy?"

Hans smirked, "I love crazy."

Annaliese smiled, "I think I still may be in love with you."

They both closed their eyes as their lips met in a rough-longing kiss, as if they both missed the feeling of the other's lips against their own. As they continued their kiss, Annaliese cupped Hans's face in her hands and Hans gently put a hand on the nape of her neck, until he suddenly pulled away, "This isn't right…"

Annaliese gave him a funny look, "What's wrong?"

Hans grabbed her wrists and took her hands off of him, "You're a married woman and a queen…"

Annaliese looked down, "You're right…I apologize, I shouldn't have put you in that situation. It's just…I wish that things were back to being the same as they were five years ago."

Hans looked at the clock, "What time is dinner?"

Annaliese stood up, "Seven o'clock."

Hans slowly got out of bed, "It's nearly six thirty…I wonder where Elsa is?"

Annaliese walked to the door, "I'm sure she's fine…she seems like a responsible person."

Hans started towards the wardrobe, "I'm not worried about her behavior, I'm worried about the behavior of who she is with."

Annaliese sadly nodded and opened the door, "You two would make a lovely couple…I'll see you at dinner, Hans." Then she left.

Hans looked in the mirror and ran a hand through his hair, "I just wish someone would tell her that."

Elsa and William were finishing up their conversation as they walked back to Elsa's bedroom, "So now, Hans is to work as my personal servant for the rest of his life, in exchange for his crimes."

William nodded, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, right?"

Elsa thought about it, "Yeah…I guess you could say that."

Once they reached the door, William smiled at Elsa, "Thank you for spending the afternoon with me, Queen Elsa. It was easily one of the best afternoons of my life."

Elsa laughed, "Well then I am honored to have been a part of it."

William bowed, "Dinner is at seven o'clock…" He daringly kissed the top of her hand, "Your Majesty."

Elsa blushed, "I'll be there." She watched him walk down the hall as he gave her one final wave before turning the corner. Once Elsa stepped into her bedroom and closed the door, she sighed.

Hans was standing by the window, looking out over the enchanting landscape, "Did you have fun on your date?"

Elsa crossed her arms, "It wasn't a date…William and I just talked the entire time."

Hans looked over at Elsa, "Mhmm…sure. And that's why your cheeks are all red, right?"

Elsa rolled her eyes, "I don't need to explain myself…I don't answer to you."

Hans looked back out the window, "So what did you two talk about?"

Elsa started fixing her hair, "None of your business."

Hans sarcastically laughed, "Yeah, see…when you say things like that, it makes me think otherwise."

Elsa looked at Hans over her shoulder, "You're right…William and I couldn't control ourselves so we rushed to his bedchambers and made love right there."

Hans turned around and faced her, "You're not serious, are you?!"

Elsa laughed at his fuming expression, "Of course not! Like I said…we just talked."

Hans crossed his arms, "Hmmph!"

Elsa coyly walked up to Hans, "You're acting like you're jealous…are you?"

Hans leaned back against the window and smirked, "Me? Jealous of William? Ha! No way! Why on earth would I be jealous of a man whose job is to serve my repulsive brother twenty-four seven?"

Elsa shrugged, "I don't know…he is definitely handsome. And kind, very kind-"

Hans rolled his eyes, "Yes, everyone seems to think he is God's gift of kindness to the world!"

Elsa wore a smug look, "I knew it! You are jealous!" Elsa noticed that his hair was ruffled and his clothes were a little rumpled, "And what were you up to when I was gone?"

Hans nonchalantly shrugged, "Oh you know…slept, rested, relaxed…just like the doctor ordered."

Elsa peered closer at him and gasped, "I don't believe you! After you interrogated me about my afternoon, you where here the whole time getting it on with Annaliese!"

Hans furrowed his brow and pointed an incredulous finger at her, "I did no such thing!"

Elsa crossed her arms, "You smell like her perfume…I passed her in the hallway and recognize the scent."

Hans lifted up his hands in desperation, "Okay, yes, she was in here, but, no, I did not do anything with her!"

Elsa wiped her finger across his lip, "So this isn't her lipstick?"

As Hans was about to explain, there was a knock on the door, "Queen Elsa, it is five till seven…are you ready for dinner?"

Elsa gave Hans one final hard look before going to the door, "Yes, we are ready."

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