Warm Hugs

An Unwanted Gift

The royal sisters hurried through the halls of the castle with mixed emotions of panic, confusion, shock, and mostly uncertainty churning in their stomachs. As the two quickly turned a sharp corner, Elsa abruptly ran face first into Kristoff's rock solid chest as Anna accidentally tripped over the short snowman companion and promptly fell on her face with a loud "Oof!"

The four friends made quite a commotion as they all spoke and apologized at the same time,

"Your Majesty! Queen Elsa, I am so very sorry-"

"It's fine, don't worry about it-"

"Omigosh Anna! Are you okay?! Are you hurt-"

"No, no, I'm fine...I'm okay-"

They clumsily untangled each other from one another and as they laughed it off, Elsa swiftly recomposed herself, took lead of the group of four and continued their hurried quest to the docks.

As Olaf slid alongside Elsa, Anna opted to run beside Kristoff, "Jeez Kristoff, what took you guys so long?"

Kristoff glanced down at Anna with a smirk, "You know, miss feisty-pants, you can run pretty fast when you want to...that and I had some serious sand in my shoes that needed to be dealt with."

"You know, Kristoff...for being a big, strong, tough, mountain man, you sure can act like a girl sometimes." Anna saw this as a easy opportunity to tease Kristoff and she was not going to pass it up.

Kristoff replied smugly, "Ha-ha. Laugh it up now, but the next time you need rescuing from wolves or giant overly-protective snow monsters you'll wish you had this 'girly' mountain man to protect you."

Anna bit her lip while thinking back to their last adventure together, "If I recall correctly, I was the one who hit the wolf with the lute."

"MY lute! You could've broken it by the way."

"And I was the one who retreated the wolves long enough to pull you back onto the sled."

"Which you managed to burn all the supplies in the process."

"And I was the one who threw you the rope and kept you from falling off the mountain side."

"Sven helped you pull me up and you destroyed my entire sled."

"Oh yeah, and who was the one who fended off Marshmallow with the tree?"

"You were the one who threw the snowball that upset the snow monster originally!"

Elsa couldn't help but smile hearing her sister and the ice harvester quarrel behind her. No wonder Olaf thought those two were getting married...they already sound like a old bickering married couple!

As the four reached the entrance of the docks, Elsa remembered something, "Oh Olaf! I forgot to advise that you stay back at the castle. It completely slipped my mind that although the citizens of Arendelle may be comfortably aware of your presence, other foreigners may not be as easy going about a magical talking snowman. I am sorry, it's just-"

Olaf interrupted, "Don't you worry about it, Elsa! I completely understand!" The snowman happily turned around and started sliding back to the palace, "I'll meet you guys back at the castle!"

Elsa smiled then turned toward Anna and Kristoff who were panting extremely hard from all the running and bantering, "Okay, Kristoff? I'm going to ask you to stay here at the dock's entrance. Although I do not know what is going on, it is still procedure that only those of the palace meet with foreign visitors right off the boat."

Kristoff managed to reply through breaths, "Yes...Your...Majesty..."

Elsa gave him a single nod, "Anna, come with me..."

The Queen also signaled four guards from the dock to follow the two sisters. By the time the Arendelle welcome wagon arrived at the allotted port, the ship of their arch-enemy was already docked and the visitor had already stepped off the ship. He gave Elsa a wide charming smile, "Dear Fair Queen Elsa of Arendelle-"

"King Richard..." She interrupted. Elsa did not want to hear what their visitor had to say. If there was a problem she wanted to nip it in the butt and get this man and his ship as far away from her kingdom as possible, "You understand that the Southern Isles and Arendelle are no longer allies and that by your presence here I have the right to take you captive, hold you ransom, and/or rightfully declare war between our two kingdoms."

The King defensively held up his hands, "Queen Elsa...Your Majesty, please...I do not wish any harm to your beloved kingdom. I travelled here only to deliver to you a gift."

The queen grew suspicious of the man, "I do not receive gifts from those kingdoms Arendelle is not allied with-"

"I understand that Your Majesty, but please...you must accept this gift as it is a part of our traditional judicial law in the Southern Isles."

The queen grew even more suspicious, "What is it that you wish to give?"

King Richard grew very quiet and looked back and forth between the royal sisters, "May I speak to you, alone?"

Elsa had a quick flashback to her coronation day when Anna and Hans had asked for her blessing of their impulsive marriage. She snapped out of her thoughts when Anna replied for her sister, "Perhaps we can continue this conversation back at the castle over some refreshments?"

Elsa gave Anna a questioning look but Anna only continued to warmly and politely smile at the unwanted guest. How can she manage to act so sweet and polite to the father of the man who tried to kill us only a week ago?! Perhaps I have some more growing up to do than I thought...

"Thank you, Queen Elsa, for welcoming me to your magnificent palace. And thank you, Princess Anna, for bringing up the idea of refreshments." The King gave a grateful smile to Anna.

While Elsa was still pretty uptight about the whole situation, Anna just continued her warm, pleasant behavior, "Of course, Your Majesty. Here in Arendelle, we like to take care of our guests."

Finally the queen spoke up, "What is it that you wanted to talk about? Tell us about the gift...why was privacy a necessity?"

The King almost looked a bit embarrassed, "Ah yes...well, first things first. I would like to personally apologize for what my youngest son, Hans, has done to you, your sister, and your kingdom-"

"The gift, King Richard?" Despite his apology, Elsa was all business. The time for formal apologizes had passed.

The king cleared his throat, "Yes of course. According to our judicial law, we, the Southern Isles Court, cannot convict a man who has done crimes outside the borders of the Southern Isles. Therefore, we cannot condemn Prince Hans of the crimes he has committed against you and your kingdom-"

Anna stood up and yelped, "WHAT?! But you have to! That man is a murderer, a traitor, and a very, very, very bad person!"

Elsa stepped in, "Anna, please remember your etiquette."

The King shifted uncomfortably in his seat, "No, it's fine. I completely understand your anger. I am aware of the damage my son has brought to Arendelle and because of that, I brought to you a 'gift' of some sort."

Anna's warm personality was now completely gone, "We don't want your gift, we want Hans locked up for good, like forever and ever and for all of eternity!"

Elsa gave her sister a strict look, "Anna, please! If you cannot control yourself and your emotions then I will have to ask you to leave." The younger sister opened her mouth as if to object but one more hard look from her older sibling made her shut up and sit back down. The queen looked back and gestured for their guest to finish speaking, "As you were saying?"

The King anxiously continued, "Ahem, yes...by all means I do not intend on letting my son get away without any punishment so in order to make things right, I have brought Hans back to Arendelle in order to receive proper judgment from those he harmed."

Anna couldn't help but blurt out, "Hans is here?! What are we supposed to do with him?"

The King's dull green eyes intensely gazed directly into Elsa's icy blue eyes and gravely replied, "Whatever you wish, even if it means sentencing him to his death."

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