Warm Hugs

Reintroducing Hans

The King of the Southern Isles and the two royal sisters of Arendelle silently walked through the castle corridors, preparing to head to the docks in order to pick up their "package". Anna had been completely against the whole idea as soon as it came out of King Richard's mouth, but Elsa was more understanding and aware of what the King was going through. At least he brought back Hans to Arendelle to receive his punishment. That must have been a hard decision for a father...to send his youngest son back to be condemned for his crimes, although what Hans did was extremely wrong, he still is his son after all. Before the group of three left the castle grounds, Elsa turned toward her sister, "Anna, I want you to stay here at the castle. After all that has happened I do not wish for you to see Prince Hans at this time."

King Richard interrupted, "Pardon me, Your Majesty, but you must call my son Hans. Just Hans." The queen looked at him skeptically so he continued, "Although I was not able to punish my son, I was able to disown him and stripped away his title of being a Prince. So please just call him Hans."

Elsa nodded, "Then I will do just that."

And with that the King and the Princess said farewell, then the two royal leaders continued their walk to the docks. Once Elsa and Richard had reached the docks the King ordered his guards to fetch Hans. While waiting, Elsa wanted to ask Richard his opinion about Han's punishment. "King Richard, if you were to punish your son...what would you have done?"

The King's eyes glossed over with tears, "I could not say, Your Majesty. Hans was such a kind quiet soul when growing up, I could not even imagine him doing what he did here. When I look at him I still see that little boy with his wooden sword and stuffed horse. If I were to conduct my own punishment, it would probably be far too lenient that what he truly deserves."

Elsa felt sorry for this man but she could not let his sad story cloud her judgment, "If you were to dictate your punishment based off your law, what would his sentence be?"

They both stopped talking and looked towards the ship as four guards and one disowned prince walked down the gang plank. Hans was no longer the well-dressed man she had met at her coronation ball, but instead dressed as a lowly peasant. His usually well-groomed hair was a mess, and Elsa couldn't help but notice that his flawless face now wore bumps, bruises, and some open bloody wounds. He also seemed to walk with some sort of limp. His hands were clamped tightly behind his back, in iron cuffs, and his mouth was gagged with some dirty old rag. As the former prince approached his father and Elsa he wore an expression of anger, one that held a look of hatred towards Elsa and one that held a look of betrayal towards his father.

The King looked back at Elsa as a single tear rolled down his cheek, "...death."

He looked at his beloved son one last time and miserably walked aboard his ship. Once the ship left the docks, Elsa turned toward her guards and her new prisoner, "Put the bag over his head...for the good of my people, I want to keep Han's identity a secret. Please take him to the dungeon."

And with that, everything went black for Hans.

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