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A Decision Has Been Made

After the guards took Hans to the dungeon, Elsa made her way back to castle in time for supper. She requested that Kristoff, Kai, Gerda, and, of course, Anna be present for dinner. She considered those four people her closest friends and family and preferred to discuss the day's events and upcoming decision with them instead of her squabbling council. Once everyone was situated at the dinner table, a very uncomfortable, tense silence filled the dining room. Kristoff was partly oblivious to the tension due to his lack of social interaction, Anna wasn't feeling very hungry and continued to play with her food, and Elsa was looking out the window and mindlessly wringing her hands. While Kai and Gerda observed the scene, Kai raised his eyebrows at his wife, hinting for her start a conversation.

Gerda cleared her throat, "If you excuse my asking, Your Majesty, why did you invite my husband and I to dinner, as we are only your servants and not of any nobility."

This got everyone to look at the queen with a questioning expression, well everyone except Anna. She already knew what was going on and why everyone Elsa cared for had been summoned to supper this evening.

Elsa sat up straighter and addressed her dinner guests, "I consider you all here to be very trustworthy and I respect all of your opinions greatly. With that being said, I have a very important decision that I need to make and I would really appreciate having your input on the matter at hand."

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement and Elsa decided to continue, "Today Arendelle received a visitor from the Southern Isles, the King to be exact. He came to personally apologize for the actions of his son and to deliver a 'package' of some sort to Arendelle. Later it was understood that the judicial law of the Southern Isles could not condemn Hans for his crimes because the crimes that he committed were done outside of the Southern Isles border-"

Kristoff was the first to angrily speak up, "So what are they just going to let him get away with murder and treason, scotch free?!" Anna gently put her hand on his arm to signal him to calm down and let her sister finish.

Elsa looked down and noticed that she had started to freeze the napkin in her lap and, in response, she quickly let go, "Umm...no Kristoff. Hans will still pay for his crimes. In fact he had already been disowned from his family and stripped of his royal title. But in order to properly punish Hans, I, as the leader of Arendelle, must decide Han's fate."

Again Kristoff was the first to respond, "Death."

The whole room gasped at the mountain man's fast, brutally honest decision. Anna was next to speak, "Kristoff! Don't you think that is a little harsh?"

"The man tried to kill your sister, Anna, and temporarily succeeded in ending your life too! A life for a life! Is that not what the law says?"

Elsa tried to calm the ice harvester down, "Yes, Kristoff, that is true and that is what King Richard told me as well. As much as it hurt him to say it, he believes that Hans should receive the death penalty for his crimes."

Anna tried to change the course of where the decision was headed, "But Elsa, Kristoff, look! I'm not dead! You're not dead! Hans didn't kill anyone! And if it were not for him attempting to kill Elsa, I would have not sacrificed myself for my sister, and then I would have forever remained an ice statue!"

The room grew very quiet from the princess's outburst. Kristoff responded in a small, quiet voice, "Are you saying that if I were to have kissed you instead of you sacrificing yourself for Elsa, that our kiss would not have thawed your heart?"

Anna's face shared a look of shock and annoyance, "What? No...no! Why would you even say that?"

Kristoff stood up from the table and looked toward Elsa, "You know where I stand on the issue, Your Majesty. Now if you'll excuse me..." And with that, the mountain man dejectedly walked out of the dining hall and towards the stables.

All eyes fell to Anna, "I still do not believe that Hans should die for his crimes. He did not kill me, or you, Elsa. A life for a life, correct? No life was taken then, and no life should be taken now. Since you know where I stand, I wish to excuse myself back to my room." The princess did not wait for an answer from her sister, she just calmly stood up and composedly walked out.

The stressed queen rubbed her eyes and then tiredly looked towards her favorite servants, "And where do you two stand on the issue?"

The couple looked at each other first before Kai decided to speak, "Your Majesty, although it is not our place to decide this man's fate, we believe that one should stick to the law in order to avoid any further conflict."

Elsa sighed, "That's what I thought."

As the two servants excused themselves from the table and started to make their way towards the door, the queen spoke up, "What would my father have done?"

Kai decided he should take this one, "Your Majesty, your father was a strict follower of the law, and he, too, would probably make the same decision."

With that, the queen had made up her mind and stood, "Alright. A decision has been made. Hans will be hanged from the neck until dead as punishment for his crimes against the crown of Arendelle."

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