Warm Hugs

The Plan

Anna quietly snuck away from the dining room doors where she had been listening to her sister discuss the situation with her servants and later decided on executing Hans in the morning. Anna walked away hastily and continued walking to who knows where. Oh no...no, no, no, no, NO! I cannot let Elsa go through with this! Nobody understands what Hans has been through as a kid. Nobody gets that he is the way he is because of his terrible childhood. Elsa needs to talk to him before she can execute him. I need to get Elsa to go down into the dungeon, but how? After what happened during the eternal winter she refuses to go anywhere near the dungeon.

Before Anna could think anymore about her plan, she found herself at the dungeons entrance. And without anymore thought, she purposefully walk down the dark dungeon steps, "If I am going to think up a scheme to get Elsa back down here to talk to Hans, then I'm going to need some help from a scheming expert."

In the dungeon, Hans paced back in forth in his small cell thinking about everything that has happened in just a week's time. A week ago I was engaged to Princess Anna freely singing with her around the castle grounds. A week ago Elsa's powers were revealed to everyone. A week ago I was in charge of Arendelle. A week ago I saved Elsa, brought her back to Arendelle, and everyone believed me to be a hero. He stopped pacing, looked out the window of his cell, and heavily sighed. A week ago I made the biggest mistake of my life. A week ago I tried to murder both Elsa and Anna. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a commotion outside his cell.

"With all due respect, Princess Anna, the Queen ordered me to not let anyone near the prisoner-"

"I am aware of my sisters orders, but I have some news to personally deliver to the prisoner from the Queen. So if you'd be so kind as to step aside and give me some privacy, that would be greatly appreciated."

Before Hans could register the conversation he'd just overheard, his cell door swung wide open and a petite Princess Anna strode through the doorway. "Hans!" Anna closed the door behind her and took a good look at her former fiancé. "You look terrible! What happened to you?! Your face is all banged up! Did any of the Arendelle guards do this to you?"

Hans was tempted to lie to see if he could receive sympathy from her, but he decided to tell the truth since lying is what got him here in the first place. Besides if someone was to show him some sympathy it would definitely not be coming from the royal sisters. "No, Anna...I mean, Princess Anna. The damage you see on my face was done to me by my brothers and the guards of the Southern Isles. Arendelle has done no harm to me."

Anna felt both relieved and guilty at the same time, "That's good to hear. I mean it's not good that your brothers beat you up, but what I meant was that it's good that none of the Arendelle guards hurt you because if they had, yeesh! That would not go down well..."

Hans couldn't help but smirk at the quirky princess's babbling, "Your highness? What news have you come to tell me from the Queen?"

Anna had a glimpse of confusion in her eyes so Hans explained, "I heard you tell the guard that you 'have some news to personally deliver to the prisoner from the Queen,'" he recited in her voice.

"Oh yes, that's right! Well as you probably already know, your father has given Elsa jurisdiction on deciding your punishment for the crimes you committed here. And I don't mean to be a wet blanket but she has decided that you are to be hanged for your crimes in the morning!"

Hans had a look of panic spread across his face, "Can't you change your sister's mind?!"

"I've already tried that, but she won't budge. She says that's what the written law is and she will therefore act upon it. But I have a plan...it's not a complete plan but I figured you could help me with the finer details since you are the evil mastermind here."

Hans gave her an unimpressed look, "Thanks...so let's hear about this plan."

At the stables, Kristoff was brushing out his Sven's fur and talking aloud about what happened at dinner that evening, "She actually stood up for the guy! Can you believe that? The man who broke her heart, left her to die, and then went after her sister with the intention of killing her!"

Kristoff replied for his best friend, "Maybe she sees something in him that you're completely missing."

"Oh yeah? Like what?"

"Well, she did fall in love with him in the first place, so she must have seen some good in him."

That caused Kristoff to stop brushing, "Do you think she's still in love with him?"

"I never said that."

"No, but it makes sense though, doesn't it? After everything that man has done to her, she still wants to spare him his life. She must still have feelings for the guy!" That made Kristoff think back to what Anna said at dinner...'And if it were not for him attempting to kill Elsa, I would have not sacrificed myself for my sister, and then I would have remained forever an ice statue!'

The ice harvester put the brush away and dejectedly plopped onto a nearby stool, "Anna doesn't even believe that our kiss would have thawed her heart...she doesn't think that our love is true."

"Did she say that?"

"Well...no. But she kinda sorta hinted towards that."

"What did she say afterwards?"

"I don't know, I got up and left."

Sven gave Kristoff an unconvinced look. "I think you might have over-reacted a little bit then. You didn't even let the poor girl explain herself. You know how she sometimes speaks without thinking about it first. That's one of the things you love about her though."

Kristoff couldn't help but smile, "Ha. It's true. And you wanna know something, Sven? I hate it when you're right."

A small voice behind Kristoff blurted, "He seems to be more right about things than you give him credit for."

Kristoff turned around and surprisingly stood up, "Anna! Listen Anna, I am so sorry about what happened at dinner-"

"It's fine, really, don't worry about it. I actually came out here to get some fresh water for Hans, but I overheard you talking to Sven so I thought I'd drop by to say hi-"

"Wait, why are you getting water for that criminal?!"

"Oh well, when I visited him earlier this evening he had some pretty nasty looking wounds so I thought that I'd wash them up for him."

Kristoff slowly started walking towards the princess, "Anna, listen to me. I don't think you should be going back to the dungeon to see Hans. He is a very dangerous man and I don't want to see you get hurt."

Anna slowly started backing up towards the entrance of the stables, "Nonsense, Kristoff! I've decided that if no one else wants to show Hans any compassion or hospitality, then that's on them. But I for one won't tolerate that kind of behavior!" Before Kristoff knew what was going on, Anna had suddenly turned around to shut the entrance doors behind her and promptly locked Kristoff in.

Kristoff started pounding furiously on the stable doors, "Anna! Let me out! Don't go near that monster! Do you hear me, Anna?! ANNA!"

Anna strode across the courtyard and headed back towards the dungeon with a regretful look on her face, "Sorry, Kristoff. It's nothing personal, but this is all a part of the plan."

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