Truly Mine (The boy Fanfic, 2016)


Liliana was his world. There is nothing he wouldn't do for her, even if he had to kill someone just to save her life and he has a scar to prove it. Seeing his Anna taken away from him and never to return while living as a ghost in his own house was hellish. Fortunately, his luck was about to change when Anna finally returns and this time, he'll make sure she stays with him for good. ♡♡♡ ■~Sneak peak~■ "You're here. You came back for me." The man with no face said to her. Somehow, the touch of his skin to her was so familiar and comforting that she rubbed his back, shushing him as she would to a kid. Suddenly, before she was about to come up with a word, she felt her body being pushed gently to lay on the bed. The man with no face was staring at her and their breath was only an inch apart. Anna's body trembled and her mouth parted as her tongue wet her lips. Then, he presses his lip to hers...

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1 : Found you

A/N: Super excited to share my fan-fiction of ‘The Boy’ 2016. Super obsessed with Brahms and totally hate the ending of the movie so I came up with a story that actually entertain and satisfy me more. I hope all of you enjoy this as much as I do. DO leave a star and review of what do you think. Plus I also post this story in and wattpad . Below is my character and how they look like. Love, Diana


Lilianna White - 8 years old, American, blue eyes, blonde, 8 years old, super friendly, sweet and loving, especially to Brahms.

Brahms Heelshire - 8 years old, dark greenish-grey eyes, black hair, British and super possessive of Liliana.

(If you notice in the movie, the description of young Brahms based on my story and in the movie may be different since I am using the description for older Brahms). I decided to use the original cast. Just to keep the originality of the story a bit.

Wiltshire 1990

Parents was sending their children to school and there was a wide gleam in their eyes knowing they’ll be able to meet their friends. Unlike those kids, Brahms felt miserable and all he wanted to do was hide back in the car.

However, his mother and father refuse to let him do so. They think his life was perfect. His life was just as happy as the children in his class but they were wrong. They don’t get it how different he was. Rather than hang around in groups, playing in the playground or eating together, he chose to just sit at the corner of the room and read his books. He wasn’t an outgoing person but it didn’t bother him at all. He loves that and he loves him. Other than that, it was his books. Oh, how precious they were.

He truly loves his book so much and fairy tale stories with magical creature and powerful villains draws him like a magnet. His mom would read it to him when he was a baby but now, he could do it himself and he was glad.

However, it didn’t go well with his ‘friends’. His classmates were mean to him. They call him a freak, all because he chose to be alone with no friends. They even make fun of his appearance as if he really does look like a freak and it bugs him so much. His dark brown hair that falls to his brows and sometimes covering his eyes makes him feel more at ease knowing they can’t see his weird grayish green eyes. It was so light and misty that it contrasts his hair so much.

Sometimes, they would push him, tease, say terrible things to him and it made Brahms feel like punching them so hard, they would just stay quiet and leave him alone. After his mother gave him a kiss on his cheeks, she enters the car and left. Leaving him alone with glares from a group bullies that snickered at him. There was nothing he could do but enter his class and just sit until the bell rings.

During recess, he sat on a bench at the school playground, reading one of his favorite classic, Peter Pan. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain on his back. He turned around and the three bullies that laugh at him earlier was holding a handful of rocks and one of them started throwing at him. Brahms tries to doge the rocks with his hand but as more rocks was thrown at him, he wasn’t able to defend himself and blood start flowing down his forehead.

Make it stop. Please, make it stop.He pleaded quietly and more remarks from the bullies makes his wound hurts even more.

“Freak! Weirdo! No one wants you here! Go away!“. They screamed at Brahms.

Out of nowhere, the attack stops and that was when he heard the most beautiful sound ever, “Leave him alone or I’m going to tell the teacher on you!”

He opened his eyes slowly and he was surprised to see a girl with long golden wavy hair that was tied in pig tails that reaches her upper back. The three boys look scared when she threatens them and God knows how many times they were called to the teacher’s office. They decided to leave, leaving Brahms with the mysterious girl.

As she turns around to face him, he realized that she was indeed beautiful with her light blue eyes and petite nose and such pinkish lips he ever seen. His heart was beating so fast and he didn’t know why.

She tilted her head and walks closer to Brahms. Her eyes was glued on his forehead and it gleams with worries. She quickly took out her handkerchief from the pocket of her skirt and dab it slowly on his wounded forehead. He did not grimace in pain but his eyes were glued on hers. She was an angel. A beautiful angel.

Then, she put aside her handkerchief and ask, “Are you okay now? I have sweets if you want them. Sweets always make me feel better if I’m hurt. Mama told me it works.”

She quickly takes out a couple of sweets from her pockets and hand it to him. After that, she took a sit next to him and all he can do is watch her every movement. She unwrapped a blue candy with whites stripes on its wrapper and hand it to him. Brahms only open his palms but the sweet remained there while hers was quickly savored with a small moan.

“This is so good.” She glanced at him who was still staring at her, “Come on, eat yours. I promise your boo-boos will get better.” He nodded slowly and placed the sweet in his mouth but his green orb stayed glued to her blues.

“My name is Liliana but you can call me Lily. That’s what everyone call me but mama call me Anna. Do you want to be my friend? I’ll let you call me Anna if you do and only my special person can call me Anna.” She was going on and on and it actually didn’t bore him but makes him intrigued with her more. She smiled delightfully at him and for the first time, he felt like wanted to shout but it was in joy. He smiled and nodded his head slowly while rolling the sweet in his tongue.

“See, I told you sweets does work. You’re smiling and smiling is good because you’re happy.” She assures him. Later, Liliana end up frowning at him and asked, “Why won’t you say anything? I told you my name but you haven’t tell me yours. Tell me, what do they call you?”

Brahms nervously bit his lower lips and said, “Brahms. It’s Brahms. Is it t..true? Ca..Can I.. can I really call you Anna? Am I really your special person?” She nodded happily, ” Yes, you can because you want to be my friend and want be your friend too, alright?” Brahms smiled and his eyes glittered, “Alright?“.

From that day on, it was the start of a new friendship but little do they both know, it meant much more.

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