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'Aoi, what are you doing?' Guy asked, as he entered her house and found her strapping in her weapons and pulling on her winter cloak. 'Are you going somewhere?'

Aoi didn't reply but Guy knew that she wouldn't. Her face was void of expressions. It had been that way without any change for quite a long time.

'You can't go anywhere today,' Guy said. He knew where exactly she was going. And Guy needed to stop her useless attempts.

Aoi turned finally giving Guy a cold, questioning look.

'I know what you're going through,' Guy tried to reason with her. 'Everyone is Konoha is feeling the same way. Hell, I want to…,' Guy stopped. He hadn't the slightest clue what he wanted to do. 'You have to come to the funeral,' he said at last.

'Funeral?' Aoi had spoken for the first time in days.

Guy nodded. 'Everyone in Konoha will be there.'

'They don't even have a body,' Aoi said through clenched teeth and her hands clenching into fists.

'The search has been going on for too long,' Guy said. 'It's not possible to find-,' he stopped again abrubtly. He didn't want to continue. Accepting the truth didn't make it any less painful for him.

Aoi didn't reply. She turned her back to him and carried on strapping her weapons in place.

'You're not coming to a funeral?' Guy asked.

'No,' she said. 'I try not to make a habit of going to funerals of people who are alive.'

'Aoi,' Guy said warily.

'Save it, Guy,' Aoi said. 'Konoha wants his funeral, fine. They can do whatever the hell they want. I'm going to go look for him.'

'For how long will you keep doing that?' Guy asked. 'It's been long enough.'

'Untill I find him,' Aoi said without hesitation. She went past Guy and reached her door. At the door before exiting her house, she said, 'Konoha doesn't feel the same way I do and neither do you. If they did they wouldn't have been busying over funeral arrangements. They'd still be out looking for him. Kakashi's still alive. And it's a shame Konoha can't even believe in that.'

With that she was out of the door without a second glance at her old teammate.

Guy sat there taking in what Aoi had told him. He didn't know for how long he's been sitting there when a blur of blond head entered the house.

'Where's Aoi sensei?' Naruto asked. Guy looked up at the almost eighteen year old ninja who had entered the house.

'Left?' he said.

'When?' Naruto asked.

'Don't know,' Guy replied.

Naruto didn't seem put out by the information. 'She couldn't have gone far. I'll catch up with her. I was planning to go look for Kakashi sensei myself but two is better than one.'

Guy looked at Naruto carefully. He too was dressed for journey. If there was anyone else in Konoha besides Aoi who strongly believed in Kakashi, it had to be Naruto. Naruto wouldn't give up easy either.

Then why was he? Guy gave his head a rough shake imprinting Aoi's words in his mind. Kakashi was his eternal rival. He couldn't give up on him either.

Kakashi's still alive. And it's a shame Konoha can't even believe in that.

'Naruto wait!' Guy shouted, as Naruto headed for the road. 'Three is even better than two.'

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