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As soon as Kakashi entered his apartment after a long day of training with Team 7, he sighed and entered his room looking for a few peaceful hours of reading Icha Icha Tactics and sleep. But of course he wasn't getting it so easy. Sure enough he found Aoi perched on his window sill, a nonchalant expression on her face.

'Aoi, we have talked about this,' Kakashi said with an exhausted sigh. 'I happen to have a door.'

Aoi turned to look at him and then shrugged. 'Doors are boring.'

'And windows are exciting?' Kakashi asked.

'Well it doesn't hurt to try and give you a near enough heart attack,' Aoi pointed out.

'Something bothering you?' Kakashi asked, really looking forward to the quiet time that he had planned on having.

'Wha-? No, nothing,' Aoi waved the matter away. 'I just got back from my fruitcake of a mission. Kotetsu completely lost it! I mean who sings that loudly all the way back to the village?'

Kakashi smiled at Aoi's complaining, his visible eye closing as he smiled.

'And I ran into Naruto at Ichiraku's,' Aoi said. 'And that boy can eat unbelievable amount of ramen let me tell you and he blackmailed me into paying for his food. Well that just proves that he's your student and Kushina sensei's son!'

'I see you had a bad day,' Kakashi commented.

'Thanks for the obvious revelation, mask-face,' Aoi rolled her eyes. 'Also, speaking of Ichiraku, Ichiraku's daughter Ayame totally saw your face and is now crushing on you because she finds you so handsome and so cool.' Aoi stuck her tongue out in a gagging gesture as she finished saying that.

On hearing that Kakashi looked like as though someone had hit him on his head. Gaining his composure and looking sheepish, he said, 'I'm sure she was only exaggerating.'

Aoi rolled her eyes. 'Sure,' she said.

'I mean I clearly remember you seeing my face,' Kakashi went on scratching the back of his head in his sheepish manner. There was no way either of them could forget the day Aoi had seen his face. 'And you didn't think-.'

'What I thought is beside the point,' Aoi said flatly but Kakashi noticed she flushed a little but it lasted for such a short time that it made Kakashi think he'd imagined it.


'The point is,' Aoi pressed, she was finding Kakashi's sheepish smile very irritating for some reason. 'You know what, there is no point. See you later, mask face.'

Before Aoi could jump away from his window, Kakashi asked, 'Er, where is Kotetsu now, by the way?'

It was Aoi's turn to turn a little sheepish now. 'In the hospital,' she grumbled.


'I punched him and broke his nose,' Aoi grumbled again.

That didn't come as a surprise to Kakashi at all. Infact he had known something like this had happened and so he had asked.

'You broke your own teammate's nose?' he still found it hard to hide the incredulity in his tone.

'Don't judge me! His singing was getting on my nerves!' Aoi said. 'It was so ANNOYING!'

With that she jumped down and disappeared from his window. Kakashi shook his head and sighed. Something told him that Kotetsu's bad musical abilities wasn't the only cause of Aoi's annoyance.

But then he shrugged and picked up the Icha Icha book that he was in the middle of reading.

Peace and quiet at last.

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