Who would have guessed?


I'm on a roll, aren't I?

Anyway, in the recent manga issue Guy's genin team as revealed and I started writing this fanfic way before that and put Aoi in the same team as Guy. Hopefully it won't matter much since it is a fanfic. I'm just going to put in Aoi in place of Genma.

So now that's cleared up, here's the next drabble! Enjoy!


When Kakashi gained consciousness he could distinctly hear loud voices and mutterings coming from around him. First the voice seemed muffled to him but he could catch the words "youth" and "shut up" and he could comprehend almost immediately who were beside him.

'-up and about in no time! He has overflowing youth!'

'Guy, if you don't shut up right now, I'll make sure you join him in recovery!'

'Aoi-chan! You are the perfect example of youth when you get so angry!' Guy said and Kakashi could almost imagine Guy's eyes watering and sparkling.

'Kill. Me. Now,' he heard Aoi mutter.

Not giving Guy to say anything more ridiculous further, Kakashi chose that particular moment to open his eye. He knew Aoi wasn't kidding when she said she would send Guy into recovery. He opened his eye and the first thing he realized was that he wasn't wearing his mask but the white hospital sheet was covering his face from below his eyes. To secure that, he made no attempt to sit up. But Aoi noticed that he was awake anyway.

'Someone's awake,' she commented and Kakashi could hear the obvious relief in her voice. She was sitting on a chair beside his hospital bed and was still wearing her ANBU uniform. She had a few bandages covering up her cuts and bruises but otherwise she looked fine. Guy was standing on the other side of his bed with a gigantic grin on his face.

'Second ANBU mission and you just collapse like that!' Aoi said. 'You know you can't use your sharingan for too long! How could you cross the limit?'

'Did-?' Kakashi started but Aoi interrupted him.

'Yeah, yeah you got the creeps,' Aoi told him as though this news wasn't all that important next to him collapsing. 'But you didn't stay awake long enough to see them collapse!' She paused for breath. 'You got me worried…sort of,' she added as an afterthought.

'Oh the dazzling youth has saved my rival,' Guy was almost floating above ground.

'When people ask me how I survived with him in my very first team as genin,' Aoi said indicating Guy who clearly wasn't listening to anything she was saying. 'I realize I honestly have no clue.'

Kakashi smiled.

'How long was I out?' he asked.

'Two days,' Aoi told him. 'And you have been prescribed more than a week of bed rest.'

'Hmm,' Kakashi said. Bed rest didn't sound too bad.

'And as soon as you're out of bed, I swear I'm gonna kill you,' Aoi told him.

Prolonged bed rest now sounded damn near awesome to Kakashi.

'How could your genius of a brain not realize that you could run out of chakra?' Aoi yelled.

'Yeah, Kakashi,' Guy agreed with Aoi. 'You shouldn't have gone overboard. You scared Aoi half to dea-.'

Aoi punched him on his head to shut him up and his eyes started watering from the pain.

Kakashi smiled again. 'With you two watching my back, I usually don't worry much.'

Well that was it!

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