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Kakashi Sensei

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Kakashi Sensei

'So you're all sensei now, huh?' Aoi commented, biting her tongue to keep herself from laughing.

'Looks like it,' Kakashi answered well aware of the fact that Aoi was trying hard not to laugh on his face.

'Sounds so old,' Aoi said. 'I can't believe you left the ANBU to be called sensei by pesky little ninja kids!'

Kakashi rolled his eyes.

'What's so wrong with it if I want to pass on my experience and knowledge to the next generations?' he asked.

'Yeah, yeah, we all know how much of an altruist you are,' Aoi said rolling her eyes. 'The last I heard you failed the last group of students that was assigned to you. Yeah genius, great way to teach there.'

'They didn't know the first thing about being ninjas,' Kakashi defended himself.

'They are just kids, mask face,' Aoi said. 'Did you try to give them some hints maybe?'

'Oh yeah, but they all just flew right past their heads,' Kakashi said. 'Besides there are some things you should just know no matter what your age,' Kakashi pointed out.

Aoi nodded. 'Teamwork?' she guessed.

He nodded.

Aoi frowned. 'You do realize you sort of broke ours the day you decided to leave the ANBU.'

'Aoi,' Kakashi said tentatively. 'You know I-.'

'Yes, Kakashi sensei, I know,' Aoi said. 'I was merely pointing out a fact.'

Kakashi looked at her warily wondering if she was going to pursue the subject.

But Aoi burst out laughing possibly because she couldn't hold it back for much longer. 'Kakashi sensei! This is never gonna get old! I had a hard time digesting the words Guy and sensei together and now you drop down with a sensei tail to your name too.' She sighed. 'Well gives me something to laugh and tease you about for a couple of days I guess.'

Kakashi rolled his eyes. 'Why did I have a feeling this was coming?' he muttered to himself.

'Well, mask face "sensei" I have to go now,' Aoi said grinning. 'Sandaime sama called me. I'll see you later. Of all the teachers the students could land themselves with, they might fall under you or Guy! To imagine!'

She waved at Kakashi and started to head away. Then she paused and said, 'Well, the students who will land with you or Guy, they might have to sacrifice their sanities but at least they'll have earned themselves two great teachers.'

'I'll take that as a compliment,' Kakashi said grinning.

Aoi shrugged. 'Whatever sensei,' she said. 'I'll be off. Keep me updated Kakashi sensei!'

With that she was gone.

Kakashi turned and started walking back towards his house wondering how long he had to wait for Aoi to stop calling him sensei. He guessed a pretty long time and sighed in exasperated defeat.

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