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She Saw, She Knows

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She Saw, She Knows

'There, there,' Aoi soothed while patting Guy's back in an attempt to calm him down. She wouldn't have bothered if Guy wasn't making such a big scene. 'Really, Guy, I understand that you're overwhelmed with emotion but would you just quit bawling!'

Guy swiped his nose noisily and Aoi recoiled, revolted. Who would say this guy was actually a sensei?

'I-I'm sorry, Aoi-chan,' Guy said his voice quivering. 'I'm just so-so happy that Lee is finally understanding the meaning of youth!'

Why was it that every time Aoi was with Guy, she had this urge to want to hang herself?

Aoi jumped as Guy howled out a sob and instead of patting him to calm him down she swatted his back in annoyance. 'Go find Kakashi and have one your rival matches,' she suggested. 'Maybe it'll take your mind off things.'

'Aoi sensei!' Naruto was running towards her and Guy with an excited Sakura and a very aloof Sasuke behind him.

Aoi stopped in her tracks as Naruto caught up with her. He was just about to ask her something when his eyes wandered over to the crying Guy and he looked a little disturbed.

'What's up with Guy sensei?' Naruto asked.

Aoi shook her head. 'Ignore him,' she said with a wave of her hand. 'You guys want something?'

Naruto grinned. Aoi was dead scared of that grin. That ten year old could empty her pockets over ramen with that grin.

'So we have done everything we could think of to take a look at Kakashi sensei's face and nothing worked,' Naruto explained. 'So now we decided to ask people around to see if anyone saw his face and tell us what he looks like.'

'So, any success?' Aoi asked, knowing and dreading the question that was coming for her.

'Not yet,' Naruto said.

'We've asked around a lot of people but none has seen his face,' Sakura said in a dejected voice.

'Have you tried Ichiraku?' Aoi asked.

'The old man wouldn't say,' Naruto replied, his annoyance showing in his tone for his ramen provider.

'So,' Naruto said, setting the annoyance aside. 'We wanted to ask you and Guy sensei too! So have you? Have you guys seen his face?'

Guy swiped his nose again and Aoi instantly moved away from him. Eyes sparkling he answered, 'I have never! The face of my rival will forever remain an enigma for everyone!'

'Right,' Naruto said uninterested in Guy's theatrics. He turned with inquiring eyes to Aoi. Aoi looked everywhere but at Naruto. Why did he have to ask that? She yelled in her mind, blushing despite herself.

She was about to shake her head to let them know that she hadn't when she heard Sasuke scoff. He turned and started walking away. 'She saw. She knows. She won't say. You're wasting your time.'

'What? Aoi sensei you have to tell us!' Sakura pleaded. 'Please!'

'Aoi sensei you're our last hope!' Naruto yelled over Sakura's pleading.

'WHAAATTT?' Guy wailed louder that the genins. 'You-what-how?'

'Tell us!'

No fucking way!

'This is not happening!' Guy bawled even louder than before. 'I want to see the face of my eternal rival!'

'Yeah, good luck with that,' Aoi told Guy. 'And the survey,' she told the genins. Damnit that Uchiha! How did he understand? 'I have to go now. Really important stuff to do.' She said retreating. 'Sorry, no time to chat,' she said and ran for her life.

'This sucks,' Naruto commented as he walked away with Sakura leaving a still crying Guy behind. 'Maybe we could spy on him when he's taking a bath.'

Sakura shuddered. 'No thanks,' she said. 'I'll pass on that one.'

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