Who would have guessed?

Icha Icha

Wow, am I fast or am I fast!

Icha Icha

Kakashi pulled out the key from his pocket and opened the door to his apartment.

God, did he have a long day! He thought teaching would be easy. He had seen some of his friends at it and truth be told it had looked pretty easy. But it was a different story when he was finally at it.

Hand it over to Naruto to make the training as exhausting as possible. Loudmouthed, hyperactive and always having a go at Sasuke, Naruto truly made trainings tiring.

With an exhausted sigh, Kakashi stepped into his apartment and shut the door behind him. Without bothering to turn on the lights, he headed to his room where the moonlight was pouring through the window. And as soon as he stepped inside his room he was greeted by an all too familiar voice.

'Why the hell do you even read this stuff?'

And sure enough Aoi was perched on his window sill a copy of Icha Icha in her hand and her expression was a fine example of incredulity and disgust.

Without giving a chance for Kakashi to reply, Aoi went on, 'I mean you're obsessed with this stuff!' she said. 'And honestly, who would think that the gifted prodigy of Konoha reads this for entertainment!' Then she burst out laughing.

Kakashi sighed again. First Naruto and Sasuke. And now Aoi? Was there peace nowhere?

He stepped forward and grabbed the book back from Aoi. 'I'll have that back, thank you very much.'

'I mean the porn part I get,' Aoi kept saying. 'You being a guy and everything I'm sure it's normal to enjoy reading that. But what's with all the sap and drama?'

'What is with you and my goddamn window?' Kakashi asked deliberately attempting to change the subject. 'I have a door. Ever heard of the word knocking?'

'And come to think of it, how is your social life so sad even after you spend most of your time reading this stuff?' Aoi wondered out loud. 'I mean the least you could do is pick some moves. But then again this was written by Jiraiya-sama. Taking advice from him is your easiest ticket to the afterworld.'

Kakashi sighed and rolled his eyes.

'And you have like a hundred of these books all over the place!' Aoi said. 'And I can't believe you actually read these in front of your students. Talk about inappropriate.'

'A hundred of these books weren't even written,' Kakashi pointed out ignoring the latter jibe.

Aoi picked up a random book from the table near the window she was seated in before Kakashi could reach out and take it out of her reach.

'Really, does Jiraiya-sama have nothing better to do with life?' Aoi said casually opening the book.

Kakashi was profusely sweating now and trying to snatch the book out of her hand but Aoi always seemed to be able to move it away. The book she was reading before was light porn but the book she had in her hand now, Kakashi reflected, wasn't something she was supposed to read. At least not in front of him or even find out that he read that stuff.

'See all your books starts with such sap!' Aoi commented quickly turning over a lot of pages.

'Aoi give it back,' Kakashi said in one last attempt to get it back.

But Aoi ignored him. 'Wow, Jiraiya-sama sure has some really weird fantas-.' She stopped suddenly and the book fell out of her hand. She got all rigid and a silent scream of disgust was etched all over her face.

And then, still in shock over what she read, she effectively tilted and fell out of the window.

'Aoi!' Kakashi called, leaning out of the window.

'Don't talk to me for a couple of days,' her small voice came from somewhere below. 'Scarred. Scarred. Eternally scarred.'

Kakashi turned away from the window. Yeah, it would be best and not to mention wise to leave her alone for a while. And hide the book while he was at it.

Yeah that was it. So lemme know what you think!Cheers! ^_^

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