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Namikaze Minato never thought that he'd live to see this scene taking place in the Hokage Office. He knew being the Hokage was a big responsibility. (What wouldn't he do for a wink of sleep right now?) But this? This was just crazy. Never in his wildest imagination could he imagine what would happen if he put a very angry and livid Kakashi and Aoi in the same room. Together. Of course imagining it anymore would be redundant seeing as how he was getting a live demonstration of it right there in his office.

Aoi was glaring at Kakashi with two pieces of a broken katana in her hand which looked like it had been snapped in two. And Kakashi was glaring right back at her. Both of them had veins pulsing on their foreheads.

'I had them!' Aoi shouted at him. 'And you intervened and got my sword broken!'

'You had them?' Kakashi yelled back incredulously. 'Is that why you were moments from getting stabbed?'

'I said I had them!' Aoi yelled. 'I would've handled myself and the situation and come out with my sword intact!'

'I was catching the assassin and trying to save your life!' Kakashi yelled. 'Looking out for your freaking sword wasn't really on top my list right then!'

'I would've gotten him without you intervening and trying to play the hero!' Aoi screamed. 'Now, for you the other guy got away.'

'For me? For me?' Kakashi demanded.

'Yeah! Cause as far as I remember you were busy breaking my weapons when I could have gone after the other guy!'

'That's just ridiculous!' Kakashi said.

'Oh yeah?!' Aoi demanded.

They were now nose to nose glowering at each other. The pieces of Aoi's sword fell out of her hand and Minato saw with some degree of alarm that her hands started smoking through her gloves. And blue sparks were literally flying off Kakashi's hands. Yeah, that was pretty much his cue to butt in. Or they would end up killing one another and destroy his Hokage office while they were at it. Minato sighed. And to think that all he had asked for was a short report.

'Enough,' he said. 'Guys! Separate corners now! Please!'

They both snapped out of it at the same time and with one last glance of loathing at one another they stood back to back with a considerably safe distance between them.

'Okay,' Minato said and little relieved. 'Now, you were able to catch five out six of the attackers. But the sixth has got be caught. I want you to go back again and find the guy and bring him here.'

'Sensei!' Kakashi said immediately. 'I'll go alone. It'll be easier that way!'

'Why does he get to go alone?' Aoi glowered. 'I can catch the guy alone myself!'

'Last I checked you don't have a weapon!' Kakashi snapped.

'Oh and whose fault is that?' Aoi retaliated.

'Quiet please!' Minato said. 'I can't handle this right now, okay! I have a lot of paperwork to finish and I have a pregnant wife at home who's a bit too hormonal for even me to handle at the moment! I haven't had a wink of sleep in a week! So would you just stop with the bickering and make it easier for me! Both of you will go! He might have called reinforcements and I want the two of you to go together! And get me that guy!'

Aoi hesitated and then nodded. Picking up the broken pieces of her katana, she disappeared from the office without even a glance at Kakashi.

'Try not to agitate her too much, Kakashi,' Minato said as he took his seat back behind the desk that was piled with paperwork.

Kakashi was about to say something but he stopped at the last moment. He had never seen Minato lose his cool like that and he decided to let that one slide.

'Yes, sensei,' he said. 'We'll be back with the guy.'

Then he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Kakashi found Aoi standing on top of his sensei's statue head and flinging the two pieces of her broken sword with all her might into the trees below.

As Kakashi thought back on what had happened, he figured that the turnout of events were sort of both their faults.

'C'mon,' he called. 'Let's get going.'

'Hmmph,' Aoi exhaled and turned away ready to follow him.

'Here,' he said, handing her a long sheathed sword almost similar to the one she had just thrown away, the one he had effectively broken.

Aoi looked at the sword and then at his masked face trying to figure out if he was actually giving her a sword.

'Take it,' he said, giving off a nonchalant expression through his visible eye. 'This was supposed to be your birthday present. But you can have it now. I don't want you to come weaponless. You'll only slow me down.'

Aoi took it and no matter what he had said about the birthday present thing earlier, the last sentence made her want plunge the sword right through him. But she controlled the urge and nodded.

'Yeah, I guess I'll put off killing you until after the mission's over,' Aoi said and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Kakashi cracked a smile despite himself and disappeared after her.

Coming from an agitated Aoi, that was a pretty much a thank you and it would do for now.

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