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Words of Concern

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Words of Concern

Kakashi sat on one rooftop near the gates of Konoha in the dead of the night with nothing but the sounds of rustling leaves and crickets around him. He was very sure what was about to happen now and he was patiently waiting for the three of them to pass the gates. He had to catch them before the Hokage did.

'Waiting for them huh?' a low voice said suddenly materializing beside him.

'Yeah,' Kakashi replied as Aoi sat down beside him.

'Are you going to stop them?' Aoi asked not looking at him.

Kakashi took a while to reply. 'No,' he said finally.

But Aoi already knew the answer. She sighed and then nodded.

'Good,' she said. 'They won't be able to do this without you.'

'What will you do now?' Kakashi asked. 'Missions?'

'No missions right now,' Aoi said. 'I'll fill in for Kurenai for a while. She's in no condition to continue training her team at the moment.'

Kakashi nodded. That was good news. Kurenai wouldn't be able to go into the field for quite a while. And Aoi was a very good replacement for her for the time being. Some part of him felt a little relieved that at least with her filling in for Kurenai, Aoi wouldn't most likely be called for any of her solo missions.

Aoi stood up the same time Kakashi looked up. They could both hear them approaching.

'Good luck,' Aoi said, as she watched the forms of Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji slowly coming into full view. Asuma's death had been hard for everyone in Konoha. But it was nothing compared to how hard those three were taking it. They were angry enough to think about running off to avenge his death all by themselves.

Kakashi stood up too. 'Yeah, I have a feeling I'll need that.'

Aoi hesitated and then finally said, 'Try not to like die or anything, okay?'

The cloud shifted away from the moon and Kakashi could finally see Aoi. She wasn't looking at him but up at the moon but he could see the worry etched all over her face. Kakashi smiled. Aoi always had this amusing way of conveying her words of concern.

'I don't really plan to,' Kakashi assured her. 'But you can still be rest assured I'll try my best not to die or…anything.'

Aoi cracked a smile. The first one since Asuma's funeral.

'I'll leave you to deal with them,' Aoi said as the three figures got closer and closer. 'See you later, mask face. Keep 'em safe.'

Kakashi nodded. It looked like Aoi was struggling to tell him something more.

'Just kill the bastards.' She finally said and effectively disappeared.

Kakashi sighed. Yeah, he most definitely planned on killing the bastards. Or as far as killing went seeing as one of them was immortal.

He looked down. They were almost at the gates. He dropped down from the rooftop without the slightest sound.

It was time to go intercept them.

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