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Wow, Aoi thought as she walked around the streets of Konoha. Doesn't it feel so good to be back? She had been away for over three months. Who knew a mission could take that long? She definitely needed a break. Right after she reached Konoha and finished reporting to the Hokage, she ran straight to her place, got out of her ANBU uniform and crashed. She slept for twelve hours straight.

Now, as she walked around in the busy Konoha streets during the evening, she felt extra jubilant. Returning home did that to her. She entered a food stand to find inside Kakashi, Guy, Kurenai and another unknown person sitting together at a table.

'Aoi chan!' Guy was the first to notice her. 'Oh my youthness! You're back!'

Aoi grinned walking to their table and taking a seat there. 'I am.'

'That was a pretty long mission,' Kakashi commented but he smiled at her anyway. Aoi could tell by the way his visible eye closed.

'It's good to have you back, Aoi,' Kurenai smiled. 'I was feeling all ganged up by these freaks.'

Aoi smiled back. 'Glad to be back,' she said. Then she leaned over to Kakashi who was sitting next to her and whispered, 'Oi, who's that creep sitting beside Kurenai. The one with the beard and the cigarette. Looks very familiar.'

Kakashi coughed and then started laughing.

'I heard that, Aoi,' the creep said, blowing out the cigarette smoke with a very smug expression on his face.

Aoi's eyes widended. 'Asuma?'

'Hmm,' Asuma grunted.

'I have been gone only three months and that happens to your face!' Aoi said disbelievingly indicating the beard.

'What's so wrong with it?' Asuma wanted to know. 'I'm pretty sure it makes me look cool.'

Aoi rolled her eyes. 'Yeah makes you look more like Sandaime,' Aoi pointed out.

'It so does not!' Asuma yelled. 'It's infinitely cooler than the old man's.'

'In any case,' Kurenai interrupted. 'It doesn't look bad. I mean, I like it.'

Asuma smiled at her and nodded gratefully at the support.

Aoi scoffed. 'Yeah, if you're into old men stuff,' she said.

'What was that?' Kurenai demanded.

Aoi shrugged, smiling innocently at her.

'I am into "old men stuff" you say!' Kurenai apparently had heard her the first time. 'Kakashi looks like he's seventy!'

'I so do not!' Kakashi said. 'It's the hair. It can be deceiving sometimes!'

'What does that have to do with anything?' Aoi asked Kurenai, confused.

This time Kurenai scoffed. 'Denial,' she coughed.

'What was that?' Aoi demanded.

Kurenai shrugged, smiling innocently at her.

Guy looked around at the table, tears of joy in his eyes. 'So much youth! It makes me so happy!'

Everyone at the table facepalmed.

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