Who would have guessed?



Aoi sat down after training to get some rest. She could see from a distance Minato sensei talking to Kushina sensei. She sighed. When was he going to man up?

'Minato sensei makes it so obvious,' Aoi heard Kakashi's voice from behind her. Where did he materialize from?

He was right anyway. Being in Minato sensei's team, he should know more. He turned to see Obito and Kakashi standing there behind her. Obito was looking at the pair in the distance while Kakashi looked elsewhere, unbothered.

'Maybe we should try helping them out?' Obito offered.

'Let them handle their own problem,' Kakashi countered. 'Who cares anyway?'

Aoi got on her feet and hit him on the head. What a jerk.

'Ow,' Kakashi exclaimed. 'What was that for?'

'What was that mask-face?' Aoi asked in turn. 'The who cares part?'

'Are you two fighting again?' Kushina asked, coming near them.

'Technically she hit me,' Kakashi said.

'He earned it,' Aoi stated.

'I just said how Minato sensei makes so obvious that he-Ow!' Obito and Aoi both hit him on the head simultaneously.

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