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'What are you guys doing here?' Kakashi asked, jumping up on the rooftop. 'As far as I remember, both of you got your invitations.'

'Yeah, but this moron managed to get himself thrown out,' Aoi clarified. 'And I just thought I'd give him some company.'

Guy coughed pointedly.

Aoi rolled her eyes. 'Okay, fine, he didn't get kicked out,' Aoi said. 'He ran.'

Kakashi, clearly bewildered, asked, 'Why?'

'I don't know how he does this,' Aoi stated. 'But this time he actually managed to punch Kushina sensei while giving one of his youth declarations!'

Kakashi's jaw dropped. 'That must have made her mad,' he guessed.

'Well duh, genius, of course it made her mad,' Aoi said. 'Imagine having a red blotch on your face on your wedding night and right in front of all the guests at that. Of course, he didn't stick around to find out. He ran before she could react.'

'Oh,' Kakashi realized. 'So that's what knocked her out?'

Aoi nodded and Guy started crying noisily.

'Urgh, there he goes again,' Aoi grumbled patting Guy's back. 'And I just made him stop.'

'Sorry,' Kakashi said, sweat dropping. Aoi waved the apology away.

There were very loud cheers and festival sounds from the wedding place.

'Nothing gets Kushina sensei down, I guess,' Aoi said.

'She'll kill me,' Guy said. 'All the power of Youth won't be able to save me!'

'True,' Aoi conceded and Guy started wailing again. 'Dude you just caused chaos in the Hokage's wedding!'

'Aoi-chan!,' Guy said.

Aoi grinned. 'What, I'm just pointing out a fact,' Aoi said. 'Kushina sensei can be scary when she wants to be.'

Kakashi and Guy's faces turned robotically to face her.

'Ehh, don't you think that's a bit rich coming from you?' Kakashi asked.

'What's that supposed to mean!' Aoi snapped.

'You're scary - er,' Guy said.

'I'm not scary,' Aoi said.

'Speak for yourself,' Guy said. 'You almost killed the kitty we were supposed to rescue in our first mission.'

'It scratched me senseless!' argued Aoi. 'And why the hell do you even use the word kitty? No, you know what, don't answer that.'

'And you beat me and Ebisu senseless whenever we bring anything up about you blushing around-,' Guy got cut off when he found himself face to face with an Aoi with glowering eyes.

He gulped.

She caught Guy by the scruff of his collar and picked him up.

'That's it! I'm handing you over to Kushina sensei!' she growled. She jumped down from the rooftop with Guy still in her grip. 'FYI, I never blush!' She said the last words shaking Guy as though he was a rag doll.

Kakashi stood up and saw Aoi dragging a crying, protesting Guy back in the wedding.

He sighed. He couldn't understand how that wasn't scary!

But then he smiled. He remembered some instances of Aoi blushing. He found himself wishing that Guy had finished his sentence.

But then he shook his head. He wasn't going to mention that in front of her. Ever. He figured he liked his innards just they were.

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