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Aoi walked through the streets going towards the Hokage's office having just returned from her mission and wanting to report to her as soon as possible. Thinking about what she had discovered, she let her mind drift away giving full responsibility to her feet to direct her towards the Godaime's office.


Aoi jerked back from her thoughts and looked at the person who had called her. It took her a moment to place the face with the voice.

'It's been a while,' he said with a smile.

'Tenzo?' Aoi said recognizing him at last. Then she furrowed her eyebrows as she noticed his attire. 'In a Konoha vest?' Aoi had never seen him in anything but his ANBU uniform. She didn't know him very well. They had most probably done only two or three missions together when she was still in the ANBU. But as far as she knew, Kakashi knew him well. The guy practically worshipped Kakashi.

'It's Yamato, now,' he replied.

Right, code name. She had lost count of how many she had to remember for herself.

'I'm on a normal mission now, hence the attire,' Yamato explained. 'Saw you walking by. Thought I'd say hi.' He still has them freaky eyes!

Aoi nodded. 'I just came back from a mission,' Aoi said. 'I was going to the Hokage's office. Normal mission? Have you left the ANBU?'

Yamato shook his head. 'No, nothing like that. Hokage sama just assigned me to lead Team Kakashi until senpai gets better.'

Aoi furrowed her eyebrows. 'Get's better? What's wrong with him?'

'They clashed with some Akatsuki members while rescuing the Kazekage,' Yamato said. 'Senpai used his sharingan too much I guess. He's in the hospital.'

Saw that one coming from a mile off. 'Idiot,' she muttered. Then she shook her head and shrugged. 'Yeah, whatever,' she said. 'It was nice seeing you again, Ten-Yamato. You should be fine as long as you don't let Naruto drive you crazy with his ramen fetish.'

Yamato nodded. 'Ramen. Got it.'

'I'll just go hand in my report now, you know,' Aoi said indifferently and started walking away.

Yamato sighed as he saw Aoi walking away. It didn't escape him that she had cut the conversation short right after he had mentioned about Kakashi being in the hospital.

She acts so aloof. But I know the first place she'll be visiting will be the hospital and not the Godaime's office.

Yamato sighed, turned and walked away thinking about how ramen could be a threat for him to keep his team under control.

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