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And the little ones are back in this drabble! Enjoy!


'Aoi-chan!' Kushina yelled over a screaming Kakashi. Aoi failed to retreat into the shadows in time before Kushina could catch her.

'It was just a joke!' Aoi defended herself. How could she have known that the grey haired brat was going to be that terrified of mice?

They were staying overnight at the daycare centre and Aoi thought it would be a laugh to put two mice in his bed while he slept. They weren't even the disgusting ugly mice. They were the white cute little ones. She didn't quite like touching the ugly ones herself. There was nothing to be afraid of the cute little ones. She had just meant to surprise him a little. But she had ended up terrifying the living daylight out of him. Kakashi had sprung out of his bed when he had seen them and had thrown a screaming fit waking Kushina up in the next room.

'They are just mice!' Aoi said. 'Scaredy cat!'

Kushina turned blue. 'Aoi get them OUT of here!'

Aoi rolled her eyes. 'Not you too!'

'Get em out! Get em out!' Kushina kept saying.

'Whatever she says,' Kakashi said, hiding behind Kushina's legs.

'Fine!' Aoi said and she ducked under Kakashi's bed in order to catch the two mice. Once she caught them she held them towards Kushina.

'See they are perfectly harmless,' she said.

'OUT!' Kushina said turning bluer still.

Aoi sighed and trudged outside to let the mice go.

'Go back to bed Kakashi-kun,' Kushina said. 'No more mice. Nothing to be scared of.'

The four year old cleared his throat. 'I wasn't scared just a little surprised that's all.'

Aoi scoffed. She had come back from depositing the mice. 'Yeah and I'm becoming jounin tomorrow!' she said sarcastically sliding inside the covers of her own bed.

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